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Best Colored Contacts for Brown Eyes

Best colored contacts for brown eyes can be fun to wear. Many top rated brands or any type of non prescription lenses for brown and dark brown eye color. Here’s advice and secrets on the best choices of colored eye lenses for brown eyes and different skin colors and complexions. From hazel to blue to green color contacts, you will find that dark and brown eyes can wear a good number of other opaque colors. We’ll answer the following.

  • What color contacts are best for brown eyes?
  • Do green contacts look good on my brown eyes?
  • How do blue contacts look on dark eyes?
  • Can I wear honey colored contacts?
  • Will hazel contacts for brown eyes work?
    Do you have brown eyes? Here are the best color contacts for you.
    Do you have brown eyes? Here are the best color contacts for you.

Blending Eye Color and Colored Contacts                         

When selecting the eye lenses, it is important that you consider the undertone of your skin, your outfits and can also whether the colored contact lenses will suit your eye color. Normally, the color of lenses you choose will choose will blend with your natural eye color so that a completely different shade is achieved. For instance, a person wearing light blue colored contact lenses for brown eyes, it is likely that the eye color will turn out to be a muddy color of grayish-blue. Therefore, it is not necessarily getting a certain solid color for your brown eyes when choosing the colored cosmetic contacts.

What are the Best Colored Contacts for Brown Eyes?

I have heard many people ask this question when they set out to buy colored cosmetic lenses. While some people will simply answer you that blue contacts for brown eyes, green ones or hazel contacts  on dark brown eye color are the best, there are things you need to look at in order to determine what will look best on you and what is not going to work. Any cosmetic contact lenses can be worn on dark eyes, including Halloween ones such as yellow contacts, pink contacts, orange contacts, black, red contacts, white contacts and even purple or violet contact lenses.

However, here are obvious things you can consider when choosing eye costumes whether for Halloween or other purposes. These, depending on the person, will range from the occasion, eye problems and sometimes location. The latter might not be a big problem nowadays because you can order cosmetic lenses online.

When it is non prescription colored contacts for brown eyes, you can purchase them online. You can look at the resource provided below for the best matching colored contact lenses for different eye colors and hair colors. That said, how do you determine the best choice?  You need to know Different Eye Types and Matching Color Contacts. Well, first, the color of your eye makeup should contribute a lot to the choice of planos for brown eyes.

Your clothes also should help you determine what will be the best color lenses to wear. What does this tell us? You will notice that the choice of colored contact lenses for brown eyes is entirely a personal choice. If you love green eye makeup, then green contacts for blue eyes would be a good choice. On the other hand, if you do blue eye makeup, then blue colored contact lenses would be a great choice. Considering many tips such as these, here are some of the best colored contacts for brown eyes.

Blue Color Contacts for Brown Eyes

Given that there are different shades of brown eyes, different shades of blue contacts will also determine which ones are the best colored contacts for brown eyes. The shades of brown colored eyes include dark brown, hazel and even very light brown eye colors. Women who have fair skin tones, light colored hair would look great in fresh blue colored lenses with natural eye color.

Blue contacts on brown eyes (courtesy of WRlens)
Blue contacts on brown eyes (courtesy of WRlens)

  • Choosing a lighter shade of blue for your eyes will appear to be of a slightly darker shade of blue-brown mix. This will probably a very good choice of colored contacts for dark brown eyes.
  • Wearing bright blue colored contacts  when your eyes are actually light brown, you will end up with a perfect sea blue eye color, or rather you will get bright eyes. This type looks good on many users.
  • Other kinds of blue shades of colored contact lenses include baby blue, soft blue, deep blue and electric blue (also called vibrant blue). Baby blue colored contact lenses for brown eyes will give you what is commonly known as the Paris Hilton eyes!

Celebrities with Blue Eyes or Lenses

Some of the celebrities who sport blue colored contacts Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Robert Pattinson, Angelina Jolie, Tila Tequila, Lindsay Lonah, Ali Lohan, Orlando Bloom, Zhang Ziyi, Wesley Snipes, Drew Barrymore, Leah Dizon, Rummer Willis and Angelina Jolie. While not all these have brown eyes, some of them do and wear colored ones to transform looks.

Green Colored Contacts for Brown Eyes

According to Eye Doctor Guide, green eye color is one of the least common natural eye colors. Green colored contacts are also another of the natural colored contacts on dark brown eyes. People get varying results when they wear green colored contacts on brown eyes. The original brown color of the eyes gels with the green in the contact lenses to give an olive green iris with a tinge of brown in it. If you have dark brown eyes, lenses come in different types, some opaque while others translucent.

You will choose among these depending on the kind of look you want for your eyes. This article on the green cosmetic lenses for brown eyes further on translucent and opaque colored contact lenses for brown eyes. Some of the celebrities with green colored contacts include Tyra Banks, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Connelly, and Scarlett Johansson.

Brown eyed-model with green cosmetic lenses
Brown eyed-model with green cosmetic lenses.

  • Depending on your preference of the best green colored contacts for brown eyes, choose from opaque green contacts, gemstone green contacts, soft green contacts and other blends of green that you may like. Remember to match them with your eye makeup and even outfit.
  • Cat eye contacts may also come in color green and will look great on dark eyes, especially for Halloween festivals. You could try these for a night out as they will give you a great look.
  • When you want to get a natural look, green contact lenses for brown eyes will do the job for you. These are also cool for people with a dark complexion. You can wear them on dark brown eyes too.

Gray Colored Contacts for Brown Eyes

Gray colored contacts are usually the best when you want your eyes to be totally unnoticed. Gray colored contacts can be worn on any shade of brown eye color. Whether you have dark brown eyes or light brown ones, gray is one and will give you the same look. Gray colored contacts for brown eyes look very natural and subtle.

Grey colored contacts on natural brown colored eyes
Grey colored contacts on natural brown colored eyes.

  • Gray does not have dark shades, so you can use soft shades even when your eyes are dark brown.
  • Unlike many crazy colored contacts you will find on the market, gray colored contacts are very simple and will easily match almost any skin tone just as they would on your original eye color.
  • Choose from different gray colored contacts shades such as bold gray, sultry gray and sterling gray depending on what will look like the best color on dark brown eyes.

How Hazel Contacts Look on Brown Eye Color

So how will hazel contacts look on your dark eyes? There are different types of hazel lenses, some are hazel brown while others are hazel green. These combinations make it difficult to choose the exact color that will be perfect for your eye color. If you go for hazel brown contacts for dark brown eyes, you are likely to end up with slightly changed eye color. Pure hazel lenses may be a great choice, but I doubt if they are opaque enough to mask your natural brown eye color. Hazel green on the other hand may highlight your eyes, making them stand out.

Tyra banks with hazel eyes
Tyra banks with hazel eyes

Getting Non Prescription Colored Contacts for Brown Eyes

Non prescription colored contacts for brown eyes can come for cheap if you know where to go to for a purchase. Cheap colored contact lenses may come with their own side effects. Therefore, be careful where you buy cheap non prescription colored contacts for your eyes. But what exactly are non prescription colored contact lenses? Well, these are color contact lenses that you buy without a recommendation or prescription from an optometrist.

Most people looking for cheap colored contacts opt for non prescription contact lenses because, normally, the process of getting an optometrist’s test is definitely costly. The dangers of going for cheap non prescription contacts are very serious, so you have to find a way of averting these. Here are some of the best brands you should try.

  • Freshlook Colorbends Colored Contact Lenses
  • Focus SoftColors Colored Contact Lenses
  • Acuvue  2 Colors
  • Fluoroperp Colored Contact Lenses
  • Expressions Colored Contact Lenses
  • Ciba Vision

Asking where to get best non prescription colored contacts for brown eyes? Well, there are many places online where you will be able to buy the best colored contact lenses for brown eyes. These places can provide colored contact lenses for cheap, but as mentioned, might come at a risk. The resource provided below will guide you on where to buy cheap colored contacts online for cheap without prescription. Be sure to check out the section with precautions of choosing non prescription best contacts for brown eyes.

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