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Some Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

While most women will fall pregnant in their lifetime, they all react differently to pregnancies. The same woman may have different experiences with different pregnancies. While some may not get severe symptoms, there are those who gather all the weird pregnancy symptoms there are. Are you wondering what some of the weird pregnancy symptoms are? Read on to find out.

Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Amongst some of the weird pregnancy symptoms are:

Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms - Excess Saliva
Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms – Excess Saliva

Excessive saliva secretion: In the first trimester, one may realize that they drop some saliva on their colleagues as they chit chat. This is caused by hormonal changes. Having a heart burn could also cause saliva to accumulate. Due to the fact that one may be nauseas, they may try to avoid swallowing hence causing saliva to accumulate in the mouth.

To deal with this, one could keep a paper cup just in case they fell like spitting. One can also chew pepper mints to help minimize the problem. Water with lemon slices could also help.

Running nose: The hormone progesterone increases the amount of mucus produced and also makes it thicker. This may cause congestion and nose bleeding.

To clear up the system, one can use a saline solution.

Skin conditions: While most skins glow during pregnancy, a few don’t. The high rise in hormones causes an increase in melanin production. Dark spots on the skin may therefore be seen as weird pregnancy symptoms.

Melisma is also likely to develop. This is usually seen as a dark patch starting from the upper lip and spreading across the cheekbones and the nose. One should resist from scratching this too hard. The ever increasing hormones in pregnancy boost production of body fats. This has to be expelled from the body and is done through acne.

Taking multivitamins and folic acid could help take care of it. Use mild cleansers as the skin is supersensitive. Using sunscreen when venturing out will help protect the skin from UV rays.

Round ligament pain: Sudden and sharp pain around the abdomen and around the hips is another of the weird signs of pregnancy. As the abdomen expands, it causes an expansion of the ligaments around it. As a result, any movement may it be as slight as when sneezing or as extensive as standing up makes the ligaments to contract hence the pain. This pain can even be felt in the buttocks.

To prevent this weird sign of pregnancy, one should take enough rest. It is also important to change positions gradually so as to give room for slow ligament stretching.

Itchy skin: As the body grows bigger, the skin gets stretched a lot. Itchy bumps start to appear on the skin and the urge to scratch is unbearable. The itch begins early in pregnancy and worsens with an increase in size. Stretch marks may be seen on the itching parts.

It is harmless and likely to go away after the pregnancy.

Gum problems: There are a number of complications that can occur regarding the gums of an expectant mother. They may form the list of weird pregnancy symptoms as well. Some nodules could appear on the gum. Swelling, bleeding and growth bumps may be experienced too. These are mostly as a result of irritation caused by food particles and at times plaques.

Oral hygiene is important to take care of the gum and prevent it from gingivitis and sensitivity. Using a microbial mouth cleanser would help. Above all, brush at least twice a day. If the growths are painful, one should see a dentist who will advise on whether they can be removed or if one should just take some pain relievers.

What Are Some Weird Pregnancy Symptoms?

Are you still wondering what some of the weird pregnancy symptoms are? Here are more.

Dark Spots on Face may be some of the weird symptoms of pregnancy
Dark Spots on Face may be some of the weird symptoms of pregnancy

Leaking boobs: One may realize that in the end of the second trimester, the boobs leak some colostrum. This will mostly take a yellow coloration and will be noticed on the bra or on a top for those who are too irritated to be wearing a bra.

This is quite normal and there is no need to worry. If the leakage is too much and bothersome, you may have to wear nursing pads to absorb it. It is believed that people whose breasts leak will have enough milk for their babies and thus it is a good sign.

Spider and varicose veins: These are usually found in the legs but could also be found in any other part of the body. They form when there is a malfunctioning of the veins and there is back flow of blood as opposed to it flowing to the heart.

The reason they form is the pressure exerted by the increasing weight of the growing uterus which increases accumulation of blood in the veins.

To prevent this, one should aim at improving blood circulation. Do not sit or stand for too long. While sitting, avoid crossing your legs. The veins are likely to get better after birth.

Drooling: A pregnant woman produces a lot of saliva and is likely to drool. Talk of getting real weird pregnancy symptoms.

Stuffed up nose:  The nose may feel like it is filled up all throw. This may be caused by the increase in hormones which cause the mucus membrane to get swelled. As a result of the swollen membranes, the nose block up and causes one to breathe through the mouth. This also causes one to snore a lot. To deal with this, one can use saline drops. Lying down on the side could also help.

Leaking: Some women leak whenever they laugh, cough or sneeze. This may be caused by the fact that a woman is advised to take a lot of fluids during her pregnancy. As the uterus becomes larger, it sits on the bladder thus compressing it. This way a woman has to visit the bathroom more often and if a convulsive incidence such as laughing occurs, they are bound to let out some.

Melasma: This refers to dark patches that form in almost every part of the body. These are no cause for alarm and tend to vanish postpartum.

Increased sexual desire: During the first trimester, one may feel too tired to be intimate. However, with the onset of the second trimester, things are bound to change. A woman may feel heightened sexual desire.

Lose of balance: In the late stages of a pregnancy, a woman may feel that they are off balance as they walk. This may be attributed to the fact that the increase in the size of the abdomen shifts the center of gravity. Also, a hormone known as relaxin is produced to loosen the pelvic muscles for ease of delivery.  Unfortunately, it is not the only part it works on. It also loosens the knees, ankles and hips making one wobbly.

These happen to be some of the weird pregnancy symptoms there are. They should raise no alarm.

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