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Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms Start and their Onset

When do ectopic pregnancy symptoms start? When is the onset of ectopic pregnancy symptoms? Some people may get negative pregnancy test yet have ectopic pregnancy. Learn the symptoms of a raptured ectopic pregnancy as well as any early symptoms that you have a fallopian pregnancy.

Getting pregnant should be a happy affair and most women get overly excited knowing they are carrying a baby in their womb. However, if the embryo exists elsewhere other than the uterus, the situation should be treated with the urgency it deserves. To help prevent life threatening situations, it is important to know what ectopic pregnancy symptoms are. When they occur would be as important to know as knowing what the early symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are. The danger signs signaling the rapture of the pregnancy may also be important.

Early Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy
See a doctor as soon as possible if you have ectopic pregnancy symptoms.

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when implantation of the blastocyst occurs outside the uterus. The most common form of ectopic pregnancy is a tubal pregnancy. This happens when implantation occurs in the fallopian tubes. Other rare places that implantation could take place are the ovary or the abdominal cavity.

When Do Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms Start?

Of all pregnancies that occur, 1per cent of these are usually an ectopic one. Half of these is normally said to miscarry spontaneously thus only appearing like an unavoidable miscarriage. Other times, the body absorbs the pregnancy and the woman gets no clue that she was expectant.

Among the other half of the known ectopic pregnancies, the woman experiences the signs of a normal pregnancy. These include breast tenderness, nausea, a missed period and a positive pregnancy result. However, around five to eight weeks into the pregnancy, pain will emerge in her lower abdomen usually on one side.

The pain may be severe and happen suddenly or it could start off being mild and increasingly become severe with hours or over a few days. The stomach may appear bloated while the lower abdomen becomes sensitive to touch.

Early Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy

Identifying an ectopic pregnancy may be a bit hard as most of them start off with symptoms of a normal pregnancy. If it gets to expelling itself, the signs will be those of a normal miscarriage.

Among the ectopic pregnancy symptoms that one can witness include the following:

Vaginal bleeding: This bleeding is unusual and can’t be confused with menstrual periods. It could be heavier or lighter, the color darker and a little bit watery.
Lower abdominal pain: This is usually one sided and persistent.

Other symptoms of ectopic pregnancy that may be experienced include:

  • Severe pain that occurs suddenly and spreads through the abdomen
  • Hot flashes leading to heavy sweating, light headedness and feeling like you could faint
  • Diarrhea and spots of  blood in the stool
  • Shock as a result of heavy internal bleeding which could lead one to collapsing
  • When internal bleeding occurs, other body organs like the diaphragm may be affected. This may lead to the nerve in the diaphragm getting irritated. This then refers pain to one of the shoulders causing shoulder tip pain.
  • Urination and bowel movement may get painful
  • An increased pulse rate and a pale appearance

Symptoms of Raptured Ectopic Pregnancy

At times, the ectopic pregnancy symptoms are inadequate to tell that one is pregnant and that they are having an ectopic pregnancy. At times no pain may be experienced. The first sign of an ectopic pregnancy may be seen in a woman’s collapsing as a result of internal bleeding.

Where the ectopic pregnancy does not get diagnosed early enough, the growing embryo stretches the tube on which it is growing. The pressure continues increasing with time and when it gets to its limits it raptures.

When this happens signs such as those listed below may be experienced:

Early Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy - Bleeding and Collapse
Early Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy – Fainting and Collapse

Shock: when the tube raptures, there is internal bleeding. This can be identified by a person having characteristics such as low blood pressure, sweating, nails and lips turning bluish. The affected woman may also be restless, agitated, have a rapid pulse rate and shallow breathing.

Heavy bleeding: While an ectopic pregnancy is usually accompanied by slight bleeding, this is bound to change if there is rapturing. The bleeding will start like one is experiencing a menstrual period. It then develops to heavy bleeding which is light red when the rupture occurs.

Fainting: There is internal bleeding the moment there is a tube rapture. This may lead to one feeling dizzy and light headed. These may then result to one fainting. While dizziness is normal in pregnancy, fainting could be a danger sign. One should seek medical advice immediately.

Shoulder and/or neck pain: Internal bleeding as a result of the rapturing of the tube could lead to the pooling of blood in the area below the diaphragm. This irritates its membranes which in turn causes sharp aches on the neck and the shoulder. The pain tends to be intense and hard to relieve. This serves as a red flag for a raptured ectopic pregnancy.

Severe abdominal and pelvic pain: Light cramping in pregnancy is common and normal. Excruciating stabbing pains may be an indication that an ectopic pregnancy has raptured. It is bound to start from one side of the abdomen and spread out with time to be felt throughout the abdominal region.

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms: Negative Pregnancy Test

While it is normal for women carrying ectopic pregnancies to experience normal pregnancy symptoms, not all of them do. Some women may not be aware that they are pregnant. This is more so if their periods are irregular or if they are breast feeding and their periods are yet to resume.

Since implantation occurs outside the uterus, the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin does not get properly absorbed into the woman’s body. As a result, the physical signs which are triggered by it may not be experienced.

Since a urine based pregnancy test detects the above hormone, this urine based pregnancy test kit is bound to give negative results. However, a blood pregnancy test would give positive results as it is more sensitive in pregnancy hormone detection. Normally it will indicate decreasing hormone levels as opposed to increasing levels.

Ectopic pregnancy symptoms are not to be ignored. They should be dealt with immediately to avoid fatalities.

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