The Stubble Trimmer Guide

If hair is a woman’s crowning glory then a well kempt stubble is a man’s regalia. Not every man can grow facial hair. Most of the time, this feature is the subject of envy of everyone else who cannot do so. However, as with the old adage, great power comes with great responsibility. It takes genetic luck to be able to grow lavish grand facial hair, but it takes a lot of keenness, willingness to spend time, and a certain flair to maintain the upkeep of your estate’s lawn. If you are still not convinced, in this article we will discuss the reasons why should grab a stubble trimmer and give your face that manly rugged glow.

The Stubble Trimmer Guide: Unkempt is Unsexy

We all heard about how women generally go for the rugged and dirty rather than the clean and well managed. There might be a speck of truth in there somewhere but if you wanna play it safe and try to attract normal girls, then you might want to be reasonable about it. Unkempt stubbles lead to a few unwanted things, for one, it is itchy. You might think there might be a qualifier there somewhere but let’s just say it’s all of it. It is itchy to look at, to feel, to smell, and well, basically, it is just itchy. Unkempt stubble is not very comfortable for the one who has it and the people who have to be with that person.

Regarding how well girls react to men stubble-wise, a few surveys here and there always seem to have the same conclusion. Unsurprisingly, a majority would love it if they’re man kept a well-groomed stubble. But most also would rather have a hairless wonder to cuddle with than having to sleep beside a wet dog of a man.

Basically, you have to put your stubble trimmer to work and make sure that you look nice or just trim it all.

The Stubble Trimmer Guide: Unkempt will Waste Your Time

A full beard is hard to work with especially if you do not have all the time in the day to keep it in check. A stubble is like a beard starter kit and will let you off the hook with just the occasional run through with a stubble trimmer. If you were given a choice between having facial hair and having 30 extra minutes to do anything else everyday you would be taken aback. Why not choose a way out without having to sacrifice either. The stubble is the perfect facial hair for people that want to look dapper while not spending their waking hours grooming.

The Stubble Trimmer Guide: A Fine Stubble Will Hide the Imperfections

Pimples, rashes and everything not so sightly will ravage your face as you get older. While you can find a way to get around it with well planned visits to dermatology clinics and a lot of product, nothing beats nature’s facial foundation. The stubble will give your face a pattern to hide the blemishes. This is a luxury given to men that we should all try to take advantage of. Women would kill to have something in their face that would hide the pimples and makes them look much better as well.

There is also a rumor going around that stubbles actually reduce the chances of having acne. While, there is not yet any concrete scientific proof to verify that, it might be something you want to put into consideration especially if you have the type of face that have to deal with acne regularly. Besides, the worst case is you will have a stubble that can actually hide the acne and any imperfections that it leaves on your face.

The Stubble Trimmer Guide: Stubble Pauses Your Age

Do you look too old for your age or too young? Grow a stubble and look the same age for at least a couple of decades. Stubbles are the great equalize age wise. There is just no telling behind those crisscrosses of hair because you are going to hide those unwanted lines and depressions that old age will leave you.

On the other hand, if you want to look more mature than you actually are, or in some sad cases, more mature than what you look like, then a stubble can help you. Remember growing that first mustache hair? You must have thanked the gods of puberty for that and looking back now, you just had no idea what will come next.

The Stubble Trimmer Guide: Girls Love Their Man’s Stubble

A quick study shows that women love stubble. Actually, we never did a survey, except that every woman we have met in our life proves that a majority of mature women will have some sort of preference with men having stubble over men who look like women.

It is not a complete solution however as you have to act the way you look with your stubble. As stubble, or any facial hair for that matter, is a sign of maturity, if you are gonna act like a 10 year old kid, then there is just no way for you to make the whole look work.

The Stubble Trimmer Guide: Trimming Can be Fun and Therapeutic

Ever subscribed to one of those channels that trims faces because for some reason it relaxes you? Well, we have and we find it quite hard to look away when we start playing a video. If you are one of us and looking at a video does things to you, think about doing that to your own face.

The Stubble Trimmer Guide: Conclusion

There is no real evidence of women going for one facial hair style over the other given the vastly different kinds of women that exist on planet earth. One thing is for sure however is that women will want to put hygiene over whatever it is you are sporting. Of course there will always be a few exceptions but they are what they are, simply exceptions to the rule.

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