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Olive Oil for Skin Whitening: Is it Good? How to Use

Is olive oil good for skin whitening? Olive oil has been for centuries used in skin care and beauty. It is still a vital ingredient in many skin and skin whitening products that sell high in the market. Generally considered safe and full of essential vitamins, extra virgin olive oil is used for other than skin whitening, in anti-aging skin products. Here is how to use olive oil for skin whitening with beauty tips from Urdu and Hindi.

Is Olive Oil Good for Dark Skin Whitening?

Olive oil is very popular and has been in use for centuries for ingestion and external use. It is simple and chemical structure that is similar to that of the skin has enabled its use in the cosmetic industry without fear on any side effects or allergic reactions. Olive oil is very rich in vitamins, minerals and natural fatty acids. It is ideal for a sensitive skin. It is a powerful ingredient of anti-aging skin care products; rich in antioxidants, it prevents skin aging, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, it also nourishes, rejuvenates and protects the skin.

Olive oil for whitening dark skin
Olive oil is used for whitening dark skin.

It is rich in vitamin E and A and other essential elements that help hydrate the skin, maintain its elasticity and softness giving you youthful healthy skin. It stimulates faster regeneration of skin replacing the dull dead cells that would otherwise make your skin appear dull and unappealing. Due to the pure nature of olive oil, skin whitening with olive oil is safe when used on its own and in combination with other products.

Is olive oil good for skin whitening? It is considered a natural DIY for skin lightening at home. Olive oil is considered safe that it can be ingested and used externally for the good of the skin. It has many essential vitamins and minerals that serve to keep the skin healthy and beautiful. Its chemical structure is closely similar to that of the skin that it blends in naturally to soften skin. On its own, olive oil can be used to simply massage onto the skin to moisturize, as a makeup remover, an antioxidant or for deep skin conditioning at night.

This oil can also be used in combination with other natural ingredients in various skin care recipes as an exfoliator or to make skin lightening face masks. It’s pure and natural nature allows it to be used on the skin without causing any side effects. Other than improving the skin in terms of regeneration of new skin cells and deep moisturizing to give the skin a healthy glow, it is important to understand that olive oil has no properties that can bleach or lighten dark skin. It is best used as an ingredient in skin lightening recipes.

All that said, olive oil is one of the popular carrier oils used for the skin. Carrier oils are vegetable or seed oils used to dilute essential oils and help carry them to your skin without causing irritation. They can be applied alone or with other oils to nourish your skin.  

On the other hand, it’s essential to know that various carrier oils are on the market. For example, aside from olive oil, wheat germ oil is another popular carrier oil used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It contains antioxidants and vitamin E, which make them an excellent addition to your skincare routine. So, if you want to try this carrier oil on your skin, check out product websites to buy wheat germ carrier oil online. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Skin Whitening

What is extra virgin olive oil? Is it good for skin whitening? Extra virgin olive oil is made simply by crushing olives and extracting the liquid content. According to, “It is produced from the first cold pressing of the olives and pits. Cold pressing means that heat or chemicals aren’t part of the production process.” It has a natural fresh olives flavor that is influenced by the varieties of olives used for extraction. Extra virgin olive oil is free of acidity and any chemical solvents making it the most ideal type of olive for skin care.

Before and after using olive oil to fade dark spots on face in Urdu
Before and after using olive oil to fade dark spots on face in Urdu.

Olive Oil for Face Whitening

Olive oil for face whitening has lots of benefits and is loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins. It deeply moisturizes and conditions the soft skin on the face providing the necessary protection against the sun and free radicals. Vitamins A and E are good antioxidants that protect the skin from sun damage and pollutants.

Use it as an eye makeup remover, for exfoliation and as a moisturizer. It improves cell turnover, increase the skin’s elasticity and help to diminish the appearance of dark spots, acne scars and other blemishes. All these properties combined contribute to face whitening over a period of time. Remember that, when whitening the face, it is also good to focus on the neck for a complete the look.

How to Use Olive Oil for Skin Lightening

You now know that olive oil can be used for more than just cooking and dressing vegetable salads. When applied to the skin, this oil moisturizes and keeps the skin soft and supple. Many reviews suggest that olive oil should be used in combination with other skin lightening ingredients to enhance the effect while benefiting from its health benefits. Most olive oil for skin whitening recipes have cleansing, moisturizing and gentle exfoliation properties that leave your skin bright and soft. Here is how to use olive oil for skin fairness;

For antioxidant benefits

Using olive oil for skin whitening will enrich your skin with antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin E, phytosterols, avenasterol, and polyphenols which protect your skin from harmful free radicals and other harsh environmental factors. These free radicals can harm the skin causing damage that can rid the skin of its usual glow. Olive oil deeply conditions and repairs the skin to give you a healthy glow. You can use olive oil in combination with your normal sunscreen before going out in the sun to enhance the protective effect or dab on some after sun exposure to repair damaged skin.

Olive oil for exfoliation

Exfoliation is a key practice in skin care that can help you achieve that natural glow of skin that is dull as it works to slough off dull dead cells and stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells. To make olive oil scrub for brightening skin;


  • Olive oil
  • Fine granules white sugar
  • Honey
  • Lime juice
  • Warm water


  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and dampen it with warm water
  2. Mix the all the ingredients in a container to make a paste of medium consistency
  3. Apply the paste to your face carefully avoiding the eye area
  4. Massage lightly in circular motions being careful not to cause injury to your face
  5. Do this once weekly to effectively remove dead cells for brighter skin

Olive oil mask for skin brightening

Olive oil and lemon mask lightens and brightens skin. While olive oil moisturizes, lemon serves to effectively lighten giving you double benefits. This combination is full of antioxidants other essential elements that are beneficial for skin. It helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and blemishes that would usually make the skin appear dull and unappealing.

Olive oil and lemon for skin lightening

Make a face mask from olive oil, honey and sugar to exfoliate and lighten dark skin
Make a face mask from olive oil, honey and sugar to exfoliate and lighten dark skin


  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • A few drops fresh lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup cooked instant oatmeal (cooled)
  • 1 egg white


  1. Mix olive oil, lemon juice, oatmeal and egg white to get a smooth paste.
  2. Spread on your face and neck gently massaging avoiding the eye area.
  3. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes.
  4. Rinse with warm water.

Olive oil as a makeup remover

Olive oil gently removes makeup while moisturizing the skin. Studies show that sleeping with make up on for a month makes your skin dull and age by a decade. Simple make up removal clears residue off your face allows your skin pores to be free of dirt and dust. Using olive oil ensures that your skin is well conditioned rejuvenated giving you baby soft skin by the morning.

To effectively remove makeup;

  1. Dab a cotton pad in olive oil
  2. Drain out the excess
  3. Gently wipe off the makeup from your face.

To remove heavy makeup;

Results of using olive oil to bleach and fade dark spots on face
Results of using olive oil to bleach and fade dark spots on face.

  1. Apply olive oil all over your face
  2. Massage lightly
  3. Wipe off with dry cotton pad.
  4. Rinse off with warm water and splash on cold water

Cool water will help seal the pores and improve blood circulation. It does not cause any harm to leave the oil on without rinsing till morning. It can serve as a good night cream.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin Whitening

Benefits of olive oil for skin whitening might be a little understated but there are a number of ways to get maximum benefits for the skin from an inexpensive jar of olive oil. Skin whitening has not been among the top uses of olive oil. It is just recently that beauty experts found that including olive oil in your beauty regime can help lighten your skin with time.

When using olive oil for skin whitening, it not only moisturizes but erases wrinkles and fine lines as well. It helps to tone your skin reducing appearance of wrinkles and prevent aging processes such as skin sagging. This contributes in giving the skin a glow and a fairer appearance. It has a lot of antioxidant that protects your skin from harmful free radicals. Contrary to what most people think, olive oil does not clog skin pores and does not cause acne. It actually helps clear up acne by balancing out the oil glands on the skin.

Side Effects of Olive Oil for Skin Whitening  

There’s no question that olive oil can provide numerous benefits to the skin. But like other skincare products, it also has side effects that you should be wary of, such as the following: 

  • It’s not suitable for all skin types.  
  • It can’t be used on the baby’s skin.  
  • It can be allergenic, such that it can cause skin rashes.  

Indeed, the use of olive oil may adversely affect your skin. Hence, it’s essential to consult a professional before including olive oil in your skincare routine. This way, you can ensure the oil is safe for your skin.  

Olive Oil for Skin Whitening In Urdu

Olive oil is one of the commonest natural remedies used for healthy hair and skin in Urdu. It is known for its many health benefits and has been used for ages to achieve perfect smooth and brighter skin. It is used in many skin whitening recipes. There are many online tips and useful reviews on olive oil for skin whitening in Urdu.

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