Solotica Contacts Review, Natural Colors & Where to Buy

Solotica contacts make your eyes pop, especially if you know how to apply eye makeup perfectly. This Solotica contacts review will feature Solotica contacts for dark eyes, Solotica natural colors and Solotica ice contacts. Other options of Solotica eye contact lenses include hidrocor and Mel (honey).

Of the many colored contact lenses being reviewed online, Solotica colored contact lenses are some of the most natural looking products on sale. Although you can buy cheap Solotica contacts from various online stores, you may not struggle with the problem of risks, as is a common case with other non prescription colored contacts.

Solotica Contacts (Ice)
Ice Lenses
  • A wide range of options to choose from when it comes to Solotica contacts is available, including Solotica hidrocor, Solotica Mel, ice lenses and Solotica Contacts Quartzo. See pictures below of most of these types of eye lenses.
  • Solotica contacts for dark eyes are specially designed to look natural on dark eyes, including brown eye color, dark brown and even on blue eyes and green eyes.
  • From many a Solotica contact lenses review, the Solotica Natural Colors in Cristal are said to be the most natural looking. We will see below on the Natural Colors of Solotica eye contacts.

The durability of this brand of color contact lenses is one year as soon as you open the package, which means that despite the high price, you will get to use them for a long time and you will get value for your money.

Solotica Ice Contacts

The Solotica ice contacts are of a grey shade. They are a beautiful natural grey color, and are branded as ice contacts because of the cold grey color they give your eyes when you wear them. If you want to have that seductive vampire look, try the ice colored contact lenses.

I found the hidrocor ice Solotica lenses part of the collection of the natural Solotica eye color lenses. Other similar alternatives are Solotica Mel contacts that are also part of the line of natural colors.

It is reported that hidrocor Solotica ice contacts are discontinued, but I found them listed on WRlens for sale.

Solotica Contacts Review

Some Solotica contacts reviews point out that any Solotica colored contact lens product comes “with 2 outlines, with or without POWER, is the most natural lenses in the market.” Therefore, according to our Solotica contacts review, you can buy either prescription Solotica colored contact lenses or non-prescription ones and still get the natural eye color that you want to have.

  • Most reviews also point out that you can get Solotica green contacts for any eye colors in opaque tints, as well as blue contacts, brown contacts, hazel eye lenses and many more.
  • Some colors, such as Solotica Hidrocor ice, according to a certain review on YouTube, was discontinued.
  • Solotica Topazio NC are available in the market, but when ordering from most cheap online stores, you can be confused. According to many customer reviews, the old Solotica NC topazio contacts are better than the new ones. The reviewer notes that “The color for Topazio, in regards to opacity, has changed.” In that regard, the Solotica Quartzos are said to be the best there is in this NC range.

Solotica Natural Colors Contact Lenses

Solotica natural colors are made to imitate exactly the natural eye color of a person. For instance, if you have grey eyes, you will get the Solotica natural colors lenses that match your grey eye color especially if you are looking for something like enhancement tints or opaque tints.

The natural colors of Solotica lenses are not meant for cosplay purposes, such as rinnegan and naruto contacts, but you can use them if you want cosmetic contact lenses to change your eye color. For instance, you can use the Solotica natural colors to mask your natural eye color, say from brown eyes to green eyes.

There are different styles of Solotica natural colors. From green to grey, blue to dark eye colors to blue eye color lenses, you can get just about any of the natural colors contact lenses you want from Solotica.

  • Solotica Topazio
  • Solotica Mel
  • Hidrocor
  • Ocre natural colors
  • NC Asmeralda
  • Solotica light blue contact lenses (hydrosummer gloss branca)

Best Solotica Contacts for Dark Eyes

What is the best colored contacts for dark eyes? Well, that is a question you will be asking yourself when going to buy Solotica contacts for dark eyes. The rules of choosing cosmetic lenses for your natural eye color should not change.

Solotica lenses for dark eyes should definitely be opaque lenses because you want to prevent your natural dark eye color from showing from beneath your eyes. For example, if you choose any visibility tints, you will not be able to mask your natural eye color at all. So it will not matter the actual color of your lenses when you wear Solotica color contacts. The best Solotica conacts for dark eyes are:

  • Opaque green colored contacts
  • Opaque ice contacts
  • Opaque blue color lenses

You can also go for the hazel type if you want since it can also change your eye color completely to hazel green or hazel brown.

Cheap Solotica Contacts for Sale to Buy

So, where can you buy cheap Solotica cotnacts? WRlens is one of the companies in USA selling Soloticas online. From many reviews I have seen, it is far too common although most people started complaining that some of the contacts are fake and dull. Someone bought Solotica Mel but ended up with something dull from WRlens, and went ahead to warn others in her review of the colored contact lenses.

Solotica Natural Colors
Natural Colors
Solotica Hidrocor
Hidrocor Colors

So what is the price of these contact lenses? Most online stores sell them at a price range of $100 and $130. Cheap Solotica contact lenses are definitely those without prescription and can be bought online.

Solotica Hidrocor Contacts and Mel

Hydrocor is a line of lenses by this company. It has a range of natural eye colors that you can choose from. There is hidrocor ice lenses, hidrocor color contacts for brown eyes, dark eye and many more. Of importance to note is that the hidrocor lenses do not have power and are used for cosmetic purposes only.

One of the major feature of hydrocor Soloticas is that they do not have a limbal ring. They also appear to be the most opaque contacts there is from Solotica. The hidrocor style comes in Azul, Verde, Verde Marine, Ocre, Mel and Grafite. See the photo for a clear difference. Note that icemint is the new color they recently introduced. Mel is the most popular of the hidrocor.

  • The hidrocharme line have a thick black limbal ring that makes them look less natural.
  • The Solotica Mel looks like lime green or honey eye color. Mel actually means honey or something like that in Portuguese. So, if you are looking for honey colored contact lenses, go for Mel.

Solotica Contacts Quartzo

All Solotica lenses are great circle lenses. However, you will have to choose from various styles. The Solotica contacts quartzo are known because of their light brown specks that are seen distantly in them. Again, they still appear very natural, which is why this company or brand is the best there is in the market.

The quartzo have a slight limbal ring and will definitely give you that circle lens effect that will make your eyes appear bigger. The ring outlines the eye to make it look more prominent and more noticeable. The biggest reason why they are the best – all Solotica lenses – is that they are of very natural colors, and are cheap, very affordable.

Solotica Prescription Contacts

Solotica prescription contacts are your best bet if you want to avoid the risk of getting eye infections. You may also lose your money if you choose non-prescription Solotica contact lenses. When you buy Solotica contacts, ensure that the company with Solotica contacts for sale is recommended by Solotica themselves.

Solotica Quartzo on Dark Brown Eyes
On Brown Eyes before after
NC Topazio

Prescription Solotica contacts are recommended because you will need an eye doctor’s prescription before you buy them from Solotica themselves. The company can provide both the vision corrective contacts as well as cosmetic prescription lenses.

Hope you liked the review.

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for the review, very helpful. However i have a question… basically i ordered the colour graphite in prescription and i have noticed that after few hours i see some form of redness in my eyes around the lenses… is that normal? I have booked an appointment with my optician also. Many thanks, A.

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