Top Foods to Include in Your Diet to Promote Better Rest and Recovery

Your body will only perform as good as the fuel you place in it. What you eat matters. Not only for basic healthy living, but also when it comes to rest and recovery. You can’t eat donuts and ice cream all day and expect to wake up fully recharged every day.

There are certain things you can do (and make sure you eat or don’t eat) that will help you sleep better, have more energy and just all around feel better, that all directly contribute to feeling better and being full of energy. Here are some suggestions to consider that was provided to us by Southgate Dental.


The average person doesn’t drink nearly enough water every day. It is recommended that we all drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day. This is a half-gallon of water. It’s often referred to as the 8×8 rule.

“It’s important to make it a habit to drink more water, rather than reaching for a soda or sugary drink,” says April Gillmore of ClickFirst Marketing. “One of the easiest ways is to keep a water jug by your desk, and go to work on it throughout the day. Once you start to make water your go-to drink, you will see your energy levels pick up and your overall well-being improves.”

You will also notice things like clearer skin, improved digestion, etc.

Sugar-Free Cheats

We all tend to have a sweet tooth, so it’s important to have substitutes available when you have a craving for sugar.

“Things like sugar free Jell-O and fruit with sugar free shipped topping can satisfy cravings without having to ingest all of the unhealthy sugar,” advises Marc L Montgomery, DDS at Montgomery Dental Care, providers of dental care to improve your smile. “Not only is it bad for your teeth, but sugar will cause you to crash and it can really impact your rest and sleep in a negative manner.”

Not everything that says “sugar free” is healthy, though, so you will want to learn how to read nutrition labels to identify a good healthy treat from one that might not have sugar, but it’s packed with other junk.

Healthy Carbs

Loren Taylor, CEO of Soothing Company, creators of the popular guidebook on outdoor planters.

You have to include the right carbs in your diet. A lot of people get scared of them and eliminate them entirely, but that is not healthy at all. You need them to naturally increase testosterone, provide energy to burn away fat, etc. The right kind of carbs are key.

Another way to get healthy carbs would be to invest in a Mockmill grain mill.These grain mills are easy to use, top of the line, and enable you to know you’re flour is coming from a organic, high quality grain source.

Clean Protein

A diet full of protein is important, and this new protein craze has caused a lot of products to come to market that claim to be protein, and people assume it’s healthy. They are not all created equally.

“There are so many new protein bars, cookies, shakes, etc. that all claim to be protein, but in reality they are no better than candy bars, cookies and milk shakes,” says Tad Thomas of the law firm website Thomas Law Offices. “If a product is high in protein, but equally high in fat, saturated fats, bad carbs and sugars, then it will do more damage than good.”

Pure proteins, like chicken breast, fish and lean meat are better options. Combine these with veggies and healthy carbs, like brown rice, and watch your body adjust for better rest and recovery.


Do you eat enough green veggies? Probably not. It can be hard to get enough in unless you are actively making a conscious effort to include more greens in your diet. They promote health, fight off energy-sucking diseases, and need to be part of your diet.

“The easiest way to increase your greens intake is to have a large green leafy salad for lunch daily,” suggests Oliver James of PWD, a Perth Web Design company you can check out here. “You can also throw some chicken in, which is a healthy meal, and it’s a lighter option than many opt for. You will not feel sluggish the rest of the day either.”

If you really have a hard time eating enough solid greens you can look for a green shake option, but make sure it’s all natural, organic and doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners or flavors.

Fruits w/ Natural Sugar

Fruits have sugar, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid them. Natural sugars are ok in small amounts. Fruits have several nutrients your body needs to be healthy.

“There are plenty of good fruit options that in moderate amounts are perfectly fine,” says Darryl Howard of the blogging tips website Blogger Tips. “Watermelon is great, as are apples, bananas and pineapple. It really comes down to personal preference. You will often hear people talk about the sugar in fruit, but in small amounts it is fine. It’s much different than the sugar found in cookies and candy.”

Aim for at least one full serving of fruit daily. It’s a great mid-day snack. Grab some grapes rather than a candy bar and watch your energy and rest both improve.


Berries are great sources of anti-oxidants that are known to promote health and even fight off certain diseases. Dark berries, especially.

“Blueberries and blackberries are a great source of anti-oxidants, and the healthier you can keep your body, the better rested you will be,” says Pat Skinner of AnswerFirst Communications, a call center outsourcing company you can click here to learn more about. “You can buy bags of frozen berries and reach for them when you need a snack or throw some on your breakfast. There are plenty of ways to make sure you eat enough of them.”

Frozen berries can also be used as a go-to when you are craving a treat. Frozen blueberries as a topping on Greek yogurt is a healthy alternative to ice cream, for example.

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