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Tubal Pregnancy Symptoms after Tubal Ligation

What are the symptoms of a tubal pregnancy? Can one tell tubal pregnancy symptoms a few days after conception? Is it possible to see pregnancy symptoms after tubal ligation? Find out the signs and symptoms of a tubal ligation pregnancy, including raptured symptoms here.

More often than not, the news of an existing life inside a woman’s womb is received with great joy. However, if the pregnancy develops outside the womb it is becomes a life threatening risk. How can one tell the two apart to avoid emergency situations? Read on to find out what tubal pregnancy symptoms are and also to understand the risks of tubal pregnancy after a tubal ligation procedure has been carried out.

Tubal pregnancy signs
Shoulder Tip Pain is Known to be part of the signs of tubal pregnancy signs

What are the Symptoms of a Tubal Pregnancy?

It is hard to tell that one is having a tubal pregnancy in the early days of a pregnancy. This is caused by the fact that the initial tubal pregnancy symptoms, if present, will be similar to those of a healthy pregnancy. At times, there may be no symptoms as the tubes don’t provide a healthy environment for production of the pregnancy hormones.

After it has developed for some time, one can identify a tubal pregnancy using these symptoms:

  • Vaginal bleeding: One can distinguish this tubal pregnancy symptom from the periods by the fact that it is an odd type of bleeding. It is dark in color and could be lighter if the tube is yet to rapture. If it does rapture, the bleeding will be heavier.
  • Shoulder tip pain: As a result of the above bleeding, there is pooling of blood around the diaphragm. This leads to irritation of the nerves in it. As a result, pain is experienced on one shoulder. This is a symptom that can be used to signal an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Abdominal pain: This starts off as mild cramping. It is also felt on one side depending on whether it is located on the right or left fallopian tube. With time the pain grows and becomes sharp and spreads around the whole lower abdomen.
  • One experiences hot flashes which lead to excessive sweating.
  • The internal bleeding makes one to feel light headed and in severe cases fainting may occur.
  • Passing out stool becomes painful. Blood spots can also be seen in it. Urinating could also be painful.
  • Diarrhea
  • One may look pale due to the high loss of blood
  • The pulse rate is bound to increase

Tubal Ligation Pregnancy Symptoms

Tubal ligation is usually adopted as a permanent method of birth control. Though it has a high rate of effectiveness, there is a possibility of failure. 5 per cent of women who undergo tubal ligation still fall pregnant and may start experiencing some tubal pregnancy symptoms. There are three reasons why tubal ligation may fail.

Failure to identify the fallopian tube: Though rarely, the fallopian tube could be missed while the operation is being done. This could happen if a patient has scar tissue making it hard for the doctors to identify the fallopian tubes. There may be a false ligation but the actual tube will not be closed at all.

Fistula: This refers to a tiny opening that may remain after completion of the healing process. If this happens, the sperms may get through it and fertilize an egg. Unfortunately, the fertilized egg may not find its way through the same opening and into the uterus. This can be attributed to the fact that the sperms are tiny as compared to the fertilized egg.

Since the egg cannot pass past the tubal ligation surgery site, a tubal pregnancy may occur. If the fertilized egg finds its way to the uterus, a healthy pregnancy is that can be nurtured to maturity is experienced.

Recanalization: Depending on the mode of ligation adopted, the tubal lumens could rejoin. This happens if the tubes were not adequately closed giving room for them to reopen and rejoin.

Any pregnancy that takes place after tubal ligation has been conducted is considered high risk. One should see a doctor the moment they experience any tubal pregnancy symptoms. An ultra sound will be necessary to determine the location of the pregnancy. If it is tubal, it will be eliminated to avoid life threatening risks. If implantation occurred in the uterus the pregnancy is nurtured to maturity without any risks.

There are a number of factors that determine if one gets pregnant after a tubal ligation or not. A woman has to give enough time for healing to take place before they resume their sex life. If this does not happen, it could contribute to a tubal ligation failure so soon after it has been done. They also have to go for a competent doctor to carry out the procedure. There is also a likely hood for a tubal ligation to fail over 10 years after it was done.

Tubal Pregnancy SymptomsTubal Pregnancy Symptoms
Tubal Pregnancy

Raptured Tubal Pregnancy Symptoms

If a tubal pregnancy is not discovered in time, it will progress to a point where there is no more room for it to occupy. As a result, raptured tubal pregnancy symptoms will be experienced. These include:

Shock: A raptured tubal pregnancy results to a lot of internal bleeding. This could lead to shock as one of the raptured tubal pregnancy symptoms. Exhibition of various characteristics will confirm this. These include the lips and nails turning blue, the lowering of blood pressure and excessive sweating. Restlessness and a rapid but weak pulse rate could accompany these too. The skin also becomes pale and the person sweats profusely.

Vagina bleeding: The moment a tubal pregnancy raptures, a lot of blood is let out. This is seen in the amount of tampons that are likely to get soaked. They exceed those of a normal menstrual period.  The bleeding also comes with a lot of abdominal pain.

Faintness: The high loss of blood results in lightheadedness. One is also likely to experience unending dizziness. With time, one could collapse.

Shoulder and/or neck pain: Too much internal bleeding may cause pooling of blood in the abdomen. It may then touch the membranes of the diaphragm. This irritates them. The diaphragm then defers this effect to the neck and the shoulder causing pain. The pain is normally one sided and may be hard to relieve.

Excruciating abdominal and/or pelvic pain: when a tubal pregnancy raptures, what may have started as slight one sided pain develops to unbearable stabbing pains felt all over the abdomen.

Signs of a Tubal Pregnancy with Tubal Ligation

If one gets pregnant after they have had tubal ligation, the probability of the pregnancy being tubal is quite high. Tubal pregnancy symptoms after ligation are the same as those experienced while carrying a tubal pregnancy because of any other reason. These signs of a tubal pregnancy with tubal ligation include:

Abdominal pain Faintness
Vaginal bleeding Unconsciousness
Shoulder tip pain Blood stained stool
Diarrhea Painful urination
Excessive sweating

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