What happens if I take too much

One of the most important proteins in your body is collagen. It’s also a vital element of your skin, blood vessels, tendons, muscles, and digestive system.

However, if you have too much collagen in your body, this could cause your skin to harden, stretch, or thicken. Too much collagen may also damage some internal organs – the likes of kidneys, heart, and lungs.

Also, you may develop a disease known as scleroderma when your body produces way too much collagen.

Keep reading to uncover why you need to take collagen in moderation to reap its numerous benefits.

Is 1 gram of collagen per day enough ?

When collagen is recommended to you by some medical professionals, the quantity to take daily will depend on the type of collagen supplement, as well as the purpose of taking it. 

Many producers suggest a daily dose of between 2.5 and 15 grams. This was said to be effective and safe. You are to orally take it daily for eight to twelve months.

A daily dose of 1 gram of collagen should also be fine for the maintenance of overall skin and bones health. 

To tackle arthritis, a daily dose of 10 grams of collagen supplement may be taken for about five months.

For now, there’s no official guideline regarding the amount of collagen you may take daily.

Is 500mg of collagen enough ?

To get the best out of a collagen supplement, you need to take vitamin C (between 500 and 1000mg daily). The dose of vitamin C may vary from person to person. Vitamin C is a good source of Collagen.

While you may desire to take a higher collagen dose of 1,000 mg daily, medical experts recommend that a daily dose of 500 mg is perfect.  

Today, a popular mantra is anti-aging. People are now finding several ways and strategies to look younger. There is a wide range of creams and moisturizers that promise to help you look younger. Most of them barely lessen fine lines, give you glowing skin, or tackle your wrinkles. 

Look no further, a daily dose of collagen supplement will help you achieve all of these skin issues.

Are 5 grams of collagen enough ?

A daily dose of 5 grams is enough. But you may tailor your collagen routine according to your health objectives.

Again, you don’t need a high dose of a collagen supplement to reap its full benefit on your skin and overall health. When you clock about 30 years of age, the level of collagen in your body naturally reduces. This is the time you will need the help of exogenous collagen to maintain your smooth skin.

On a general note, it’s difficult for manufactures of these supplements to decide what dose of collagen is needed by individuals. To summarize, taking between 2.5 and 15 grams of collagen protein daily is the perfect sum to meet the needs of most people. 

A hydrolyzed form of collagen is more preferable since this has been broken down into peptides – this is the version that is easily digestible. 


With the numerous benefits of collagen in the body, it remains one of the most vital proteins. Collagen nourishes your ligaments, cartilages, tendons, teeth, organs, muscles, bones, as well as blood vessels. What else do you want? When your body produces less of this protein, you need supplements. Your daily dose may vary, for safety, take between 2.5 and 15 grams daily.

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