What did Eric Lefkofsky say about data-driven medicine?

What did Eric Lefkofsky say about data-driven medicine?

When it comes to creating software data and analytics that increase efficiency in businesses, Eric Lefkofsky is a name that stands out. Recently, he was interviewed on Bloomberg and talked about data-driven medicine. He is the CEO of Tempus, a company that is committed to furthering innovations in this industry. This one is a new system that seeks to revolutionize the way patient data is collected and stored, and therefore you can be sure that his interview was watched by a lot of viewers but just n America but across the world. To help you understand what this tech guru said, here is a recap of his interview.

How does data-driven medicine Impact the industry

The CEO gave a detailed account of how data-driven medicine will change the industry. How wondered why people are reluctant to embrace technology fully. His was also concerned that while other industries were going entirely technological, the healthcare industry was being overlooked. Asked about how these solutions will help solve the problems that medical practitioners and patients face, he said the most significant effect would be on the patient data is collected. His argument was supported by information that most professionals in this sector lack a proper way of collecting data and therefore, it is time to disrupt the old order and replace it with more efficient solutions.

An excellent example that he talked about was the problematic situations that cancer patients go through. He noted that while the world has more than 50 million cancer patients, on a handful have been adequately surveyed. This number is too small to provide proper analysis. He said that some of them fail to get treatment in the right way, and this is because there is little information about them. Through solutions such as internet level data capturing, there is no doubt that patients will get assistance regardless of where they live.

About the cost of Medicare

Lefkofsky was also put to task to explain the effect that these systems will have on the cost of healthcare. While urging people to desist from looking at the prices alone, he said that this is a solution that is supposed to change everything about healthcare and not just the money aspect. For instance, there will be more advanced management of customer details meaning that the quality of services will rise. Such an observation means that people will be healthier, doctors will be less burdened, and life will be better. As for the costs, the CEO expects a significant drop once such systems are adopted around the world.

Ethical issues

Another factor that was discussed exhaustively in that interview is ethical fear. The interviewer wanted to know if there are possibilities of people using the systems to father personal agenda. Indeed, such fears cannot be eliminated especially when the systems have not been fully adopted — however, the CEO aid that there should be nothing to worry about. He asked people to look at the breakthroughs that Tempus has made. According to him, the team he has put together has experience in developing systems, and therefore, nothing is beyond them. What is required is a unified approach to ensure that data-driven medicine succeeds.

Information about Eric Lefkofsky

Before forming Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky worked in various positions in the tech industry. He is known for developing systems that bring modernity to multiple workplaces. He worked at Lightbank and Groupon among many other companies on his way to his current position. In addition to that, he runs a family foundation through which he carries out charity activities. A grandaunt of Michigan University also serves as a University professor and is an author.

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