The Best Tips on How to Keep Your Shoes Clean

Shoes are big business in the US.

In fact, Americans spend around $82.1 billion on them every single year. Clearly, we like our footwear in this country!

However, with such huge sums of money on the line, it pays (literally) to keep the shoes you buy in top condition. From a financial and aesthetic standpoint, there’s nothing worse than dirtying your brand new set of sneakers.

Want yours to stay looking pristine?

Read on for 6 tips explaining how to keep shoes clean for longer.

1. Protect Them

Your new shoes are your new babies.

So treat them as such! They’ll stay cleaner for longer if you protect them adequately from the outside world. After all, it’s a dangerous place—there are puddles and muddy patches around every corner.

Apply a shoe protector spray as soon as you unbox them. The invisible layer it creates provides a barrier against the dirt and grime outside. Reapply it every now and again to keep them safe.

2. Store Them Safely

Shoes can succumb to dirt and grime even when you aren’t wearing them.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve purchased Givenchy sneakers for men, or plain old work shoes. Their appearance is important! Store them in a way that keeps the dirt and dust in the air away.

Shoe bags and/or boxes are your best friend in this endeavor. Taking this extra step can make a significant difference over time.

3. Stay On Top of Things

Spot cleaning is important.

Look, we know you’re tired at the end of a long day! However, it only takes a few minutes to stop, bang the soles together and wipe off any grime that’s gathered.

This ongoing maintenance will ensure your shoes stay shining for longer. It’ll also protect the materials and prevent premature weathering.

4. Deep Clean Them

Shoes, like your house, need a deep clean too every now and again.

As rigorous as you’ve been with your daily spot cleaning, dirty patches and problems are sure to develop as time goes by.

Every few weeks, take the time to rid your sneakers of any stains that have befallen them.

5. Use a Toothbrush

Brushing your shoes is a great way to keep them looking great.

Just don’t brush them too hard. Just like brushing your teeth, excessive brushing can wear away the material. Your attempts to clean your shoes backfire and you end up with a tired and weather-beaten set of new shoes.

A dedicated toothbrush for your shoes can become a useful tool at your disposal. Brush lightly and quickly to eradicate dirt from the materials.

6. Use the Washing Machine

Eventually, your shoes will reach a crux point.

Your toothbrush just doesn’t cut it anymore; you need an altogether heftier cleaning solution. Your washing machine can do the trick (assuming your shoes are an appropriate material).

Clean them as best as possible beforehand, then use a cold rinse on a low cycle. You’ll have those stains out in no time.

Now You Know How to Keep Shoes Clean

Knowing how to keep shoes clean for longer is essential for both aesthetic and financial concerns.

Hopefully, this post will help you do it.

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