Beat Covid-19 with Online Solutions

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Australia seems to be experiencing a second wave of Coronavirus, and this affects us all, with stay at home guidelines and even lockdowns, and this is a time to do what we can via online solutions. The World Wide Web offers a lot, and this pandemic has seen the emergence of virtual services, using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Here are a few examples of services you can find online.

  • Healthcare – You can now book a yoga or Pilates course in a virtual environment, with a remotely located instructor in a video meeting, which allows teacher-student real-time communication. Some physicians are now offering virtual consultations, when the doctor can ask about symptoms and with your help, he or she can examine you, and in many cases, this information is enough for the doctor to prescribe treatment.
  • Making Bookings and Reservations – Whether a Melbourne Central hairdresser or an emergency appointment at the dentist, you can easily book a service via the Internet. Busy restaurants require you make a reservation, as would most healthcare practices, and rather than use the phone, simply book online.
  • Working Online – Many office workers are now working from home, which involves receiving and submitting finished documents or files, and this has been the saviour for many Australians who would otherwise be out of work due to the pandemic. The teaching profession is one that already is using distance learning, and any business consultation service can be conducted via video call, which eliminates the need for human contact.
  • Distance Learning – School children and adult learners do not have to suffer because of Covid-19, as distance learning is the ideal solution. While there is reduced social interaction in the virtual classroom, it is much preferred to having all the kids in the same room, and until the pandemic ends, it looks like distance or remote learning is the new normal.
  • Socialising – The lockdown can cause some people to become stressed, and using social media platforms, you can maintain a level of social interaction with family and friends. We are social creatures by nature, and luckily, we have the technology to have real-time video calls with selected people, plus we can keep in touch via Facebook and Twitter. If your mental health is suffering because of Covid-19 lockdown measures, this article might help.
  • Online Shopping – If you are dreading the next grocery shopping expedition, most supermarkets have an online store, where you click on items to go in your cart, and when you reach the checkout, a secure online payment sees your groceries delivered to your door. The pandemic has seen the number of online consumers rise exponentially, as it makes perfect sense to shop online, as it eliminates human contact, even the delivery driver observes social distancing rules. Click here for Australian government information about e-commerce, which outlines consumer protection among other things.

The year 2020 is one that we all want to see the back of, and hopefully, 2021 will see a return to some kind of normality, but until that time, we have online solutions, which are improving all the time. If you are not making the best use of online solutions, perhaps it is time to change that and start to use the Internet as an alternative to regular human contact.

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