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Brown Spots on Legs Causes and Removal Guide

Brown spots on legs are sometimes called liver spots on legs. In this guide, learn the causes, how to get rid of dark sports on legs and how to remove brown spots on your feet. Also find out if the small and scaly raised brown age sports are caused by diabetes and sun. Included are pictures of the sun spots below.

  • What are dark spots on legs?
  • What are brown spots on thighs?
  • Are dark spots around ankles and lower legs caused by diabetes?
  • What do small brown spots on inner thighs mean?
    How to get rid of brown spots on legs
    Brown spots on legs and thighs

Brown spots on legs can appear almost at any age. If you happen to have the scaly dark spots on your body, they could be simply birth marks. Birth marks, unless they are white marks, should not be a reason for any alarm. However, if the age spots appear at some point in your life, it could mean a medical condition. We will look at the causes below.

People suffering from black spots on their feet can find relief in various ways. If it is not a serious medical condition underlying, then you can get rid of brown spots on legs using simple home remedies, topical creams or even laser treatments commonly used for other skin problems.

What Causes Brown Spots On Legs? Dark Brown Spots on Feet

So, what causes light brown spots on legs? Some of these are simply sun spots, but there are those that are small brown spots while others are brown scaly spots on legs and upper thighs. For these, the causes may be different and more complicated to be seen as simple sun spots or ageing spots. Here are the common causes of brown spots on thighs and legs.

  • Aging and Dark Spots: As you grow older, the body produces much more melanin than when you are young. This is shown as a sign when your skin develops black or grey spots on the skin. The marks can be flat or small raised brown patches. When caused by aging, they are sometimes referred to as liver spots, solar spots or lentigines.
  • Exposure to Sun Causes Brown Spots: Both brown scaly spots on your legs and wrinkles can be caused by exposure to the sun. The more you expose your skin to ultraviolet light, the likelier you will develop those spots on your skin as it produces more melanin to protect itself. Clusters of melanin on parts of your legs may cause patches on arms, legs, ankles and other part of the body.
  • Brown Spot on Legs and Diabetes: Diabetes, or diabetic dermopathy has been identified as one of the causes of small brown marks on the skin. Actually, the condition is also called skin spots, which is synonymous to the brown colored spots on legs. These do not itch or hurt.
  • Freckles: Small age spots on lower legs and feet have also been identified as causes. The small spots are generally harmless and could simply be a result of exposure to harmful UV light. Mostly, people who are fair skinned are the ones who suffer from such black spots.
  • Melanoma: Melanoma is one of the skin cancers that are characterized by light brown spots on the legs. In women, these spots are common on lower legs and can easily be observed as large dark brown spots or speckles.
  • Actinic Keratoses: If you have brown Scaly spots on legs, you are likely to be suffering from actinic keratoses. It is a skin problem characterized by dry and scaly, rough-textured layer of the skin.
  • Genetics Cause Black Spots: Like cellulite on the thighs and wrinkles on the forehead, dark brown age spots on the skin can also be caused by hereditary factors. Genetic predisposition to these spots is a likely cause if other underlying causes are not identified.

If you suspect that a health problem is the main cause of such skin spots, take the initiative of seeing a doctor for medication. Otherwise, below are ways on how to get rid of brown spots on legs.

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Legs/How to Get Rid of Brown Spots on Legs

You can get rid of dark spots on legs using various methods. From fading products to treatments, home remedies to simple skin care practices, you will find solutions to scaly dark spots on upper legs, thighs and lower legs.

Besides getting rid of brown spots on legs, you can also prevent them from developing. This will take a certain normal skin routine to be able to completely prevent the problem. The best way to prevent brown spots forming on your legs is by exfoliating on a regular basis. Exfoliation removes all the dead skin, allowing new skin cells to emerge and prevent the formation of dry scaly brown patches.

Home Remedies for Brown Spots on Your Legs

With home remedies, you can fade brown spots on your lower legs. There are many options when it comes to home remedies for brown spots on legs.

Papaya is a good home remedy for fading brown spots on the legs
Papaya is a good home remedy for fading brown spots on the legs
  • Papaya remedy is commonly used for bleaching the skin. It can also be used to fade brown spots and patches on legs. Enzymes in papaya remove blemishes, acne spots, age spots, sun spots and many other skin blemishes. Applying raw papaya on the legs and leaving it for about 20 minutes everyday will get rid of dark spots on legs.
  • Apply onion juice to get rid of brown age spots on your feet. You can also mix it with honey if you want results that are much better in fading the annoying spots.
  • Other topical home remedies for sun spots on legs include yogurt, aloe vera, castor oil, horseradish, sandalwood, red currants, buttermilk and lemon juice.

How to Remove Dark Brown Spots on Legs

As seen above, one of the best ways to remove brown spots from your legs is by exfoliating your skin. Exfoliating will remove the dead skin and allow new skin cells to grow and leave you with a spot-free skin. Buy a good exfoliant to use for your legs, which will help you with many other skin problems, including stretch marks.

Green peeling oil is also one of the recommended methods on how to remove dark spots on legs. When using this oil, ensure that you are careful because if not used well, it can peel too much of your skin and leave you with an uneven skin tone. Much better of an option is to go to a derma center where the dark spots can be removed.

Use green peeling oil to remove brown patches from legs
Use green peeling oil to remove brown patches from legs

Brown Spots on Legs Pictures

Pictures of brown spots on ankles and lower legs can easily help you identify the actual problem you have. On this post  above are some to help you compare with the problem you have. Remember that images or pictures of brown spots on dark skin legs may not be very clear since they simply appear as black spots. See further treatments for brown spots on lower and upper legs below.

Treatment for Brown Spots on Legs

Most treatments for removing brown spots on different parts of the body can be done in a dermatology clinic or a spa. However, when there is an underlying health condition, such as diabetes and liver problems, the treatment has to eliminate the problem, which your medical doctor will do. There are various treatments for brown spots on legs.

Topical creams can also be used to get rid of dark spots on arms, skin, spots on face and other parts of the body. Ensure that the cream is approved by FDA or lese you will end up with ‘best cream for fading brown spots’ that does not really work.

Laser Treatment for Brown and Dark Spots

We have seen how laser surgery can be used to remove common skin problems such as cellulite, stretch marks and wrinkles. The same method, and other skin resurfacing can also be used where the dark spots have spread on a bigger part of the skin and are becoming unsightly. Laser and microdermabrasion are effective in fading brown spots, although it is very important for the underlying problem to be eliminated.

What cream do you use to fade brown spots on legs?

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