How to Bleach Arm Hair – Lighten Arm Hair at Home Naturally

Do you have dark arm hair that is visible? Here’s how to bleach arm hair at home using hair lighteners such as peroxide and other remedies including lemon juice and hair bleaching creams.

Dark arm hair is often unsightly and embarrassing and most people, especially women would rather live without it. Waxing and shaving are the two options that come to the mind of many when talking about getting rid of arm hair.

lightening arm hair
How to bleach arm hair

Unfortunately, these methods can lead to skin infections and allergies and medical options for getting rid of arm hair permanently such as laser treatment are not the cheapest option. Lightening the arm hair to make it less noticeable is an easier option. This article will show you how to lighten arm hair cost-effectively at the comfort of your home using easily available ingredients.

How to Bleach Arm Hair with Peroxide

The household Hydrogen peroxide that typically comes packed in brown bottles is one of the most useful hair lightening ingredients. Applying hydrogen peroxide is indeed one of the best methods to bleach arm hair at home. The following is the procedure to follow when using hydrogen peroxide to lighten arm hair.


  • ¼ cup Hydrogen peroxide
  • ½ tablespoon ammonia


  1. Pour the hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl. Some experts also recommend adding a few drops of lemon juice to the hydrogen peroxide before moving on to step 2 below.
  2. Add the ammonia into the bowl and shake the mixture gently
  3. Apply the mixture on your arm hair and leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes
  4. Wash it off with cold water
  5. If the procedure doesn’t bleach the arm hair to your liking, you can repeat it twice a week until you get the desired results.

Hydrogen peroxide does a great job at lightening arm hair, but since it is typically harsh on the hair and skin, appropriate care should be taken to minimize the risk of harmful effects.

You should in particular perform a strand test on a small area of skin first to see how your skin reacts to the hydrogen peroxide. While some people also recommend using hydrogen peroxide to bleach facial hair, it is not advisable to use it on eyebrows and eyelashes.

How to Lighten Arm Hair with Lemon Juice

Hydrogen peroxide for bleaching arm hair
Hydrogen peroxide the best for bleaching arm hair

Lemon juice is yet another darling when it comes to bleaching of hair and most hair care experts recommend lemon juice for lightening of arm hair, facial hair and head hair alike. The bleaching property of lemon juice is attributed to the citric acid typically present in lemons. Lime juice can also be used since it is also rich in citric acid.

Here is how to lighten arm hair with lemon juice:

  1. Apply freshly squeezed lemon juice to your arm hair
  2. Take a book or drink and relax in the sunlight for 15 to 20 minutes. Sunlight is known to boost the lightening effect of lemon juice since it activates the citric acid, which then opens the hair cuticles, thus further exposing the hair strands to further lightening effect of ultraviolet light from the sun. It is important to apply sunscreen to the rest of your skin to avoid sunburn.
  3. Wash the lemon juice off with warm water and mild soap
  4. Repeat the procedure as required to achieve the desired shade of hair color

Lemon juice is a mild bleaching agent and you will most likely require several treatments to achieve significant lightening of the arm hair. The actual number of treatments needed depends on the color of the hair.

Some people may experience irritation and get reddened skin after applying lemon juice on their arms. Should that happen, discontinue using lemon juice and consider switching to another hair lightening option such as hydrogen peroxide, tomatoes and papaya to name but  a few.

How to Bleach Arm Hair at Home – Cream

These days there are many brands of arm hair bleaching creams that are available in most drugstores and beauty stores. Most such creams are usually formulated to be effective yet gentle on the skin. Sally Hansen Cream and Jolen are common hair lightening creams that seem to have a positive review overall from their users.

The only downside to using these creams is that they don’t give permanent results and you have to reapply after some time. One user of Sally Hansen Cream reports having to reapply the cream every six weeks but that is not much a concern considering the positive benefits of such creams in as far as arm hair bleaching is concerned.

Here is how to bleach arm hair at home using a lightening cream:

  • Wash your arms and pat them dry with a towel
  • Apply the cream according to the manufacturer’s instructions available on the package. This is important to avoid unwanted results and infections
  • Wash the cream off with lukewarm water (or as otherwise directed in the instructions)

How to Naturally Lighten Arm Hair

honey is used to lighten arm hair naturally
Honey-naturally lighten hair on the arm

As we have already mentioned there are various drugstore creams formulated to bleach arm hairs but if you have sensitive skin, would rather not spend your hard-earned dollars on such options, or generally prefer natural remedies, then here are some more natural arm hair lightening remedies that you may want to consider in addition to lemon juice.

Hot milk bath to lighten arm hair

Milk is typically rich in lactic acid which not only moisturizes your skin and is indeed one of the best natural remedies for dry skin, but also does a great job at lightening body hair including arm hair. Simply apply enough whole milk or cream on your arms once a day and your arm hair will lighten a few shades after several applications.

Flour and Lemon Juice Remedy

This is yet another great way to lighten arm hair naturally. Simply place some flour in a small basin, pour in enough lemon juice and stir well to make a paste. Apply the paste thoroughly on your arm hair and let it dry on the skin before washing it off with water. If you need further lightening, you can follow up with several other treatments.

You now know how to lighten arm hair. While most of these arm hair bleaching methods have been found to work great, you should keep in mind that everyone’s arm hair is different and results may vary from one person to the other. Happy arm hair lightening!

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  2. How permanent are the lemon juice/peroxide methods? I use creams but my hair grows that fast that I need to reapply in under a week

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