The Truth of Bedsheets and Health

Everyone has heard the general piece of advice, wash your sheets once a week, but what does this really mean? The answer is really, it depends. When it comes to expert opinion, sheets once a week, blankets every few months, and pillows every half year. These recommendations have held for years, but why?

Washing sheets ultimately comes down to two forces, health/sanitation and sleep. The buildup of dust particles, dead skin, and other small particles is inevitable with time. Most of these are going to rest on one’s sheets, the same materials rested on for hours daily. Health wise this can lead to acne breakouts and even literal infections from the buildups.

Sleepwise, people who change their sheets more often see better sleep, up to a point. When it comes to satisfaction, those that wash their sheets everyday 12 days or less are very satisfied. After 16 days this can shift to somewhat unsatisfied or unsatisfied. And by 20 days this turns into very unsatisfactory.

After years of hearing to change one’s sheets, it makes sense that there’s a good reason to do so. Still, it’s good to know the exact reasons as to why. In the interest of maintaining one’s own health and sleep habits, stay on top of those sheets. The amount of time invested is well worth the reduced risks.

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