Epsom Salt Bath Weight Loss Results, Reviews & Benefits

Can you use epsom salt bath for weight loss? What are the results, the reviews and before and after results? What other benefits will you get from epsom salt baths other than helping you lose weight fast? According to ABC news (see sources at the end), Scott Foley revealed how to lose between 10lbs and 12lbs fast using epsom salt and hot water in a bath tub in JUST A DAY! So, does it really work? Here’s  how to use this detox bath to lose that extra weight and tone your body.

Discovered in the 17th century, the Epsom salts have found great significance in the current world where junk food has gained prominence. Various health conditions come with being over weight and therefore, the best way to avoid them is by losing the excess body fat. While you can opt to hit the gym and change your diet for a healthy one, the results cannot be manifest overnight.

Does epsom salt help weight loss
Does Epsom salt help weight loss?

You have to change your lifestyle for some months and probably a year depending on how many kilos you want to lose. This is where natural mineral salts discovered in Epsom, England come in. apparently, soaking in an Epsom salt bath is not only relaxing, relieving of pain, but also good for weight loss. Learn how to use Epsom salt bath weight loss treatment shortly.

What are the Benefits of Epsom Salt Bath for Weight Loss?

It is impractical to indulge in the Epsom salt baths for weight loss without prior knowledge of the benefits. The main benefits of Epsom salt bath for weight loss include the fact that the salts are made up of purely minerals of magnesium and sulfur.  The percentages of these are 10% and 13% respectively.

Your body may be overweight because you lack magnesium in the body. As a result, it becomes impossible for your digestive system to function properly. You therefore end up with excessive fats accumulating in your body and being overweight. By indulging in the Epsom salt baths, you can replenish the magnesium that your body lacks through reverse osmosis.

This is where the body gets rid of excess toxins while soaking up the magnesium and sulfur. Apparently, it is better to soak in the salts than to drink them up as the foods and medications you may be using may interfere with the absorption of these minerals.

Detox bath will help you lose cellulite and excess weight
Detox bath will help you lose cellulite and excess weight.

Another benefit of Epsom salt bath weight loss is that your pancreas is stimulated to generate digestive enzymes. While the enzymes are active, your body can be rid of excess fats and hence the weight loss. Remember when you take an Epsom salt detox bath you detoxify your body while over 325 enzymes are regulated. Your digestive enzymes are among these. So, what are the benefits of Epsom salt bath for weight loss? Essential minerals get into your body and the digestive enzymes are prompted to perform their function.

Epsom Salt Bath Weight Loss Results

It is easy to believe that the benefits of Epsom salts are just hype. However, when it comes to Epsom salt bath weight loss results, they are quite evident. Although, it is not scientifically clear how the salts get into the body from a mere soak, it is evident that one gets lighter while soaking in the Epsom salts to a point where one can even float effortlessly. However, this would require a big quantity of the magnesium sulfates not the 1 or 2 cups used in baths.

Results: Slim up with epsom salt detox for weight loss
Slim up with epsom salt detox for weight loss.

Can someone see Epsom salt bath weight loss results?  This is the big question and the answer is an affirmative yes. According to Doctor Mehmet Oz of the TV show Dr. Oz, you can see weight loss results after a single bath. The doctor picked on an audience randomly whom the doctor took measurements of the waist and thighs before asking her to soak into a bathtub with Epsom salts for 20 minutes. On getting out of the tub, the measurements were taken again and there was a whole one-inch decrease (drozfans.com). Therefore, this is not just hype.

It is impossible however to bath every single day in Epsom salts. You would need to do it thrice in a week because the bath can leave you all lightheaded and fatigued. You also get to sweat a lot even after the bath. A clear prove of the detoxification, which causes you to lose weight.  It will not hurt to get the measurements of your waist before proceeding to bath.

If you have the following conditions, it is not safe for you to take part in this weight loss treatment, but if you must insist, consult with your doctor first:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney stones
  • Kidney disease
  • Pregnant
  • Have allergies of sulfur
  • High blood pressure

    Before and after results after losing too much weight
    Before and after results after losing too much weight.

Epsom Salt Bath Weight Loss Reviews and Testimonials

Looking at how most bathers use the Epsom salts for a full bath, it is evident that 1-2 cups of the magnesium sulfates in common. Some Epsom salt bath weight loss reviews from bathers also insist on more. It all depends on the size of the bathtub.

The water should also be hot, not scalding hot, but at bearable temperatures. You will notice that some agree to 94-97 degrees while others will insist on higher degrees. It all depends on your body’s tolerance to hot water. This is why you should swirl the water to make sure there are no residue salts and to ensure that you have the just right temperature in your water.

It can be sad to soak into an Epsom salt bath that will have you spending more money at the hospital for burns. This will interfere with your weigh loss goals as far as baths with Epsom salts are concerned. Most Epsom salt bath weight loss reviews also magnify other benefits of the bath apart from giving a flatter tummy. These include:

How to Use Epsom Salt for Weight Loss and Easing Constipation

Another way on how to use Epsom salt for weight loss involves taking it orally. Epsom salt for constipation requires that you take about 300mg-400mg of the magnesium sulfate and add it to one cup of water. You can add some lemon, apple, grape or any other juice that will give it a good taste. It should not take you more than 6 hours before you have bowel movement. Use the salts for constipation only when necessary as your body can become dependent on this laxative just like on others.

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  1. I would not want to drink Epsom salt in the name of weight loss. I have done it before and oops, it tastes awful. It would be easier on your taste buds if you just put some of it on your mouth and then drink water to drive it all down. I did this as a teenager because I was given for my constipation. So, no, I am not sure if it really works to drink Epsom salt to lose weight. The things people take to lose weight! OMG, just too many, from baking soda, some funny seeds and just about anything you know. Now I I have added bathing in Epsom salts to the list.

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