How to Lighten Dyed Hair at Home – Henna Dyed & Dark Brown Hair

Can you lighten dyed hair? Find out how to lighten dyed hair with shampoo, vitamin C and  more. Here’s how to lighten freshly dyed hair at home and even how to lighten red, dark, and dark brown dyed hair.

If you relish the idea of using a shampoo to lighten dyed hair, we have as well got your covered. The steps below will help you bleach hair that is dyed too dark and have it lithtened again.

Vitamin C shampoo for lightening dark hair
Vitamin C lightens dark hair

How to Lighten Dark Dyed Hair with Vitamin C

Have a dark dyed hair but wish to lighten it and give a sun-kissed look or even create some highlights? Well you will delight that you can use a vitamin C treatment to achieve just that. This method works great and gives such drastic changes that one treatment is enough if subtle lightening effect is required. You may however need to get more than one session if lots of lightening is required.

Here is how to lighten dark dyed hair at home with C:

You will require:

  • 15 to 20 vitamin C tablets (look for the uncoated type)
  • Antidandruff shampoo
  • Conditioning treatment
  • Shower cap
  • Bowl
  • Spoon

Steps on How to Lighten Dyed Hair Using Vitamin C

  1. Crush 15 to 20 vitamin C tablets in a bowl to the finest powder possible
  2. Mix the powder with enough antidandruff shampoo and stir thoroughly to create a paste
  3. Apply the paste on wet hair but be gentle enough to avoid ripping your hair off
  4. Use a shower cap or plastic wrap to cover the hair for 1 to 2 hours
  5. Wash the paste off and finish by a deep conditioning treatment

How to Lighten Hair That Is Dyed Too Dark

It happens often; you decide to take on a home hair dying job and it flops. The color shade that results on your hair is too dark and far off from what you had hoped for.  But should you just accept it and learn to live with a color hue you don’t like? Well you don’t, unless of course you choose to. Here is how to lighten hair that is dyed too dark.

A clarifying shampoo: Clarifying shampoos usually contain color-stripping surfactants. They however have a drying effect on the hair and it is advisable to deep condition your hair after using any brand of clarifying shampoo e.g. Prell shampoo.

Use a hair color remover: removing the color is a surefire way to lighten your hair. L’Oreal Colorzap and XYZ are good options that you may want to try. They are available at your local beauty shop as well as online. If these hair color removers don’t seem to be doing the job and your hair still looks too dark, it may be time to see a professional hair stylist.

It might be also a good idea to call the hotline number on the packaging of the hair dye you used if the results you got is not what you had hoped. The manufacturer may be able to offer advice on the way forward.

Shampoo to Lighten Dyed Hair

you can shampoo to lighten your hair at home
How to Lighten Dyed Hair at Home

What to try how to lighten dyed hair using shampoo? As we have already mentioned, you can also use a shampoo to lighten dyed hair. Clarifying shampoos are your best bet for this task. Simply head over to your local grocery store or beauty shop and ask for Prell.

Prell is a rather strong clarifying shampoo and contains acetic acid which is formulated to get rid of build-ups of harmful products and oils in your hair. If applied to dyed hair, the dye will be removed along the process.

Using Prell is as easy as applying a generous amount to your hair and massaging it all through your hair before washing it off with warm water after 45 minutes. The dyed hair lightens after every treatment and you may have to repeat the process several times to get the desired results.

How to Lighten Dyed Dark Brown Hair

What about if you have dyed your hair very dark brown but would like it to lighten to a light brown or so? Well here is how to lighten dyed dark brown hair:

Bleaching dyed hair: Bleaching is one way to lighten dyed dark brown hair particularly if the dark brown shade you are wearing is darker than your natural hair color. Trying to use a lighter color shade will to likely not help as the color will not show up. The lighter color may also only lighten the new roots popping out.

Use a lighter color dye: If the dark brown shade you are wearing is lighter than your natural hair color, you can try lightening the hair with a different dye.

Use Hair color remover: Removing the dyed color with a hair color remover can also help to lighten hair. You can for example try using the L’Oreal Colorzap. You can order a bottle from your local beauty store.

Use a clarifying shampoo: Continuous use of a hair clarifying shampoo such as Prell can also help to lighten dyed dark brown hair

If all these however don’t seem to help, consider visiting a professional hair salon

How to Lighten Dyed Red Hair

Use clarifying shampoo to lighten fresh dyed hair
Use clarifying shampoo to lighten fresh dyed hair

What if your hair is dyed red but you fancy the thought of having it in a lighter shade of red? Well there are various ways to lighten dyed red hair at home:

Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoo is a fantastic option for lightening most types of dyed hair. Simply massage some clarifying shampoo into your hair while damp followed by a deep conditioning treatment to protect your hair from the damaging effects of the shampoo. This should lighten the dyed red hair. Repeat the procedure for several days to achieve the desired results.

Dish soap

Apply dish soap to wet hair and massage gently all through before covering the hair with a shower cap or plastic wrap for 2 to 3 hours. Next wash off the soap and finish by conditioning your hair as you normally would. Repeat the procedure for several days to achieve the desired results.

Vitamin C treatment

As we have already mentioned, vitamin C does a great job at lightening dyed hair. See instructions in the above section.

In addition to procedure discussed above, you can as well consider mixing the vitamin C treatment with a clarifying shampoo. Once ready, treat your hair with it as per the instructions we have already discussed and finish with a deep conditioning treatment using your normal deep hair conditioner.

How to Lighten Freshly Dyed Hair

If you just dyed your hair but don’t like the results, you can consider on the following options to lighten it:

  • Use original blue Dawn dishwashing liquid to wash your hair. Follow this with a deep conditioning treatment since the soap ahs a dying effect on the hair.
  • Use a clarifying shampoo or dandruff shampoo to lighten the freshly dyed hair. As a matter of fact, these shampoos are most effective when used when the dye is as fresh as possible
  • Use hot oil treatments to fade the color. This involves washing your hair with hot oils such as olive, sesame and canola oil. Don’t scald yourself though
  • Allow the color to fade on its own. This may take several weeks

How to Lighten Henna Dyed Hair

If you are wondering how to lighten henna dyed hair at home, your first bet would be to use the vitamin C treatment that we have discussed above. Vitamin C removes hair colors and dyes and would remove henna as well and judging from comments in online forums, vitamin c seems to work great for a lot of people.

Some people have also reported remarkable success using honey to lighten their hair perhaps the reason being the fact that henna is a plant extract.

You can also use olive oil to lighten henna dyed hair. You may also consider mixing the olive oil with coconut and Argan oils. Once ready massage the oil mixture gently on your hair and allow it to set in overnight. In the morning wash the oil off using your shampoo. This procedure will make the color of the henna fade away but you may have to repeat it several times for best results.

Blow-drying and exposure to chlorine e.g. in swimming pool can also help to lighten henna dyed hair at home.

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