White Patches in Mouth – Causes, Treatment, Pictures of Oral Thrush Spots

White patches in mouth can be a sign or symptom of oral thrush or leukoplakia. Pictures of white patches inside and around the mouth and gums can help you identify your symptoms. But what causes white spots and patches in roof, cheeks of a baby’s mouth? Could white patches be a sign of HIV? Let’s find out.

Most cases of white spots and patches in the mouth and oral cavity point to a fungal infection. Oral thrush is one of the possible diagnoses when a patient shows these signs. However, you will realize that patients of diabetes are the most likely to show white substances forming in their mouths.

White Patches in the mouth
Patches inside the mouth
  • Have you been having problems controlling your blood sugar levels lately?
  • Do you find white coatings in your mouth – cheeks, gums, tongue?
  • Do the white patches hurt at times and form ulcers?

If you are showing these symptoms, you could be suffering from the problem of oral thrush, according to Dr. William De Vizio [Sharecare]. Below, we will look deeper into the problem and other possible diagnoses, treatment and how to get rid of white patches in mouth. But first, what causes white patches to form in the oral cavity?

What Causes White Patches in Mouth

The causes of oral thrush or any of the leukoplakia symptoms may vary for some reasons. Some patients may show white patches on the roof of the mouth, gums and cheeks because another disease, infection or health problem is manifesting through this sign. The following are the common causes of white or gray patches forming on the floor, roof or sides of the mouth.

  • Antibiotic medications may cause signs of oral thrush, including white spots and patches in mouth.
  • Smoking causes white patches in the mouth, or oral thrush. Leukoplakia is a common problem in smokers.
  • Some people fear that oral cancer may cause white patches around the soft tissues in the mouth. However, ensure you have a doctor do some diagnosis before coming to the conclusion that it could be caused by oral cancer.
  • According to Cambridge University Hospitals, “It is common for people to have a line of white along the inside of their cheeks, this is where their teeth rub against the cheek (and is quite normal).”
  • Hot drinks can burn your mouth. What is likely to follow are white blisters in mouth.
  • Mouth ulcers can also cause white patches in mouth. This is because there will be a thick layer of cells that will form trying to heal the area with an injury.
  • Poorly fitting dentures may cause white patches on tongue and other parts of the mouth.
  • Lastly, WebMD lists HIV or AIDS as a cause of thick white substance forming in the mouth. More on that below.

Treatment for White Patches in Mouth

What is the treatment for leukoplakia and oral thrush? White patches inside mouth treatment may involve mainly removing the cause of the irritation. The following treatments and cures may be applied for leukoplakia white oral patches.

  • Smoothening out of a rough tooth causing it.
  • You may be asked to stop smoking or reduce smoking if tobacco smoke is the main cause of the problem.
  • After a biopsy, the doctor might decide to treat the lesion by removing it surgically.
  • Antiviral medication may be prescribed to treat oral thrush – caused by yeast infection or candida.

For diabetic patients, and those having white patches in mouth due to cancer, it is important to find medical solutions rather than trying home remedies such as rubbing off the lesion.

White Patches in Mouth Pictures     

Being able to identify your own symptoms is very important. It can help you see a doctor at the right time and get treatment before you develop a more serious problem. Pictures of white patches in the mouth listed in this post (see pictures on the right and at the bottom) will help you identify the symptoms easily.

White Patches on Gums
White Patches on Gums
White Patches in Cheeks
In cheeks

These pictures of white and gray patches in mouth show the symptoms of leukoplakia or signs and symptoms of oral thrush. Some pictures will show the gray to whitish substance forming around the roof of the mouth, on the gums, cheeks, near the lips and even white blotches on throat. Check out the photos against the symptoms you could be showing before seeking treatment.

White Patches Inside Mouth That Scrape Off & Around Mouth Remedy

Do you see white substances coating the inside of your mouth and all around your mouth? This is a common symptom with people who suffer from diabetes. However, inside and around the mouth, the recurrent coatings that wont go away may be a sign of a canker sore, lichen planus, oral cancer, leukoplakia or oral thrush.

  • What is the treatment for white patches inside mouth that scrape off? In most cases, if you have patches that scrape off, their treatment may be simple – proper oral hygiene. Ensure that you brush your teeth properly, especially if you take sugary foods.
  • If you have diabetes, seek medication to help control and treat the white patches around the mouth that scrape off. Scraping off may be a temporary remedy at home.

White Patches in Mouth HIV

Are white patches in mouth a sign of HIV? As seen above, we noted that WebMD lists HIV and AIDS as part of the possible causes of white patches in the mouth. Normally, mouth sores may show as symptoms of the many diseases that come with HIV.

At a later stage of HIV infection and development, patients get a yeast infection, sometimes called candida or oral thrush. It causes white spots on the tongue and parts of the mouth. Walls of the mouth are likely to be infected and form a white coat, some of which occur on the sores. See pictures of candida and HIV white patches to be able to identify your symptoms.

Viral Infections such as HIV and candida cause white sores
Viral Infections such as HIV and candida cause white sores

White Patches on Roof of Mouth (Painful Spots)

Do you have painful white patches on roof of mouth? Does your baby have white spots on roof of mouth and throat? What causes these spots? It is common to suffer from a white painful coat on the upper part of the mouth especially if you scalded yourself with a hot drink.

However, if you have this problem that is consistent on your palate and back of the throat, you could be suffering from candidiasis or even oral cancer. This is likely to be accompanied by bad breath and sometimes unexplained bleeding. Some patients report that the substance turns gray, yellow or even red due to bleeding.

According to Healthline, you or your baby could be suffering from canker sores, especially if the white sores on the roof of your mouth are not painful. They may show some symptoms: “…middle of the canker sores may appear white, gray, or yellow, and the edges are red.”

White Patches on Gums in Mouth

Gums may experience white patches more often because they are irritated every now and then. However, your gums should be able to withstand most of the roughing from toothbrushes, food and other oral movements.

White patches on gums in mouth might also be caused by poorly fitting dentures, chemical irritations especially from aspirin, burns from hot drinks, an infected tooth and smoking. After tooth extraction, you may suffer from this problem, but your dentist should be able to help you out with an antibiotic. Your doctor may do a biopsy to identify and rule out some causes.

White Patches on Roof of Mouth
On Roof of Mouth

White Patches on Cheeks in Mouth

White patches in mouth can also show up in the cheeks of both adults and children. It is common to have them on the tongue too, and the causes are more likely the same as those discussed above. For babies and children, we have listed the causes and remedies below.

This coating should clear easily and within a short time, especially with proper treatment. However, remain observant especially if the white patch on cheeks in mouth remains persistent, becomes painful and bumpy or ulcerous. This could indicate a serious health problem such as oral cancer that might need immediate medical attention.

White Patches in Baby Mouth (Toddler)

Oral thrush in babies, or white patches in baby mouth is a common infection that may cause your baby to feel irritated. This is commonly caused by overgrowth of yeast in the toddler’s mouth. If your baby is showing symptoms of thrush or leukoplakia in the mouth, there is a likelihood that he or she may start showing symptoms of diaper rashes and vaginal yeast infections.

Infants will have candida in their mouths naturally. The amount of the white lesions on the tongue and mouth of baby should however, be controlled by the immune system. Treatment may not be needed to get rid of white patches in baby mouth. If need be, especially when the thrush is not clearing by itself within a few days, a pediatrician will prescribe an anti-thrush gel medication, usually miconazole or drops of nystatin.

You can also prevent white patches in mouth by practicing good oral hygiene and avoiding sugary foods. For babies, sterilize their feeding equipment especially the teats of feed bottles.

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