The Future of Work

Self-sovereignty, or the ability for a person or business to have sole ownership over the control of their accounts and personal data, has driven the development of Web3 technologies. Web3 developers are solving Web2 problems by actively contributing to open source projects as well as public blockchains and tokenized communities. More people than ever before are engaging with these Web3 technologies that are continuing to grow. 

The changing digital landscape means work is changing, from the types of roles in high demand to the growth in independent work. Full-stack developers are seeing a 141% increase in demand and data scientists are seeing a 116% increase in demand. People are also leaning more towards being self-employed with 71% of Americans from all generations showing interest. This is probably due to Web3 empowering workers to pursue self-driven careers as independent work has shown to generate more revenue than wage and salary workers. 

Web3 is affecting employment as well with workers demanding more location and schedule flexibility and wanting more control of their employment and its benefits. In fact, 81% of people believe Web3 will improve their happiness and wellbeing. 
Global leaders are looking favorably on the future of Web3 work. With seven out of 10 people worldwide currently self-employed or independent, now might be the best time to transition to self-sovereign work.

Web 3, Sovereignty, and the Future of Work

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