How to Lighten Dark Hair Naturally at Home without Bleach

Learn how to lighten dark hair at home naturally. If you want to bleach black hair without bleach with options such as shampoo and hair lightening methods for dark dyed hair. See also the best hair dye for lightening dark hair.  

Wondering how to lighten dark hair naturally at home? Well, this article has you got you covered with several easy to use options that you can use to lighten black hair and give it a cute sun-kissed sparkle at the comfort of your home. We’ll also take a look at some of the best hair dyes for dark hair and mention something about hair lightening shampoos for dark hair. Enjoy the reading.

how to naturally lighten dark hair
Dark hair before and after natural lightening

How to Naturally Lighten Dark Hair– How to Lighten Dark Hair at Home

If you would rather not use one of the many hair lightening dyes out there, then you will delight to know that there are many natural ways to give your hair that sun-kissed sparkle naturally. Here is how to naturally lighten black hair at home:

Lemon juice

Applying Lemon juice is one of the most popular ways to lighten dark hair at home.


  1. Cut several fresh lemons into halves and squeeze the juice out into a cup until it is about ½ full. Pour the juice into a bowl and mix with ½ cup of water. Now put the solution into a clean spray bottle and shake it thoroughly to ensure proper blending.

Depending on the thickness and length of your hair, you can as well mix 1 cup lemon with 1 cup water or even ¼ cup lemon with ¼ cup water but the ratio should ideally be 1:1.

  1. Prepare your hair: wash your hair and use a towel to pat it until it is still wet but not dripping water. Having your hair a bit wet reduces the drying effect of the lemon juice. It is also advisable to have not washed your hair for a few days in order to have lots of natural oils in your hair.
  2. Apply the solution: Spray the solution gradually across your hair until you have covered the entire head or the areas you want highlighted.
  3. Dry your hair in the sun: Stay in the sun for 30 minutes. Sunlight helps to activate the lemon juice and thus boost the lightening effect.  It is recommended to use a sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.
  4. Rinse your hair: using cold water, wash off the lemon juice until your hair does not feel sticky any more. Finish off by shampooing and condition the hair as you normally do.


Honey is yet another great way to naturally lighten black hair at home. As we have already mentioned in a previous article on how to use honey to lighten hair, honey contains small amounts of peroxide, a popular hair lightening ingredient.

To use honey to lighten your dark hair, simple mix honey and water in a ratio of 4:1 (e.g. ½ cup honey to one-eighth cup of water) before applying to your hair. Leave to set in for 15 to 2 to 3 hours (or even overnight) with your head covered with a shower cap. Finally wash it off with warm water and finish by shampooing and conditioning your hair.

You can also mix honey with olive oil in the ratio of 1:1.

Ground cinnamon

A talk on how to naturally lighten black hair at home can hardly end without mentioning cinnamon. It also ranks high among the best home remedies to lighten hair.

The easiest way to use ground cinnamon is to mix it with your normal hair conditioner. For example, you can add 3 tbsp cinnamon to 4 tbsp conditioner before applying it to your hair. Once the mixture has spread all over your hair, cover the hair with plastic cap for 2 to 3 hours or sleep with it overnight. Finally rinse it off with warm water.

Chamomile Tea

You can also use Chamomile tea to naturally lighten dark hair at home.

Instructions: prepare a pot of chamomile tea at normal strength and once the tea has cooled down, strain it and add a few tablespoons to your hair conditioner. Now wash your hair with the remaining tea and condition the hair with the chamomile + conditioner mixture you just prepared. Take some time in the sun to dry your hair or blow-dry it. Repeat severally until you have achieved the desired results.

How to Lighten Dark Hair without Bleach

use a mixture of lemon and honey to naturally lighten your dark hair
How to Lighten Dark Hair Naturally honey and lemon

Wondering how to lighten dark hair without bleach? Maybe you are a brunette and would like to adorn a blonde look or have previously dyed your hair black and would like to lighten it back to your natural shade.

Well, there are numerous options that you may want to try. One option to lighten dark hair without bleach that seems to get lots of positive user feedback online is lemon juice.


This remedy for dark hair involves applying some lemon juice or spraying a lemon spray onto your hair and then heading out into the sun for an afternoon nap until the hair has dried out completely. Once dry, rinse with water and pat dry with a towel. It is advisable to protect the rest of your body with a sunscreen.

Color Removers

You may also want to consider using one of the many hair color removers out there. You may for example want to try L’Oreal Colorzap Hair Color Remover and Color Oops.

A word about hydrogen peroxide

Using hydrogen peroxide to lighten dark hair is not recommended. Hydrogen peroxide may make black hair lighten into an orange hue which most people don’t like.

How to Lighten Dark Hair with Peroxide

If you are looking for fast, easy and cheap way to lighten dark hair, then hydrogen peroxide is your best bet. Hydrogen peroxide is also the substance responsible for the bleaching action of honey, but because it is present in small traces, honey takes longer to lighten dark hair.

If you want drastic results however, maybe you will be heading down to the beach next weekend, you can apply hydrogen peroxide on your hair. Here is how to lighten black hair with hydrogen peroxide:

  • Pour a 3% hydrogen peroxide into a clean spray bottle. Higher concentration than 3% could lead to hair loss during the lightening process
  • Shampoo your hair and pat it a bit dry with a towel and while still wet, spray the peroxide in a small area to test the results.
  • If you like the results continue spraying your hair with the peroxide patch by patch until you cover the entire head or area over which hair lightening is required. As you apply the peroxide, it helps to run a comb through the hair every now and then.
  • After 30 minutes, use cold water to rinse your hair
  • Finish by applying a deep conditioner because hydrogen peroxide because, depending on hair type, hydrogen peroxide often leaves the hair dry
  • Repeat as required to achieved the desired results

How to Lighten Dark Dyed Hair

how you can lighten your dark dyed hair
black hair lightened to chocolate brown

Do you have naturally dark hair or you have dyed your hair dark but would like to lighten it? Well there are several ways to lighten dark dyed hair.

The first one is to use a lightening shampoo such as John Frieda Sheer Blonde ®. Some people have reported great results with the shampoo.

According to the manufacturer, the John Frieda Sheer Blonde® shampoo is formulated to gradually lighten color-treated and highlighted blonde hair in addition to all natural hair. The shampoo features citrus extracts and chamomile which are some of the best natural remedies to lighten hair and helps to tighten the hair cuticles while strengthening the hair shafts.

The best thing about John Frieda Sheer Blonde shampoo is that it is free of harsh ingredients such as peroxide and ammonia which are often associated with a drying out effect on your hair.

Once you have achieved a significantly lighter shade of color, you may then consider using a hair dye such as Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color.

Word of caution:

Avoid using hydrogen peroxide or any other harsh product; otherwise you might end up having a shade of orange.

Best Hair Dye to Lighten Dark Hair

New entrants into the world of hair lightening are usually faced with dozens if not hundreds of hair lightening dyes options. With so many competing for the top spot, they are left wondering what the best hair dye to lighten dark hair is.

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color is perhaps the best hair dye to lighten dark hair judging from online reviews and customer feedbacks on online shopping sites.  Others products you may want to try are:

  • Color B4 Hair Color Remover
  • L’Oreal Perfect Blonde Maximum Lightening Crème
  • Garnier Belle Color

It is important to note that results vary from one person to another and what has worked for someone else might not give you the desirable results. It is therefore suggested that you test strip the dye first before applying it on your entire head. Simply clip a small section and apply the dye on it to see the results.

Hair Lightening Shampoo for Dark Hair

Hair lightening shampoos for dark hair are beauty products formulated to lighten dark hair and/or to maintain the highlights. They typically contain a small amount of hydrogen peroxide or any other bleaching agent.

Although they are not often stocked in most drugstores, they are very likely to be found in most high end beauty shops.

Most hair lightening shampoos can leave your hair dry and brittle. It is thus advisable to maintain a regular conditioning treatment while using any brand of hair lightening shampoo for dark hair in order to restore the lost hair moisture. However, it is important to read the instructions and follow them carefully for best results.

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