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Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin Whitening – How to Use for Fair Face

Apple cider vinegar for skin whitening is not a very common skin care practice because most people cannot stand the strong smell, taste and stinging feel when it is applied on skin. This common household product can be effectively used to whiten skin, clear dark spots and blemishes for fair face and glowing skin. Here are tips on how to use apple cider vinegar for face and skin whitening with helpful reviews.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Work for Skin Lightening?

Apple cider vinegar is the kind of vinegar that is made from apple must or cider. It has a medium to pale amber color. It is important for you to know that apple cider vinegar is not a natural product. The ingredients are natural but the fermentation process which is manmade results in the creation of an acidic product.

Apple cider vinegar for skin whitening
ACV has many household uses, including lightening dark spots, dark skin, clearing acne and treating fungus.

It is important to know that there are different varieties of vinegar. White vinegar and apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is popular among the health conscious for its supposed greater health benefits than other vinegars. While both have medicinal values, apple cider vinegar is known to be more potent than in skin care

According to, white vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) are produced in the same way; through distillation of fermented ethanol which yields acetic acid, the key component of vinegars. White vinegar encompasses a larger scope of vinegar types as it is generally produced from vinegars themselves; Apple Cider Vinegar is exclusively from the distillation of ethanol from apple cider. White vinegar is more often used as a cleaning substance; Apple Cider Vinegar is popular for its health benefits.

Can vinegar lighten skin color and discoloration? Does apple cider vinegar lighten skin? Any type of vinegar has the potential to lighten skin color and discoloration. The only difference is that ACV is more potent with other health benefits that collectively work to lighten skin color without messing up with the acid mantle of the skin.

The collective properties of vinegar are what contributes to skin lightening. The acidic property clears skin by;

  • Treating and preventing skin infections such as acne
  • Remove excess oiliness from the skin
  • Cleans out clogged pores clearing blackheads and whiteheads
  • Controlling and balancing sebum production
  • Balancing the PH of the skin
  • Helps in exfoliation of the top layer of the skin
  • Reduces inflammation

These are the main properties that come to play when using apple cider vinegar for skin whitening. Vinegar has very high acidic content which can effectively remove impurities, dark spots and other blemishes without altering the PH balance of the skin. By clearing up the skin of dark spots, acne scars and other blemishes, the skin becomes lighter, brighter with a healthy glow.

Note that apple cider vinegar might for skin whitening might not be the best way to go for those looking to lighten African American skin. Dark skin tends to have lots of skin pigment; melanin. According to, “…black skin, already have a high concentration of melanin in their skin.

This high concentration of melanin is responsible for their dark complexions…” Using ACV to whiten skin that has lots of this natural skin pigment might a little tougher than those with less.  There are other effective ways of skin whitening that you may want to consider like. Glutahione skin whitening pills, skin lightening injections, soaps and bleaching creams.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin Whitening

Apple cider vinegar might not be as effective on its own. It is best to use this product on a small scale like face whitening. Incorporating this product into your skincare routine will ultimately lighten the skin. Apple cider vinegar can be used in different ways to lighten the skin tone.

Recipe for ACV toner (courtesy of chickswithkinks)
Recipe for ACV toner (courtesy of chickswithkinks)

As a cleanser

When we wash the face with harsh soaps and cleansers, it destroys the acidic protective layer of the skin. Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature, using it as a mild cleanser will help balance the skin’s PH to its normal acidic mantle. This protects against bacteria and other skin infection causing bacteria.  Here is how to use apple cider vinegar as a cleanser;

  1. Mix ACV and distilled water in equal parts
  2. Dab a cotton pad with this mixture and use it to wipe your face or just use it to rinse your face

Note that, while using apple cider vinegar for skin whitening, it might take quite some time to get back the acidic mantle of your skin if previously damaged by harsh chemicals based cleansers. This recipe is great for curing acne because it kills bacteria, removes excess dirt and oil. While removing makeup, it also dissolves dead cells on the skin exposing newer healthy cells. Do this twice weekly for best results.

As a facial toner

Apple cider vinegar is a good way to clear acne. This is not a guaranteed remedy for anyone looking to clear acne fast. It is however something worth trying if everything else does not seem to work for you.

  1. Cleanse your face
  2. Soak some cotton wool in dilute apple cider vinegar
  3. Apply it to your skin avoiding the eye area
  4. Do this every time you wash your face.
  5. Apply the rest of your makeup


Exfoliating the face once or twice a week can help unclog pores, remove dull dead skin cells. The increase cell turnover contributes to skin lightening by exposing new bright and healthy cells. According to, Apple cider vinegar contains acids such as acetic, malic and lactic acids.

  1. Mix 1 teaspoon of ACV with 3 teaspoons of water
  2. Clean and dry your face
  3. Dab a cotton ball in the mixture
  4. Use it to wipe over your face avoiding the eye area
  5. Let it stay on for 15 minutes
  6. Rinse off with warm or cool water

This will gently peel of the top layer of the skin revealing new, lighter skin below. Apple cider vinegar can also be mixed with other ingredients like baking soda and lemon to enhance skin whitening by exfoliation.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Face Whitening

Apple cider vinegar especially the organic type is lauded by many as having many positive effects on the skin. There are no scientific studies that confirm these claims but at-least some dermatologists do confirm that, if used moderately, ACV can have positive effects in treating acne, age spots, sun spots and other skin blemishes that contribute to the skin having a darker complexion. According to Dr. Amy Wechsler, unlike the claims on hair care, apple cider vinegar is not good on your skin at all. Instead of remedying, it can sting and cause burns especially if used on the face.

Before and after results of apple cider vinegar for evening skin tone
Before and after results of apple cider vinegar for evening skin tone

Dilute apple cider vinegar can be used on the face as a cleanser, exfoliator, toner and moisturizer. Not only can Apple cider vinegar be used for dark skin, it is can also be used effectively on dark spots. Using a cotton ball, you can directly dab ACV mixed with inion juice on dark spots, age spots and acne scars. This is a slow but sure way to make them faint and less noticeable, lightening up your skin tone. Soaking in a bath with apple cider vinegar after a long day in the sun may speed up the healing of sunburn and restoration of the normal skin tone.

To control oily skin with Apple cider vinegar, use a mixture of ACV with water in equal parts. This works as an effective astringent that can be used to cover new outbreak of pimples and accelerate healing process. Diluting also makes sure that you don’t end up burning your skin.

Apple cider has a strong smell and can be very irritating when applied on open wounds. It may sting on your skin. This is why it is very important that when using apple cider vinegar for skin whitening, dilute it with distilled water in equal parts. Otherwise, concentrated vinegar can cause burns on your skin especially if used on the tender skin of the face.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin Lightening Reviews

There are not many positive online reviews on apple cider vinegar for skin whitening. Most people actually think that dabbing your face with a pungent, stinging substance like ACV is a crazy idea. People began experimenting with this product when famous Scarlett Johansson said that Apple cider vinegar was her secret beauty product to fight acne and keep the skin flawless.

Most apple cider vinegar for skin lightening reviews that I came across are those on clearing of acne, whiteheads and blackheads. A lot of people seem to agree that ACV works better it mixed with other basic skin whitening products like baking soda or coconut oil.

Before and after picture of using apple cider vinegar to get rid of dark spots from acne
Before and after picture of using apple cider vinegar to get rid of dark spots from acne.

  • “i have 2 bottles stcoked up.use it as a thing ever….”
  • “its very effective if you use regularly” (makeupand
  • “Yes! I love vinegar for removing the sting of sunburns and coconut oil is always my go-to moisturizer!” (
  • “Vinegar didnt work so well for me..It caused my acne become redder and more breakouts started appearing. I wouldnt recommend it.” (
  • “ACV however, has cleared up my acne in a matter of days. You have to dilute the ACV of course until your skin builds tolerance.” (

Note: The information given here should not be in any way be used to replace medical facts. Apple cider vinegar can be very potent and stinging in nature. It can cause injury to the skin, eyes and open wounds. This calls for moderation in its use.

It is recommended that you do a skin test to determine whether you are allergic to apple cider vinegar. Place a small amount of vinegar on the back of your hand or neck and wait for 10 minutes to check for any skin burns or rashes to confirm any allergy to ACV. Due to the strong smell, it is best to use this product at night.

Use of apple cider vinegar toner on skin can increase sensitivity to ultra-violet rays. If you are going out in the sun after applying apple cider vinegar, remember to always wear sunscreen before stepping out in the sun, so as to avoid any harmful effect of UV rays. This is another reason why apple cider vinegar should be applied on skin at night, instead of during the day.

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