Executive Talk: Joe Jedlowski Shares His Favorite Social Media Business Practices [2022]

Executive Talk: Joe Jedlowski Shares His Favorite Social Media Business Practices [2022]

Social media best practices

Joe Jedlowski has been working in the executive world for decades and has founded many very successful businesses. He is one of the most inspirational and successful CEOs in the modern business world. 

Since he’s been in the game so long, he’s experienced the growth of social media. Not only as a social platform but as a business tool. Joe Jedlowski has worked with many expert social media marketers and leaders and has helped curate some of the leading social media strategies that businesses still use today. 

I talked with Joe Jedlowski and asked for his favourite social media practices of 2022 that every business should abide by. 

Choose the Right Platforms 

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, Pinterest, TikTok, the list goes on and on. There are so many platforms out there that there’s no way for a business to keep up with every single one of them without a dedicated team of social media managers. 

Joe Jedlowski recommends finding which platforms fit your business model the best and tackling those full force. If your business sells clothing, cars, or something that relies on looks, Instagram and TikTok are a must. 

If your business is more dependent on knowledge, such as a financial consultant, then Twitter is necessary for conveying your knowledge and sharing relevant articles and studies.   

Diversify your Focus According to your Audience

Not every type of customer will be on every platform. Know your audience and which platforms they are more likely to use. Young people are more likely to be on Instagram and TikTok, so if your audience is 90% young people, you shouldn’t be putting as much effort into Facebook as you do TikTok or Twitter. 

If your audience targets older parents and grandparents, your audience is more likely to be on Facebook, so the majority of your effort should be there. 

Choose the Right Audience 

Speaking of audience, Joe Jedlowski emphasized the importance of choosing the right audience for your brand and your product. 20-year-old college kids will probably not be very interested in stuffy, formal presentations. 

However, they will love memes. Know which audience your brand will appeal to and target the social media platforms they’re on. 

Work with Influencers in the Community

No matter which platform you choose or what product you’re selling, there are going to be influencers in the community. These influencers are your ticket to reaching your audience, according to Joe Jedlowski

By collaborating with the influencers, Tweeting at them, having them showcase your brand, etc., you’re showing your audience that you are legitimate. They trust these influencers, so if the influencer shows they trust you, your audience will immediately trust you as well. 

Make Quality and Diverse Posts

No one wants to have a bunch of sales and products shoved in their face, especially on social media. You shouldn’t be posting your deals every day or showing your product and prices every day. 

Diversify your posts, put work into them, and make sure they are quality. If someone likes your posts, chances are they will follow your brand and check out your store on their own. This is the best way to gain new customers via social media instead of just having your current customers follow you. 

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