Tips for Good Health During the Lockdown

Tips for Good Health During the Lockdown

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We all have to make changes in our lives during the pandemic and if you live in a place that has a lockdown in place, it can be very stressful. We offer a few good tips to help you maintain physical and mental well-being during the stay-at-home orders.

  • Exercise – A healthy body is a healthy mind, or so they say, and it is essential that you give your major muscle groups a daily workout. Of course, a lot depends on your age and current fitness levels, and there are many videos on YouTube with workout routines that you can follow. If you used to workout at your local gym, they probably run virtual sessions and if you acquire the weights for use at home, you can interact with your trainer. You might prefer to learn about yoga or Pilates, which is a gentler approach, while yoga is also spiritual and that will help you in these difficult times.
  • Diet – If the news is depressing and you see images of a Sydney funeral director going about his business on the TV, this can affect your appetite. Don’t watch the news, as it is only bad and while you do need to stay informed, that should be enough. You can order organic fresh fruit and vegetables from small farms that sell their produce online and a weekly delivery is all you need to ensure that you have access to fruit and vegetables every day. If you do not have a varied diet, take a daily vitamin and mineral supplement, one that covers A-Z, as you need all the nutrients to help your immune system to remain strong.
  • Mental Well-Being – This is essential and there are several things that you can do to stay fit mentally; meditation is a wonderful thing and you can set aside 30 minutes a day to sit comfortably and let your mind be still. People often misunderstand meditation and they try to think of nothing, which is impossible, rather you should focus on one thing, which might be your breathing. There are lots of resources online about meditation and there are many ways to practice; trial and error is often the best way to approach meditation and when you find a way that works for you, explore this. If you are already thinking about your post-Covid holiday, here are a few great ideas.
  • Social Interaction – Human beings need contact with other people and fortunately, we have the Internet that allows you to have real-time video calls with friends and family. Download Zoom and start asking those who are close to download the app and you can always have a chat.

One great idea is to change your daily routine regularly, which stops you falling into a drab rut when you repeat the same actions day after day. Click here for Australian Covid-19 updates. Do keep busy, there’s lots you can do at home, what with cleaning and the other domestic tasks that need to be carried out, and save some time for yourself, as we all need a little ‘me time’.

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