The Benefits of Online Medical Consultation

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Despite the many inconveniences we have had from the pandemic, there are a few positive changes that are making life better. Quite a few people have found that working from home was better for them. Others discovered online job opportunities that have helped them to become independent. One benefit that will affect us all is the growing trend towards online medical consultation. No longer do we have to make our way to some clinic or our GP’s office, wait with all the sick people and then go back home knowing what you already knew, you’re too sick to go to work.  But if your work requires you to get a medical certificate, what choice did you have?  But now, you can stay in bed, or at least in your bedroom and arrange an online consultation. And there are several other medical services that can be arranged from your home.

  • Medical Certificate: If your work requires you to get a medical certificate to qualify for sick leave, you can get a medical certificate online from Instant Consult. Services like these make it easy to arrange a consultation and will provide you with the appropriate documentation. So, you can stay home and your employer will have the paperwork they require. If you prefer, the certificate will not even show the nature of your illness, so your privacy will be protected.
  • What Sort of Ailments are Suitable for Online Consultation?  Almost anything you would normally arrange at the doctor’s office, can be handled through these modern online services. You can discuss any of your medical concerns with your assigned doctor. Headaches, pregnancy concerns, pain issues, or whatever you need. But there is more available than just consultation. Online services can issue you prescriptions as well, you can even arrange to have them shipped to your house through a drug delivery service.
  • Other Services: Aside from consulting, Certificates, and prescriptions, online medical services can provide you with Pathology requests (Lab Work), Radiology requests, and referrals to specialists. Once you are in the system, the online service can issue referrals or direct you to laboratory facilities and collection sites. From there they will make sure to follow up on your tests, and your test results will be made available to you as well.
  • Availability: Gone are the days where you had to wait until next week to see your doctor. Many of the online consultation services are open 7 days a week, and because of the efficiency of the service you can arrange for a video consultation at a time that works for you. In these days of Lockdowns and travel restrictions, this kind of availability will ensure early detection of illness and help prevent unnecessary infections.

This might not have been our favourite year, but at least there are some things that are heading in the right direction. Online medical consultation services are a move forward and seem to be just what the doctor ordered. If you are sick, stay home, take precautions, and consult with a doctor through video conferencing.

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