Epsom Salt Bath Pregnancy – For Edema, Swollen Feet & Gestational Diabetes

Can I take an Epsom salt bath during pregnancy? Here are the benefits of Epsom salt bath pregnancy for swellings on legs, wrists and feet among other parts of the body, also known as edema.  You could get relief too from an Epsom salt bath for your gestational diabetes.

It is quite a headache when dying to hold a baby of your own in your arms and you try to conceive without success. While each woman may take about one year to conceive, it can be frustrating to keep trying only for the pregnancy tests to turn out negative each time. When you finally conceive, your skin starts to glow and you begin going wild with food cravings. Then at 32-35 weeks of pregnancy, your feet, ankles and legs go ballistic by swelling.

Is epsom salt safe during pregnancy
Is epsom salt safe during pregnancy for hemorrhoids and sitz?

Edema is common during pregnancy, but if it is your first time being pregnant, you may think you are having complications. It is okay to be concerned, but you should not be worried if the swelling is on the lower parts of your body. You can actually get rid of the swelling at home by taking Epsom salt baths. Not all Epsom salt baths during pregnancy are safe.

Therefore, it is important to consult with your Obstetrician or gynecologist first before beginning an Epsom salt bath pregnancy treatment for edema, swollen feet and gestational diabetes.

Is Epsom Salt Bath Safe for Pregnancy?

If you are experiencing swollen feet, legs, ankles and sometimes wrists, you may be wondering is Epsom salt bath safe for pregnancy? The truth is that most doctors will recommend Epsom salt baths for normal swelling or edema during pregnancy.

For swelling to be normal during pregnancy, it should be restricted to the lower parts of your body.  If you have swellings on face and hands on the other hand, you could be suffering from pre eclampsia a complication during pregnancy that makes your blood pressure to rise.

Epsom Salt Bath During Pregnancy Benefits

During pregnancy, your body has to carry an extra weight of the bundle of joy in your womb. The fetus keeps developing and increasing in weight as time goes by in preparation to join you in the real world. As a result, your skin suffers a lot of stretching and your bones ache because they are forced to carry the extra weight of your precious little bundle of joy.

Foot swelling during pregnancy - use epsom salt foot bath detox
Foot swelling during pregnancy – use epsom salt foot bath detox.

It would be impossible to carry the baby full term if you do not get relief from the aches and pain on your feet and back. This is where Epsom salt baths come in. An Epsom salt bath during pregnancy is not only safe, but also it can give you the relaxation you need every week.

The Epsom salts are mainly magnesium and sulfur minerals, which everybody requires for proper functioning of the body. When you are pregnant, you need double the amount that you would need when not.

It is much easier to soak up these minerals from the water than it is to ingest. After all, Epsom salts make a good laxative. If ingested while pregnant, they may cause more harm than good. A bath of the salts on the other hand, is completely safe and rejuvenating. You just need to add ½ a cup to one cup of the salts to a bathtub full of hot water, not scalding hot though. The temperature should be bearable.

In fact, if you have any skin breakouts due to an upsurge of the hormones, a full Epsom salt bath during pregnancy maybe perfect to clear the pimples. You may have to submerge your face in the water or just use a face towel soaked in the saline water. Furthermore, Epsom salt baths are a woman’s best friend when it comes to dealing with the itchy and annoying hemorrhoids. Epsom salt baths for hemorrhoids can be done various so that you are completely comfortable. Piles are unavoidable during pregnancy.

Epsom salt baths during pregnancy are also essential when it comes to dealing with the recurrent Candida. You may have to add not only the Epsom salts to your bath, but also apple cider vinegar if you want to curb the vaginal fungal infection common during pregnancy.

Use these Epsom salt bath recipes, to relax, sleep better at night and heal any skin conditions you may have such as piles, acne, itchy abdomen from the stretching uterus, eczema  and vaginal Candida among others. You can also get rid of any colds and nasal congestions by soaking at one to three times in a week.

Epsom Salt Bath Pregnancy Swelling

Swelling of feet, legs and ankles during pregnancy is normal, and it can be kept under control at home. However, the right thing would be to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Since your lower body takes all your weight and that of your unborn child, it is inevitable for that section to swell.

Epsom salt is one of the remedies to relieve swelling during pregnancy
Epsom salt is one of the remedies to relieve swelling during pregnancy

Similarly, your body retains fluids when you are pregnant. The only way to ensure that your extreme lower body parts do not swell is to keep your feet elevated when seated. You should also avoid standing for long hours. It is also good to ensure that you do some walking exercises. If you can manage to swim instead of walking or any other exercise, it is also good. You can also take part in pregnancy yoga to relax, keep fit and breathe better.

Apart from carrying out the above preventive measures, taking Epsom salt bath pregnancy swelling goes down. Furthermore, you can avoid having the complications of pre-eclampsia, which is the accumulation of excess fluids in body tissues and protein in urine. If pre-eclampsia goes untreated, it can develop into eclampsia, which is characterized by seizures because the brain lacks enough blood supply. This can lead to death for both the mother and child.

Epsom salt bath for pregnancy swollen feet needs just a soak in a footbath or bathtub while reading parenting magazines. However, a medical doctor should treat pregnancy swelling on face and hands. If you have swelling on face, see your doctor as soon as possible.

Epsom Salt Bath Pregnancy Edema Recipe

Swelling on the lower part of the body during pregnancy is a condition referred to as edema. If you have it, you can use Epsom salt bath pregnancy edema for relief. However, it is important to talk to your doctor about the bath as you could be having a complicated pregnancy, which the bath would make worse instead of better.

Epsom salt bath pregnancy edema requires the following for it to be effective:

Epsom salt used for constipation during pregnancy
Epsom salt used for constipation during pregnancy.
  • Depending on the size of your bath measure ½ -1 cup of Epsom salts
  • Pour the salts in the bathtub or basin if you are having a foot soak
  • Add bearable hot water to the footbath or bathtub so that it can dissolve the salts
  • Swirl the water for three minutes to ensure that you all the granules are dissolved and that the water is at a bearable temperature.
  • Soak your body or feet for 15-20 minutes. If you are soaking in a bathtub be careful not to slip. Furthermore, ensure that somebody helps you get out of the tub after the time you intend to soak in the salts.

Epsom Salt Bath Pregnancy Gestational Diabetes

If you have heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetic, it is advisable you avoid Epsom salt baths during pregnancy. This is because such a bath lowers your blood pressure and fluctuations in your blood sugar can worsen gestational diabetes for example.

Epsom salt bath pregnancy gestational diabetes should be used under the close supervision of your doctor. This is in order to get your BP and glucose levels in the blood effectively. Furthermore, the doctor should tell you just how much Epsom salts to use in your bath.

If you must use without your doctor’s instructions do it once a week or once every two weeks. Although, the bath helps in insulin reduction, you should not overdo it to avoid complications in your pregnancy and your gestational diabetes.

Epsom Salt Bath Pregnancy Laxative

Avoid as much as possible to drink up the water from your Epsom salt bath during pregnancy. This is because Epsom salts is a laxative and can be dehydrating. If you have constipation on the other hand, do not mix the salts in a glass of drinking water either without consulting your doctor first for an alternative laxative or the right Epsom salt dosage.

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