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Changing Insurance Operation Efficiency

Post-pandemic, the rise of telehealth services is an undeniable phenomenon. While existing pre-pandemic, it was rarely covered under insurance or particularly relevant. Today it is an essential tool for just about every medical facility that’s relevant today. This is one example of a revolution of operations that went from foreign to natural almost instantly. 

Another upcoming example of this, although to a smaller degree, comes in insurance verification. The current majority process consists of manual entry and evaluation. Humans will have to be called, websites utilized, or some other system that introduced human error. The alternative is the automated process.

The automated process has an AI-powered insurance card scan software capture and verify the information and data. This removes the human error that exists in the manual process. It also allows for instant verification, allowing the costs to be understood more quickly. Both of these factors together will save patients and providers alike time and money.

AI is the real difference maker in the wide-scale application of the automated process. Software that can interpret the range of insurance cards that exist and provide accurate estimates is advanced. So advanced that it has only become practically useful in the past few years. Although it undeniably won’t be long before this automated process is standard. Insurance is a hassle for most, but this change could be a big help for many.

Insurance Capture & Verification Automation Matters More Than Ever
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