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What are the most hyped PTE games at the moment?

In this article, we are narrowing down the long list of PTE games on the market and bringing you the very best ones as well as the most profitable games to choose from for yourself.

If you are familiar with the traditional concept of video games, you are probably no stranger to the concept of play-to-earn games, otherwise known as P2E and PTE, either. 

The new hype that is taking on the gaming and entertainment industries is widely considered to be one of the most well-executed crossovers of industries with the world of blockchain technology. The massive craze and the outpouring of excellent stats are proving the point.

Play-to-earn games explained

Play-to-earn games are, in their very essence, games that you play and earn from (just by playing). By combining two worlds, the gaming one and the blockchain one, a new product emerged, allowing immense advantages and opportunities to cash in on your favorite activity. 

Many gamers worldwide dream of being able to sustain a livelihood with their skills, hoping to achieve both gaming and monetary success. However, professional contracts, big sponsorships, and tournaments are, unfortunately, still out of reach for many aspiring players. 

Thanks to the ownership rights, as well as a variety of in-game tokens and cryptocurrencies, whether they are game native currencies such as chicks tokens in SolChicks or already existing we are seeing incredible growth of several billion dollars just in one year alone. 

This is where P2E games shine, allowing every individual player to take matters into their own hands. What makes P2E so relevant and different from any other traditional video game is that this twist allows you to keep and own anything you win or obtain in the game itself.

Earn with play-to-earn games

Earning money from this concept is what has driven huge success for this huge craze. Relying on the effort and success of every individual player, serious profit can be made. 

You might be on the fence about the realistic chances of playing and walking off with profit. 

However, as these games incorporate the use of NFTs, you, as a player, can earn a payoff on your effort and skills by obtaining these NFTs that you can later turn into real money. 

It is important to understand that owning items that you have worked for and won makes all the difference.Once you put these up on a marketplace, you can sell, trade, and even rent your non-fungible tokens. 

In return, you will be paid in cryptocurrency that you can exchange for real-world currencies. 

Play-to-earn games to look out for in 2022 

When kicking off your potential new career or gaming opportunity in the amazing world of PT2, we strongly recommend that you start with already successful and well-known games.

Why this matters is because you will, as a new player, probably want to get all as much insight from other players who have taken these games on. Plus, these are some of the most exciting and profitable games on the market. So, why not start with these? 

  1. SolChicks – Anyone who is interested in the world of P2E games knows about the leading fantasy play-to-earn game. If you’re down for some fantasy intergalactic fights, battles, missions, and raids, you will want to check out this one. 

It includes spectacularly executed gameplay, lost planets, alien characters in the form of mean-looking as well as cute battle chicks, and much more. 

  1. Gods Unchained – Consider this your potential new favorite in terms of free-to-play.

If you enjoy strategy games, this one is a game that you will want to keep an eye on. Tactics, cards, and outsmarting your opponents are more than enough to have you check it out.  

  1. Axie Infinity – Another popular and massively played play-to-earn game that will have you reminiscing about your childhood Pokemon days. 

Picture everything regarding battles, treasures, hunts, breeding, and exploring and you will get a feel of what you are in for. 

Still here and reading? Go play. You’ll thank us later as you explore and enjoy these games that put play-to-earn on the map.

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