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Reasons Why Supporting Independent Breweries Is a Good Idea

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If you enjoy a beer from time to time, then you might want to consider trying different varieties. If you drink the same brew then you may never have considered trying a different brand or the benefits of supporting a local brewery that can offer you unique beers with a range of tastes and textures that could really get your taste buds excited.

Local Breweries

Over the last decade or so smaller ‘independent’ breweries like Hairyman Australian brewery have been becoming more and more popular due to the fact that they are creating very unique tasting beers that set them aside from the big corporate brands that people have come to rely on as part of their ‘every day’ drinking choice. The trouble is, with corporate beers you are limited to the taste that they offer and aren’t really getting anything ‘special’ in terms of taste and originality.

Controlling the market

If everybody buys corporate brands then it can make it very difficult for new, smaller companies to make any kind of imprint in the market, not only that, they can also control the cost of the beers that you buy meaning that you could be paying more than you need to for something very generic. On the subject of being ‘generic’ you might find this blog of interest about shaping your facial hair. If you support local breweries and start to buy local brews then it can help to provide competition and therefore hopefully reduce overall prices.


When it comes to taste, it doesn’t get any better than craft beer from a local brewery, some of the beers that they offer are truly outstanding and have some of the best tastes in the world. Because they need to be unique in order to push their way into the market, you will see some ingredients, flavours and names used for the beers that you just wouldn’t see with the bigger companies.


Imagine being given a pack of beers from one of the bigger corporate firms as a gift for say, a job, a Birthday or even for Christmas. It doesn’t feel that special or could seem that little thought has gone into the purchase of the gift. Craft beers on the other hand bring a whole new level of excitement to the idea of making or receiving a pack of beers as a gift or a present, a truly unique idea that some thought has gone into.

Support means better beerIf you support your local breweries then they will of course make more turn over and hopefully make a bigger profit enabling them to conduct more research and experimentation in terms of new products. If they are able to grow, then not only should you see a reduction in prices, but you should see a whole new range of beers on offer that could be even more suited to your taste. You may also wish to take a look at this informative support page for local breweries to help get a better understanding. Overall, supporting local companies is crucial to the growth of our local economies, everybody can help but you need to make a purchase and spread the word in order to help make a change.

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