Should You Visit a Chiropractor in Stockbridge, GA Soon After an Auto Accident?

Average car crashes in the state of Georgia go up to 1,198, according to the data from the Georgia Department of Transportation. In the city of Stockbridge alone, nearly 1-2 fatal crashes take place every year. Mile Point 168 has the largest number of fatal crashes in the city. 

The average number of fatal crashes per mile here is 1.14 over a stretch of 4.37 miles. Although the state government has taken many steps to reduce these numbers, you may get into an auto crash that causes physical injuries. If this happens, don’t delay your visit to a Chiropractor in Stockbridge GA.

Mostly, in car accidents, victims sustain minor injuries or sprains without any noticeable bruises. Chiropractors not only identify the hidden injuries but also provide a holistic treatment to reduce the aftermath of pain. Here are the benefits of seeking them out soon after a car crash.

Ensures Proper Evaluation

When you visit a chiropractor for evaluation soon after a car crash, they will check the injuries and the extent of their impact on your body. The chiropractor may ask for your medical history and records to determine any underlying conditions. 

Also, they may ask questions about the pain, the place where it hurts the most, and incidents following the car crash. The initial evaluation also involves x-rays and physical examination of the injured body parts. 

Provide Holistic Treatment

Statistics say that visiting a chiropractor immediately after an auto accident can reduce the number of days you may have to spend in a hospital by 59%. 

Stockbridge in Georgia has many chiropractic experts who can provide you with immediate treatment after a horrific accident on the road. Whether you need a spinal adjustment or massage of damaged tissues, the treatment includes every process that will bring you to recovery sooner. 

Usually, chiropractic treatment may take a few weeks for completion, depending on your conditions. The doctor will make the necessary adjustments to the treatment plan for aligning with your recovery.

Cure Non-Visible Injuries

While lacerations and broken bones are enough to drive you to an ER, soft tissue injuries or whiplash do not appear soon after an auto accident. They have delayed symptoms due to which they go undetected for a longer time. 

However, a chiropractor in Stockbridge, GA, will be able to find the root cause of any substantial pain or discomfort.

Provide the Documentation

Apart from complete medical care, chiropractors are also adept at documenting the trauma with detailed medical reports. They can create a perfect narrative of the accident and resulting injuries for your attorney. 

You can use these documents to claim your insurance after the crash. However, you also need to take immediate medical attention if you feel delayed symptoms like headaches or neck pain. Remember, as per the laws in Georgia, the driver at fault is liable to pay your chiropractic treatment expenses. 

Chiropractors have specialized knowledge and experience to treat car crash injuries and provide long-term care through non-invasive methods. They use spinal manipulations and other therapies as an alternative to painkillers when treating these injuries. So, don’t delay a visit to a chiropractor after an accident.

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