Yoga Poses You Can Do Everyday to Improve Your Health

This is a period where people are paying lots of attention to their health and incorporating fitness into their lifestyle routine. Apart from going to the gym or jogging, one thing you need is your yoga mat.

Yoga is an exercise routine that involves the mental, physical, and emotional side of one. It involves stretching which helps people to stay active and reduce their stress levels. Here are some yoga poses to incorporate into a fitness routine.

Child’s Pose

The child pose is a calming that can be used to rest and refocus before heading to the next yoga pose. It involves a tender stretch of the lower back, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles. It also helps to relax the spine, shoulders, and neck.

When you want a nice gentle stretch via the neck, spine, and hips then go for a yoga pose. This pose is not ideal for people with knee injuries or any ankle problems. 

People dealing with high blood pressure or pregnant should not use this yoga pose. Focus on relaxing the muscles, spines, and lower back when breathing.

Downward-Facing Dog

Downward-facing dog helps in strengthening the arms, shoulders, and back while expanding the hamstrings, calves, and arches of the feet. This pose can also help in relieving back pain and it is an ideal pose for people with back pain issues.

This yoga pose is not ideal for people who have wrist problems, trimester pregnancy, and those suffering from high blood pressure. When doing this yoga pose, focus on sharing the weight evenly through the palms while lifting the hip area forward and backward, away from the shoulders.

Plank Pose

This is one of the most used yoga exercises and it is a major strengthening exercise. It helps to strengthen the shoulders, arms, and legs. People, who want to tone their abs and build upper body strength, should not miss out on plank poses.

People who have issues with their wrists should not try this pose as it can go hard on the wrist. Those with lower back pain should not try the plank pose as well but as an alternative place the knees on the floor when doing it. In need of a good yoga instructor, sign up here

Four-Limbed Staff Pose

This type of push-up comes after the plank poses in a typical yoga session, commonly referred to as the sun salutation. This is a good pose for people who intend to work on more difficult poses like arm balances or inversions.

Just like a plank, this pose is an arm and wrist strengthening exercise. It can also help in toning the abdomen and it is not recommended for people who are pregnant, has a shoulder injury, or lower back pain.

Cobra Pose

This back-bending pose can aid in strengthening the back muscles, and improve spinal flexibility. With this pose, the chest, shoulders, and abdomen are fully stretched with allows blood to circulate properly in the body.

It is a great back strengthening exercise and not advisable for people who have spine arthritis, neck, lower back, or wrist problems. has more yoga poses to help with daily exercising.


Yoga has always been a fun exercise routine that helps people to stretch their body properly while toning their body. There are several yoga poses for people to practice daily while exercising. 

The only equipment needed is a yoga mat to help carry out these poses with ease. Daily yoga will not only help in increasing the proper flow of blood but help in improving flexibility and reduce stress.

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