Should Your Catering Business Start Catering for Weddings?

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Everyone loves a good wedding, and one of the most important elements of a wedding is the food. It’s something everyone remembers, and the right food keeps wedding guests happy and ensures they enjoy their day. If you run a catering company, and are looking to expand, you may be thinking about catering for weddings. While this can be profitable, weddings are tougher to cater than some other events, so here are some things you need to know.

You may need professional catering equipment to cope with demand

The main challenge of going from a small catering firm to catering for big events such as weddings is being able to cook for a crowd. Wedding catering often involves multi-course meals, and the numbers are larger, which is why you’ll need equipment made by Electrolux Professional to deal with these bigger jobs. While this means you’ll need to invest in money into upgrading your equipment, you may find you make it back, as wedding catering can be lucrative.

Staffing for wedding jobs can be tricky

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll likely need more staff at your disposal to cater for weddings. You will need people who can carry out tasks like:

  • Setting up the venue
  • Food preparation
  • Staffing the bar
  • Waiting tables
  • Clearing up afterwards

Many wedding caterers offer an all in one service, which is great for couples, as everything is taken care of in terms of food or drink. And this can be good for your business, as you can charge more for your services, but it does take some organisation.

Attention to detail is key

Wedding catering can be tougher than simply catering for parties or corporate events, as the bar is set much higher. Couples expect a high level of attention to detail, with lots of extra wedding add-ons that caterers will need to be able to provide, from running a bar to being able to offer a range of different catering options. You need to be prepared for a much more demanding type of client, but the advantage is, you can charge more for this kind of catering.

Food safety still needs to be the priority

Food safety is hugely important at large gatherings, so when you scale up, you still need to make sure you follow food safety advice to ensure everyone enjoys the food and stays well. If you run a catering firm that mostly does small scale jobs at the moment, you may find food safety easy, but once you have to cater for 200 people, you need to make sure standards don’t slip. You may need to invest in bigger fridges to ensure food can be safely refrigerated and you have enough space, as well as ensuring any temporary staff are up to speed with best practice guidelines.

Catering for weddings can be lucrative, but it’s not easy. You’ll usually need to invest in your business to get the right equipment and ensure that you are offering the best service to couples.

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