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Dr. Oz discussed a healthy diet, the Five Bite Diet as a secret to losing weight and being able to control it. According to his review, it is possible to achieve the desired weight loss success you could be looking for, by losing 15 pounds in one week. Here’s more about Dr. Alwin Lewis’ Five Bite Diet as discussed by Dr. Oz.

On his April 25th Episode of the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Alwin Lewis, an expert on obesity and author of Why Weight Around said that thinner people live longer, healthier lives compared to people who are overweight. From this base, he created a weight loss diet program called the Five Bite Diet. According to reviews and testimonials from the show and other forums, it is easy to achieve weight control success with just five bites of food each meal.

Five Bite Diet Review by Dr. Oz
5-Bite Diet Review by Dr. Oz

Five Bite Diet Review for Weight Loss – Principles

The diet has received many reviews and testimonials, but according to its plan, it proposes that in order to lose 15 pounds in just one week, you ought to follow the following principles:

  1. Skip breakfast
  2. Take just five bites of any food you like at lunch
  3. Take no more than five bites of food for dinner

While observing these three principles, you are free to take any amount of calorie-free beverages everyday. You should also consider including a protein in your daily diet, as well as take multivitamins. The ultimate goal of this weight loss diet plan is to stop feeling hungry after three days strictly on this 5 Bite Diet. Afterwards, your body will have learnt and adapted to feeling full on the smaller amounts of food on this diet.

Scientific studies have proven that calorie restriction can slow down aging and cellular damage, which is a BIG PLUS for this diet.

Dr. Oz on How to Lose 15 Pounds in One Week

Is this method really safe for losing weight? On the Friday April 25, 2014 show, Dr. Oz reviews the diet with reference to a woman who lost about 100 pounds while on this weight loss program. Dr. Lewis allowed Dr. Oz to speak to some of his patients and open up a forum to get their testimonials on the results and success of the plan.

Why Weight Around by Alwin Lewis
Why Weight Around by Alwin Lewis

In his review, the host of the show felt that the success of the diet comes from its ability to make one conscious of what they are eating. However, he raised a concern that if not practiced appropriately, it can “throw the body out of balance.” It has always been Oz’s belief that a diet should not only make you skinny but also healthy at the same time.

Five Bite Diet Weight Loss Results & Success Review

Laura, who was interviewed on the show is a 36-year-old woman who has given Dr. Lewis’ diet plan a try.

  • Her weight loss success story is that she lost 100 pounds in just 9 months on this plan.
  • At the beginning, she felt that the diet was extreme and that she did not enjoy it.
  • Upon continuing to try the diet, she was encouraged by the weight loss results she started seeing while on the Five Bite Diet discussed by Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz’s other concern was the Pro-Ana groups of people who promote Anorexia advocating for this diet. In his remarks, Dr. Lewis said, “I’m not working with people who have a mental disorder,” defending himself that he is not really an expert on eating disorders.

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