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A Quick Guide To Home Care Costs

Do you want to take advantage of home care services but are unsure of the costs?   

People with disabilities and the elderly need home care services to have a better quality of life. Home care involves personal care, domestic assistance, mobility support, transport, etc. Moreover, these services can be provided by professionals based on the budget approved in a Home Care Package (HCP).  

Learn more about home care costs included in an HCP by reading this quick guide.  

Home Care Packages And Costs  

In Australia, the government subsidizes home care services for eligible people with disabilities and the elderly who are Medicare cardholders. The applicants that doctors refer to the HCP program must undergo an assessment.  

The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT), which consists of allied health professionals, assesses all applicants if they’re eligible for any of the Home Care Package levels.   

Each HCP level has a dedicated budget or allowance corresponding to the recipient’s home care needs. Once an applicant gets approved for HCP, the government will send the approved fixed amount or home care subsidy to the recipient monthly through approved home care providers.  

Check out this quick summary of HCP and the allotted home care cost per level:  

  • Level One  

A level one Home Care Package gives the recipient AUD$24.73 daily funding. This HCP provides basic home care services.    

  • Level Two  

A level two Home Care Package gives the recipient AUD$43.50 daily funding. This HCP provides low-level care to eligible recipients.   

  • Level Three  

A level three HCP gives the recipient AUD$94.66 daily funding. This HCP provides home care to people with intermediate-level care needs.   

  • Level Four  

A level four Home Care Package gives the recipient AUD$143.50 daily funding for people requiring a complex level of care.  

Home care service providers play a crucial role in delivering the services that the recipient is eligible for based on the HCP level approved.  

Learn more about Home Care Packages that a home care provider can deliver at HenderCare.  

Home Care Services And Costs   

Because the government will fund your Home Care Package, the home care services you’ll receive depends on your approved level. The home care provider will help create an individualized service plan that complements your needs based on your approved HCP budget.  

Once you have been approved for an HCP, you can search for a home care service provider. To get the most out of your HCP, you must find a home care provider that can deliver the best care at the lowest cost possible. A home care service provider should be able to explain what your HCP budget will look like for your peace of mind.  

Here’s a quick guide to the home care services you can expect in a Home Care Package:  

  1. Personal Care  

This service includes bathing, personal hygiene, and grooming assistance.   

  1. Nursing Support  

This service includes support for taking medication and monitoring medical conditions.  

  1. Therapies  

The examples of therapies the recipient can receive in the HCP include physiotherapy and podiatry.  

  1. Meal Preparation  

This service includes cooking meals and feeding assistance.   

  1. Mobility Assistance  

This service includes support in using mobility aids and equipment.  

  1. Cleaning And Maintenance  

Home care providers can also provide house cleaning, gardening, and repair services.  

  1. Transport And Social Support  

A home care provider can provide transport assistance to help the patient meet appointments and attend social gatherings and community activities.  

Other Costs   

The government assesses the income of applicants when approving Home Care Packages.  

If you can afford to contribute to the cost of your home care, expect the following types of fees:  

  • Basic Daily Fee  

This fee may cost you up to AUD$11.26. Your home care provider may ask you to pay this fee based on your HCP level.  

  • Income-Tested Care Fee  

This fee may cost you up to AUD$32.30 based on your formal income assessment.   

  • Additional Fees  

The additional fees apply for other extra home care services you agree to receive from the home care providers that your HCP doesn’t cover.  

To avoid surprises, most home care providers explain additional fees right from the start to HCP recipients. Make sure to ask this information to your prospective HCP to clear all financial aspects for your peace of mind.   


Home care costs depend on the level that ACAT approves for the HCP applicants or recipients. The government provides the subsidy through the approved home care providers, which deliver the home care services to older people or those with disabilities as specified on their HCP. If you think you or a loved one needs a Home Care Package, talk to your doctor and obtain a referral. 

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