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Skin Whitening Injections: Best Glutathione Injection, Cost, Before and After Pictures

Skin whitening injections have grown very popular in Africa and Asia. Bleaching to get fair or white skin color has become a popular trend in Kenya, Jamaica, Hollywood and Asian social worlds. So far, glutathione skin whitening injections are considered the safest and most effective. Here’s the cost of skin bleaching injections, side effects, reviews of the best glutathione doses, with before and after pictures that will help you make an informed choice You can also find information about Melanotan 2 online.

Glutathione Injection for Skin Whitening

Glutathione injection for skin whitening is considered the safest and most effective of all skin whitening products. At good quality and if administered by a professional these injections give good results within a specified period of time depending on your needs in terms of how many shades lighter you want to whiten your skin. Although experts brush this off as a fad, this practice has become so trendy that it has been incorporated in some social cultures in countries like Cameroon, Jamaica, America, Asia (mostly India) and Kenya.

Before and after glutathione face lightening injections
Before and after glutathione dark face lightening injections.

Fair skin has become a popular in the music, acting and fashion industries. Seems like no celebrity wants to be dark skinned anymore. Is fair skin beautiful? Since ancient times, pale white skin has been associated with beauty and class because well to do men were allowed to marry the beautiful white girls in the society. In some countries, dark skin is considered ugly. The consensus that fair skin in beautiful is socially constructed and has forced people to change themselves by bleaching their dark skin color to fit in this category.

Originally used to treat diseases such as cancer, autism and liver illnesses, glutathione was found to have skin lightening as a side effect. Patients who were on this medication, found out that their skin became lighter and their hair whiter. This is what has grown to be present day cosmetic industry most popular trend of glutathione skin whitening with pills, injections, creams and even soaps.

Other than skin whitening, by its anti-oxidant effects glutathione is known to clear wrinkles and other blemishes giving a youthful flawless skin. According to, “GLUTATHIONE is the main antioxidant of the liver. As the main antioxidant of the liver it helps in cleaning the blood and clearing toxins. It is also an antioxidant inside every cell and the intracellular level of glutathione predicts aging.”

It has been effectively used in skin lightening based on its ability to determine the balance of light and dark pigments in our skin (pheomelanin and eumelanin). Glutathione skin whitening injections are the most preferred compared to skin whitening pills, soaps and creams since they work systemically inside the body to give you lighter skin color in no time. These unlike skin bleaching creams and skin lightening pills are said to work faster and give uniform skin whitening.

Glutathione skin lightening injections are all round natural amino acids composed of glyceine, glutamic acid and cysteine. It works by clearing the body of toxins and free radicals that lead to hyperpigmentation, age spots, sun spots, wrinkles and conditions such as melasma. It is important to note that, you do not have to have these blemishes to use glutathione skin whitening injections. Even those with fair “perfect” skin types go for regular jabs to maintain their skin tones and complexion. Other than for skin bleaching, glutathione is used by most people to achieve smooth and flawless skin.

Benefits of Glutathione

  • Whitens the skin
  • Dark spot remover
  • Prevent/remove pimples and pimple marks
  • Anti-aging and anti-wrinkles
  • Makes your skin smooth, fresh and radiant
  • Enhance healing of wounds
  • Nourishes skin

Does it work?

Do glutathione skin whitening injections work? Compared to other skin lightening options, glutathione is considered the most effective and safest with faster results. Glutathione skin lightening pills have been successfully used to lighten skin color. There have even been scientific studies that support their use. Daily uptake of oral glutathione effectively reduces the melatonin levels by the 4th week.

The extreme of using intravenous glutathione injections is said to be very effective and gives faster results. This is because the injection gets 100% into your bloodstream. It is also a powerful antioxidant that evens out skin and gives it a glow. The only debatable issue is the quality of the injection. Most of those sold especially online are fads and are aimed at naïve, vulnerable customers. Poor quality injections do not give the desired results.

Bleaching with Vitamin C

Taking high doses of vitamin C for skin whitening is very effective and good for the skin. It can help lighten the skin over time by removing toxins; help heal wounds and clear blemishes. The reason why glutathione skin whitening injections are given with vitamin C is because vitamin C helps keep glutathione in its most active form and also eliminate that which has already been oxidized to an insoluble form.

Other than being a great antioxidant, vitamin C has been scientifically proven to raise the levels of glutathione in the body. This is the basis on which glutathione with vitamin C skin whitening injections are used today for enhanced results.

Glutathione Injection Price (Cost)

What is the cost of glutathione injection? How much is one session? The price of glutathione injections depends on the quality, how many jabs you take to get your desired effect and the maintenance dose required to keep you lighter and flawless.

Normally, a vial session will cost you between 200 to 350 dollars per vial session. However, depending on where you get the treatment, the cost can go up to $2000 to $4000 per set of treatment. Some Hollywood celebrities claim to go for dark skin lightening injections at a cost of $900 per session two times a week.

Best Skin Whitening Injection

So, what is the best injection for whitening skin? Here are the top rated injections that have been known to brighten dark skin fast or change dark skin tone a shade or two, mostly for African American women who want to bleach their skins.

Tatiomax Injectable Glutathione

Tatiomax by Sujie Pharmaceutical, Tokyo Japan is the most sought after brand of Glutathione. It has been shown to be safe and effective. Tatiomax injectable glutathione contains L-glutathione per vial which is twice as much as other good brands in equal vials. It also comes with 200mg of hydrolyzed collagen which helps firm and rejuvenate the skin.

Separately in the same product is a 100mg of vitamin C which plays a big role in enhancing the effect of glutathione in skin lightening. In one package, there are 10vials of tatiomax + glutathione powder, 10 ampoules of sterile water and 10 ampoules of vitamin C.

Saluta Glutathione

Authentic salute glutathione is manufactured by QAF Pharmaceuticals Labs. It contains 10vials of L-Glutathione 600mg each. Salute glutathione comes with a complete set of 100mg Vitamin C, Syringe, and butterfly. You can buy this at Magic Potions for a promo price of $225.

Germed Glutathione

Germed glutathione is made by Germed Pharma Italy. It is considered among the safest and most effective of all glutathione skin whitening injection products. A box of Germed glutathione contains 10 vials of 600mg glutathione powder, 10 ampoules of 4ml saline water and 10 ampoules of 2ml vitamin C.

Permanent Skin Whitening Injections UK

Permanent skin whitening injections are not very common in the UK as they are in Asia and Africa. Sounds logic, right? Ask your dermatologist where these treatments can be given in your country or locality. Permanent skin whitening injections in the UK are given at IV Boost UK

Located in Central London, they have specially trained professionals who give skin whitening treatments safely wile monitoring you for effectiveness and any possible effects.

Skin Whitening Injections Before and After Pictures and Reviews

This is a somewhat controversial issue that most of the times people are not sure what they get themselves into when they sign up for the course of skin whitening injections. One thing you need to know for sure is that people react to these treatments differently.

There are those who will have positive results with little or no side effects, while others will experience serious side effects with poor or no results at all. Factors that may influence the outcome of skin lightening injections include;

Before and after skin whitening injections
Results before and after

  • Quality of the injectable
  • Adjunctive therapies such as vitamin C and collagen
  • Duration of treatment
  • Frequency of treatments
  • Quality of professional care

Is skin lightening effective? How long does it take to see the results? There are many forums with skin whitening injection reviews that can help you make an informed decision. You will come across many positive reviews of skin lightening with injections like glutathione but before you decide to commit to a skin lightening course, think about it and keep in mind that skin lightening can be dangerous with grave side effects.Here are some of the skin whitening injections reviews with before and after pictures.

“I used the Saluta Glutathione injection 1200mg and 2500mg Vitamin C for each push. Depending your tone glutathione takes more treatment to work on people of color than asian or caucasian. Keep in mind also that glutathione is not guaranteed to work for everyone.” (

“Yes Glutathione injections will whiten your skin slightly. It will take a few months to see results normally.” (

Skin Whitening Injections Side Effects

What are the dangers of skin whitening injections? Are they safe? Skin whitening is a course that might take some time for you to see positive results. Most medical doctors think that these skin whitening injections is a waste of time and money. While there are those who suffer no side effects and successfully get to whiten their skin, some suffer side effects from the mildest form of nausea to serious life threatening conditions such as kidney failure and blood poisoning.

The dangers of using low grade skin whitening injections are way grave. To reduce the risk of skin whitening injection side effects, you should be sure to get high quality injections with 100% natural ingredients that whiten skin, remove dark spots and blemishes and give you a uniform skin tone. Avoid injections that contain harmful chemicals like hydroquinone and mercury.

Look for licensed dermatologists of plastic surgeons who can be trusted to offer these services. Bear in mind that these injections are usually given thrice or twice per week but the dose can be doubled for to enhance the effect. The initial course lasts for a month after which a maintenance dose is given once or twice a month. This is a course that you are going to have to commit to for a long period of time. You will need to identify a professional that you can really trust with your skin.

Glutathione Injection Side Effects

Glutathione touted to be the best of all skin lightening options comes at a cost and depending on your needs; your visits for the jab might be higher to achieve the desired results. Some people go up to 2 times a week to maintain their newly acquired skin color, tone and youthfulness. But, have you stopped to think about the undesirable effects.

Some studies show that that even when injected intravenously, glutathione does not get into the blood stream or cells. This is because its molecules are bigger than that of the human cell. This means that, when injected, most of it is taken superficially. This might inhibit the ability of your body producing melanin which protects you from the harmful UV rays. This increases your chances of getting skin cancer.

One glutathione injection goes for up to $900 per week. This is a whooping $3600 every month for a skin lightening injection bearing in mind that, this injections do not always work or come with a whole lot of other side effects. Here are some of the most common side effects of glutathione injections

  • Stomach upset and diarrhea
  • Nausea/ vomiting
  • Hair loss
  • Numbness
  • Allergic reactions/hives/skin rashes
  • Hair whitening
  • Painful breasts
  • Weight gain
  • Chest pain/ breathing problems
  • Kidney failure
  • Toxic epidermal necrosis
  • Steven Johnson’s syndrome
  • Blood poisoning


While most experts say that small controlled amounts of glutathione are not harmful, it is very important for you to disclose your medical history to the doctor before starting the course. Here is list of those who SHOULD NOT take these treatments by all means;

  • People with heart, liver and kidney conditions should not opt for glutathione shots as it could lead to complications such as kidney failure and sinus tachycardia.
  • High doses of glutathione given to patients with hypersensitive skin may result in the life-threatening Stevens Johnson syndrome.
  • Blood sugar levels must be monitored after the shot is administered, and the patient should avoid being in the sun for a few days.
  • Vitiligo patients should not receive glutathione injections for skin whitening.
  • Expectant women and those who are breastfeeding should always consult before taking this course.

When considering glutathione skin whitening injections, always remember that, for your safety, the injections should be administered by a doctor or a registered nurse. The recommended dose is twice a week. Vitamin C supplements by oral or intravenous route are not necessary but can be taken for faster skin whitening results.

To increase the effectiveness, avoid stress, alcohol, smoking and exposure to the sun. Once you achieve the desired results, remember to use broad spectrum sunscreen every day to protect your melanin less skin from the harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer.


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