Make your Wedding Extra-Special with These Elegant Add-Ons

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A wedding is something to cherish, a milestone in every person’s life, when they commit to a lifelong partner, and while we all do what we can to make our wedding day something to remember, there are a few little extras that can really make all the difference. Here are a few lovely touches to make your wedding day even more special.

  • Personalised Chocolates – Search online for a supplier of personalised wedding favours and bomboniere chocolates, and the supplier is happy to personalise to your request. They even send you mock ups of the design, which you approve prior to the work starting, and their range of personalised products is impressive.
  • Order a Burger Van at the End of the Night – This would be a wow at every wedding, with the food long gone, and after a few hours on the dance floor, everyone is hungry at the end of the party. You can pay for this, or ask guests to buy their own food, which they would not mind at all. This would surely be warmly appreciated by all, and will do your image no harm.
  • Welcome Bags – These are a great idea, filled with mementos and some tasty nibbles, and there are online suppliers that will tailor the design to fit with your theme, which will really add a special touch to the occasion. You can create biodegradable bags with a special message, and even have the guest’s name printed, which no one would expect. If you skin needs a little extra care, check out this blog on skin care, which is worth a read.
  • Create a Relationship Board – Nicely decorated with ribbons and bows, you can show images, letters and information about your relationship, starting with the earliest photos. This is very interesting for your guests, as none of them would know the whole story, and it emphasises your strong bond.
  • Hire a Painter –Imagine having an artist, with easel mounted, painting the wedding reception? This is a great way to create a unique keepsake, and, of course, you get to choose the subjects. A quick watercolour artists could complete 3-4 pictures in an afternoon and evening, so you would get great value for money. You could approach an art student, who would be happy to do it for a few dollars, and this will be a major attraction for the guests.
  • Roaming Snack Bar – There are companies that will send a few pretty girls who will walk around offering your guests snacks from their open platform. They have a great selection, so you can tailor the snacks to suit your guests, and who wouldn’t enjoy a smiling face with a range of delicious snacks? Here is some Australian government information about getting married, which might be useful.

The above are just a few ideas on how to make your wedding day that little bit more special, and with online solutions, you can arrange everything from personalised chocolate to your own portrait painter, and make your wedding day one to remember for all the right reasons.

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