Epsom Salt Detox Bath for Foot & Liver with Ginger Recipe

How does the Epsom salt detox bath work? Discover the Epsom salt bath detox for body, foot and liver. All the bath detox benefits, symptoms and various ways to use it including with ginger recipe among others.

The most effective way to relax after a long day is taking an Epsom salt bath with Lavender, while you may already know this, when taking such baths you are actually killing two birds with one stone. Apparently, the Epsom salts when used in a bath play a great role in the detoxification of the body and not just in adding the magnesium and sulfate minerals.

Epsom Salt Detox for body, foot, liver symptoms and benefits
Epsom Salt Detox for body, foot, liver symptoms and benefits.

Through the detoxification process, you can cure your body of many diseases both minor and major it all depends on what you add to your Epsom salt detox bath. Various ingredients can be added to your Epsom salt bath detox to make it more refreshing and above all remove all the unwanted toxins from your body. Discover the Epsom salt detox bath benefits for body, foot and liver in a bit.

Epsom Salt Detox Bath Benefits

As you already know, Epsom salt baths have various benefits and detoxification is one of them. Epsom salt detox bath benefits your body by removing toxins from your body. In you day to day life, you are involved in various activities that causes you to collect toxins. For starters, you have dust particles, pollen, bacteria and fungus accumulating on the skin surface from your surroundings.

You cannot avoid being outdoors as you go shopping and also you have to air your home from time to time by opening your windows, therefore, these foreign particles are expected to build up on your skin after sometime.

Secondly, you collect toxins from radiation not only in cancer treatment, but also from your TV, the sunlight or the atmosphere or simply by undergoing an X-ray. The building up of the radiation can leave your body not only ill, but also stressed out. It can only be rejuvenated by an Epsom salt bath detox.

The skin also may suffer dryness and lots of acidity, which can lead to flare-ups of acne and joint pain especially if you have arthritis, bursitis and tendonitis among others. You do not have to wait for the build up of acidity levels, radiation and dirt on your skin while the Epsom salt detox bath benefits are minutes away. Furthermore, you can take the bath in the comfort of your home when you are all alone, just keep the kids away or busy and indulge in a detox bath.

The removal of all these build up gives you the following benefits:

Epsom salt and ginger detox recipe is known to be the best
Epsom salt and ginger detox recipe is known to be the best.
  • Soothed body, soul and mind
  • Nervous system relaxes
  • Skin conditions are cured
  • Cuts and bruises are healed
  • Colds and congestion become a thing of the past
  • Muscle strain is eased

Epsom Salt Foot Bath Detox

Most people know that only soaking your whole body can give you an Epsom salt bath detox. However, there is another way to it for those who do not have bathtubs. If you have no where to immerse your whole body, you can still get the same benefits of Epsom salts from taking an Epsom salt foot bath detox.

While hot water is encouraged for salt baths, your feet cannot stand it. Hot water can lead to dry cracked feet. Therefore, the water temperature must be warm and comfortable for your feet. Furthermore, if you have diabetic peeling feet, you may have to consult with your doctor first before using this detoxification bath.

Do you have joint pain?Use epsom salt detox bath to relieve joint pain.
Do you have joint pain?Use epsom salt detox bath to relieve joint pain.

The water in the Epsom salt foot bath detox must cover you up to your ankles. Furthermore, if you have peeling feet from athlete’s foot or from walking barefoot, you would benefit from this soak by adding vinegar to the water. Apple cider vinegar makes the water alkaline, therefore, any itching and pain can clear after using these baths at most three times in a week. Remember to dry your feet properly after the baths and moisturize them to avoid being dry.

Ginger Epsom Salt Detox Bath

Various detoxification recipes work differently. It is upon you to experiment since they do not hurt.  Ginger Epsom salt detox bath is common for getting rid of cold and flu. It also opens pores on skin to enable the dirt to be washed off easily. This bath makes your body eliminate toxins by sweating profusely. It is also possible to get rid of pain from this recipe. If you love to sweat and rid your body from toxins, then adding ginger to your bath would be ideal.

You can use fresh ginger root, which should be crushed or grated. You can also use ginger teabags. If you use the fresh kind, make sure that you add about 2 tablespoons  of ginger to hot water with 2-3 cups of Epsom salts if you are using a bathtub. Alternatively, use a teabag in one cup of water and pour it into the tub.

Soak in the tub for 30 minutes when you have mixed the salts and the ginger properly. Other recipes apart from ginger Epsom salt detox bath include:

  • Epsom salts and Baking soda– best for counteracting the effects of radiation, eczema and for children with autism
  • Magnesium sulfate salts mixed with sea salt and sesame oil- best for stress relief and moisturizing dry skin.
  • Magnesium sulfate salts mixed with Apple cider vinegar, best for itchy skin and painful joints from gout, bursitis and arthritis among others.

All these recipes work well if you exfoliate your skin using a soft brush or sea salts. This way, you get to detoxify your body and cleanse your skin at the same time.

Epsom Salt Bath Detox Symptoms

Epsom salt bath detox is very powerful and the effects of this can be felt after the 30 or 40 minutes. Even 20 minutes of soaking in the bathtub can give you the same benefits. When rising up after the bath you may experience the following Epsom salt bath detox symptoms:

Other than detox, you can use it to exfoliate your skin, control excessive sweating and reduce cellulite.
Other than detox, you can use it to exfoliate your skin, control excessive sweating and reduce cellulite.
  • Fatigue
  • Light-headedness

You can get rid of the fatigue by alternating the baths with those without Epsom salts. Alternatively, a bearable hot shower would also get rid of the fatigue. Do not forget also to moisturize your body effectively to prevent your skin from drying.

Dizziness on the other hand from Epsom salt bath detox symptoms should make you be more careful when rising up from the tub. You can either ask someone to assist you or you may have to sit by the tub for a while before proceeding to your other activities. A fall in the bathroom can be fatal especially if you are all alone in the house.  As much as you need the relaxation all alone, do let someone know that you are in the tub. Let the person also know how long your plan to stay so that they can check on you should you exceed that time.

Epsom Salt Bath Detox Liver

The skin is also known as the third liver when it comes to detoxifying the body. While the colon and liver work best by removing the toxins internally, the skin is also believed to work the same way through the Epsom salt detox bath.  This method however is not recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers. Similarly, people with diabetics and high blood pressure may have to consult their doctors before using this method.

Detox Bath Recipe Epsom Salt for Improved Skin

You may find the detoxification process beneficial to your skin if you exfoliate each time you use a detox bath recipe Epsom salt and other ingredients such as Bentonite Clay, hydrogen peroxide, seaweed, sea salts and essential oils.

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