Upper Lip Wrinkles – Best Cream & Treatment for Wrinkles above Top Lip

What causes upper lip wrinkles? What is the best cream for wrinkles on upper lip? Find out the best treatment for wrinkles above the top lip, upper lip wrinkle exercises and how to remove wrinkles above top lip naturally.

If you are struggling with dark lips or dark upper lip, you may soon discover that you have wrinkles above the top lip. Those are sometimes called lip lines, and you can get rid of such wrinkles with home remedies, naturally, using the best upper lip wrinkle creams. Exercises for upper lip wrinkles are also recommended to remove wrinkles above the lip. Below are the upper lip wrinkle causes and how to get rid of them fast.

What Causes Upper Lip Wrinkles?

So, what is the cause of wrinkles or vertical lines above the top lip? There are many causes of wrinkles, but to zero in on those aging lines on the upper lip, the causes may be a bit different.

Smoking is said to cause wrinkles on the upper lip. Sometimes, these wrinkles are called smoker’s kiss. They are vertical lines that draw on the upper lip, and may also form towards the skin above the top lip, or the skin below the nose. Aging is the second cause of wrinkling upper lip. As you age, the skin becomes weaker, loose as the collagen degenerates. This leads to wrinkles forming above the top lip.

Apart from the causes above, you may want to know how to get rid of upper lip wrinkles. Below, we look at different ways of removing vertical lines around lips and skin above the lips. Some of the ways you will learn are upper lip wrinkle laser treatment, best upper lip wrinkle cream and other upper lip anti-aging treatments.

Best Upper Lip Wrinkle Cream

Anti-aging creams are always helpful when it comes to reversing and slowing down the aging process. In order to get a youthful skin around the upper lip, you can use some of the best anti-aging products. There are anti-wrinkle creams for lips, anti-wrinkle lipsticks that can be used to get rid of lip lines on the top lip and serums that you can apply to fade dark upper lip and wrinkles as well. But what is the best upper lip wrinkle cream?

Upper Lip Wrinkles and Lip Lines around Mouth
Upper Lip Creases

Best upper lip wrinkle creams are known to contain ingredients such as retionoids or retin A and hydroquinone. Here are the top rated creams for erasing upper lip wrinkles fast.

When choosing the best lip wrinkle cream, look for the following ingredients. These ingredients are said to remove deep lip lines easily.

  • Natural Vitamin E – gets rid of free radicals that cause wrinkles above lip.
  • Coenzyme Q10 (Co Q10) – good at protecting against sun exposure.
  • Alphahydroxy Acids (AHA ingredients) – these acids are good for exfoliating dry skin on upper lip to remove wrinkles on upper lip.
  • Active Manuka Honey should be an ingredient in the best upper lip wrinkle cream. It moisturizes, heals and rejuvenates the skin to make it smooth and wrinkle-free.
  • Wakame Kelp Extract – Destroys compounds that break down collagen and weaken skin.

That should make it easier for you to choose the best cream for removing lip lines on top lip.

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles on Upper Lip

You can remove upper lip wrinkles naturally and at home. Using home remedies for smoker’s lines, you can treat and erase those vertical lines easily. Below are some of the best ways to get rid of wrinkles on upper lip naturally:

  • Apply coconut oil and massage the upper lip frequently to get rid of lip lines.
  • Massage olive oil daily to erase vertical top lip lines.
  • Emu oil is also one of the best ways to remove upper lip wrinkles naturally.
  • You can also find more home remedies for wrinkles.

Best Upper Lip Wrinkles Treatment

Exercises to get rid of lip lines
Upper Lip Wrinkle Exercises

Wrinkle treatments can also be used to erase and fade wrinkles on the top lip. From dermabrasion to dermal fillers to chemical peels, the treatments are cosmetic and you can use them to make your skin above the top lip to look younger. Let us look at each of these and see the best treatment for upper lip wrinkles:

Dermabrasion for Upper Lip Wrinkles: A dermatologist may perform microdermabrasion on your upper lip to smooth out top lip wrinkles. This upper lip wrinkles treatment is simply the smoothing out of the skin, which uses a sanding mechanism. A new skin will grow after the microdermabrasion treatment for wrinkles on the skin above the lip, a new skin will grow, looking youthful.

Dermal Fillers for Top Lip Lines: Dermal fillers or upper lip wrinkles fillers can remove deep lip lines or smoker’s kiss wrinkles. These fillers are a non-surgical method. So, if you want to get rid of wrinkles on the upper part of your lips without surgery, you can go for dermal fillers that will plump up the skin on the upper lip skin.

Chemical Peels for Wrinkles above Lip: Vertical lines above the upper lip can also be removed using chemical peel treatment. It is a non-invasive treatment simply exfoliates the skin above the top lip to stimulate the production of collagen and new skin cells.

Upper Lip Wrinkles Botox:  Botox injections are injections of botulinum that get rid of wrinkles above lip by triggering collagen production. It is one of the most common anti-aging cosmetic procedures today.

Botox injections also relax the muscles of the upper lips, thus helping get rid of wrinkles above the lip.

Upper Lip Wrinkles Laser

Laser lip wrinkle treatment can also be used to remove wrinkles above lip. In this treatment, laser beams of light are used to resurface the area above the top lip. Perioral wrinkles or deep lines around the mouth can be removed by the laser light that destroys the old skin layer while stimulating the replacement of it with new collagen cells. The skin will tighten fast with laser upper lip wrinkle treatment.

Upper Lip Wrinkles Exercises

Can exercises really get rid of wrinkles above lip? There are some exercises for getting rid of upper lip lines. These are part of the facial exercises that get rid of facial lines and wrinkles. One of the best upper lip wrinkles exercises is to hold your lips in the “O” position for about 30 seconds, several times a day. You can see further exercises here.

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