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Grey Contacts Sterling, Dark, Light on Brown Eyes, Freshlook

Do grey contacts on brown eyes look good? Most shades of grey colored contact lenses look good on different natural eye colors. But you will find different types of these eye accessories, including sterling grey contacts, dark, light, ice grey and even pearl. Here’s where to get them non prescription for cheap and how they look on dark eyes, light eyes, and much more.

If you love fashion for the eyes, think gray. Grey colored contact lenses can mimic the natural eye color and give you a silky, sultry touch to your eyes. According to PinkyParadise, wearing sterling grey or light grey colored lenses can add balance to your looks, and you will be sure to get a lot of those admiring glances. But do you have brown eyes? How do grey contacts look on brown eyes?

Grey contacts sterling
Sterling or silver grey.

Grey Contacts on Brown Eyes and Dark Eyes

Are grey eye contact lenses good for brown eyes, dark brown eyes, or generally dark eyes? Like blue eyes, green eyes, pink contacts, and purple, it can be difficult choosing the appropriate eye color contacts that will look good on your eyes.

This is the question of opaque eyewear. Most grey colored lenses are solid colors and will not let the natural brown eye color be seen from beneath. Therefore, whether you are getting iced grey, light grey or dark grey, ensure that they are opaque.

Grey Contacts on Dark Brown Eyes

But can light grey contacts on dark brown eyes look natural? Well, dark brown eyes can be intense and less visible, which makes it very difficult to choose the right contact lenses for them. However, the best choice is to try opaque dark grey contacts on brown eyes to ensure that the natural eye color does not mix with them to end up with something like light hazel green.

Grey contacts on brown eyes
On dark brown eyes.

  • Tip #1: Always go for dark shades of these fashion accessories to avoid a muddy look.
  • Tip #2: For the best grey contacts on brown eyes, you can choose light gray shades, but the brown is likely to overshadow the colored contact lenses with its intensity. Completely opaque gray contacts can work perfectly here.
  • Tip #3: Light shades of gray will not work on brown eyes. You are likely to end up looking muddy and unnatural.
  • Tip#4: Women with dark skin tones mostly have dark eyes. What are the best grey contacts for dark eyes? Black eyes are more intense, so avoid light shades of grey. Go for dark grey eye contacts in order to completely change your eye color. Light shaded ones are likely to look messy or muddy, which is not good, unless you want to achieve this deliberately.

Those are the tips on how to choose and wear the perfect gray lenses for your eye color. Something worth noting is that soft grey contacts are the most common. You can hardly find a darker shade. However, you can still try the soft ones on the brown eyes to see how you will look.

Other common shades we have discussed below include sultry grey, dark grey, sterling grey and a few more. Most of these are found online and can be bought and used on different eye colors. Therefore, try them on too to see if they suit you.

Sterling Grey Contacts Freshlook and on Brown Eyes

One of the most popular brands of grey lenses are the Freshlook Sterling Grey contacts. These Colorblends lenses can be worn on brown eyes and almost any other eye color, including people with natural grey eye color.

Note that the standard grey eye colors might not be very suitable for everyone and if you specifically don’t like the ones that appear to be too dark, then sterling eye contacts are the right choice for you. As described by Color Me Contacts, sterling shade is “a steel shade of gray with blue undertones.” Some people call them silver grey contacts.

This shade, specifically from Freshlook Colorblends does not come with any power, and reviews show that they look great on dark skin people as well. Those that do not have any power come non-prescription, or without prescription.

If you wear the Freshlook sterling grey contacts on dark eyes, the effect is that your eyes will be noticeable because they will light them up. The same goes for sterling grey eye contacts on dark brown eyes and generally people with dark skin.

Dark Grey Colored Contacts

Dark grey eye contacts
A darker shade.

Dark grey color is good for people who are looking for opaque cosmetic eyewear as opposed to enhancement tints. Therefore, if your eyes are more of hazel or light brown and you would like to change your eye color to solid grey, the best colored contact lenses to try is dark grey.

  • These will be suitable if you want to completely alter your eye color to grey.
  • Dark grey eye color contacts are suitable for dark skin, brown eyes, dark eyes, dark brown eyes and even for people with dark blue eyes.

Light Grey Contacts

Bright grey or light grey is a shade closest to sterling grey or silver grey. However, according to Color Me Contacts, “Grey contacts are not always visible over dark brown eyes.” Some reviewers have also noted that most of the brands of grey appear as though they are an arctic blue hue, or what is normally seen as mystic or misty grey.

  • When choosing light grey colored contact lenses, ensure you get opaque ones to avoid getting that muddy effect in your eyes.
  • Light shades of grey are far more noticeable than the darker versions. Only wear them if you want your eyes to be more noticeable.

Misty and Ice Grey Contacts

Solotica is one of the biggest brands with ice grey contact lenses. For people with dark eyes, Solotica ice greys will look natural grey on them. According to a review I found on YouTube, these are the best for covering eyes that are really dark, so you will transform your eyes to misty grey, which are more noticeable. These lenses come non-prescription, so they are just for cosmetic purposes.

Gray Circle Lenses

Left eye with sterling grey contacts, left eye without
Left eye with sterling grey, right eye without

This one is not a shade, but a type. Are you a fan of those anime plays? Well, if you are, then the circle lenses in grey are what you should be looking for. Grey circle lenses will make your eyes appear bigger and more noticeable because of the dark outside ring that makes a rim around the edge of the eye.

The thickness varies in order to achieve different effects in terms of the size of the eye. Some of them just have gray highlights, such as the Baby Eyes Gray, which also have a brown tint with a black center. These are the best for creating the illusion of large eyes common in anime cosplays. Others include Circle lens gray and Gaga contacts.

Best Brands of Grey Eye Lenses

There are a ton of brands out there. Some have the best reviews, while others don’t have any good reviews worth noting. Solotica silver grey contacts are some of the highly reviewed contacts because they give the best natural looking results. Freshlooks are also great and so are Acuvue and Cooper Visions. In general, here are the top-rated brands of non-prescription grey contact lenses that come for cheap and can be ordered online today.

  • Freshlook sterling grey contacts
  • Acuvue 2 Colors Pearl Gray
  • Aloha Dual Color Gray
  • Cooper Visions Expressions Gray
  • Solotica Natural Grey Colors
  • Esmeralda
  • Topazio
  • Quartzo

Prescription vs. Non Prescription Grey Contact Lenses

How would you choose between prescription grey contacts and non-prescription grey colored contact lenses? Well, the FDA recommends that you buy colored contact lenses with a doctor’s prescription.  This will ensure that you get safe lenses to use because you will get those specially fitted for your eyes.

The advantage of prescription eye fashion accessories is that they are safe and more comfortable to wear. The disadvantage is that they are more expensive. On the other hand, non-prescription costumes have two major advantages: first, they are cheap lenses, and second, you can get various designs with color mixes. The disadvantage of these is that they pose a danger to eye sight damage from possible eye infections. You would rather buy prescription special effects contacts.

Where to Buy Grey Color Contact Lenses for Cheap

Cheap grey contacts can only be found without prescription. If you go to outlets such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and similar drugstores, you will be required to buy grey colored contact lenses with prescription. However, you can also opt for cheap contact lenses online. Places like eBay, Amazon sell these accessories online. Cosplay websites also sell both prescription and nonprescription fashion accessories for Halloween, and other types of anime lenses too. The price or cost of a pair will range from anything from $12 to $125 depending on whether the lenses are sclera grey contact lenses or not.


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