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Raise Event Quality Through Digital Engagement

Given how COVID-19 has changed how employees interact, travel, and attend events, digital engagement platforms will soon become the future of hybrid and virtual events.  Email and video conferencing are heavily used in business before other forms of communication.  Seventy percent of physical events were converted to hybrid or virtual ones in 2020, and 72 percent of professionals anticipate attending virtual events at least as frequently as they did before COVID-19.

Audiences are increasingly using online tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.  Digital platforms have a big influence on employee work experience since online contact may be exhausting and frustrating.  Despite the difficulties that digital communication might have, individuals still choose to attend events online.  Just 13 percent of those who attend ten or more events annually attended physical events; conversely, 46 percent went to online ones.

Because they save time and money, businesses should utilize virtual events.  Companies may use the benefits of online conferences and many current technological advancements to create more interesting events.  Every audience should have the finest experience possible thanks to digital engagement. By using gamification, one may increase event attendance and knowledge retention by 40 percent.  Virtual, augmented, or mixed reality integration can produce a fully immersive digital environment with real-time interaction and visualized tools.  Event organizers can take action to delineate their events from cookie-cutter conferences.

The power of virtual events

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