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Celebrities with Dimples – Male and Female Celebrities with Dimples

Do you know any male and female celebrities with dimples? I did a little digging and it was fun finding dimpled male celebrities as well as female ones with deep, permanent and even fake dimples. Here’s a list of Hollywood, Bollywood etc celebs with dimples cheeks, and lower back.

You probably have a favorite celebrity whom you love when they smile because they show such an adorable pair of dimples. Some celebrities like any other people have the genes for dimples. Theirs are however, more noticeable because they are always in the limelight. Although most of them were born with the dimples, it highly unlikely that others have not gotten them through dimple creation surgery.

Hollywood stars with dimples-beyonce
Hollywood stars with dimples-beyonce


After all, they are rich and famous and can buy themselves anything they wanted, even fake dimples. I am not going to judge anyone though. The subjects in this article look real to me. Probably you should leave me a comment after seeing their pictures and tell me what you think. I wonder if the camera lights make the dimples in these celebrities sparkle when they smile. Hmmm! They are gorgeous and you are going to love them. From Hollywood to Bollywood, America to Asia, both male and female stars with dimples. Here are the stars with dimples that just make me smile even without any dimples on cheeks.

Male Celebrities with Dimples

Celebrities with dimples get noticed, even when they fake them, we will always know because they are forever in our roving eyes. If you are like me who loves to gaze at cute men, then you will understand why I have a craze for male actors with dimples.

With so many movies being shot months after months and years after years, I have mingled with many male actors with dimples, on screen. Sometimes I just watch a movie to admire how cute my favorite celebrity looks with dimples. I know it sounds silly, but we all watch movies for various reasons.

When the sober minded review the production, storyline, setting, screen shots and language among others, crazy people like me drool on male celebs with dimpled cheeks. I am not alone in this. Once we had a discussion with my girlfriends and we each shared what we love about guys. It was quite a revelation. It seems I had just been drooling secretly thinking I was weird.

My friends drool too. Some of my friends even go overboard. They gaze and imagine even what could be underneath the fitting shirts and pants. I guess then it is a girl’s thing. We just do not show it when doing it unlike men. Ever-watched men gaze at big boobs. That is what am talking about. It is so obvious.

Anyway, going back to male celebrities who have dimples I have grouped them in two categories, Hollywood celebrities with dimples and Bollywood celebrities with cheek dimples.

Hollywood Male Celebrities with Dimples

men celebrities with dimples

There are many celebrities with cheek dimples in Hollywood movies. I do not even know where to begin. However, I have come up with a list that am sure you are going to love. You can also leave you list in the comments.

Leonardo Dicaprio: I can never forget the true love Leonardo Dicarprio had on Titanic. It had a sad ending though. His dimples just give him a sweet trait.

Mario Lopez: Every woman keeps talking about this actor and TV host, his hot body and now the deep cheek dimples. Somebody get me a hand fan, please it’s hot in here!

Eddie Cibrian: Another cutie with deep dimples is Eddie Cibrian. I remember him from Sunset Beach and I just love his physique and dimples.

Lamman Rucker: Born in Pittsburgh and found his way to America is the entrepreneur, actor, black and he is cute with dimples, Lamman Rucker

Cristiano Ronaldo: I know what you must be thinking, Crisiano Ronaldo should not appear on this list of male celebrities with dimples, but he appears here because he has the lower back dimples. His dimples of venus are defined owing to the fact that he is an athlete who is doing so well.

Bollywood Male Celebrities with Dimples

John Abraham: Actor John Abraham looks hot when he smiles.

Shah Rukh Khan: If you have never seen this guy, you probably haven’t watched the best selling movies from India.

Female Celebrities with Dimples and Interesting Facts about Dimples

female hollywood celebs with dimples
female celebs with dimples

It is a fact that men love women with dimples and find them charming. However, according to people who are conversant with spirituality, dimples size and depth can say a lot about a woman.  Rose Rosetree of urges people to know that where there is “charm lies harm”. What exactly could these words mean in relation to female celebrities with dimples? Let us find out shortly.

Peek-a-boo type

These celebrities will have circular dimples, which appear when they smile and soon disappear when they stop. Hence the title peek a boo. The female celebrities with dimples of this kind are believed to be sweet. They also help others in times of crisis by making them laugh.

Female Celebrities with Permanent Dimples

Permanent dimples are the kind that show when one is smiling or not. Now am not talking the kind you see after dimple surgery, but natural deep dimples on cheeks. Women with these kinds of dimples are said to be unceasingly adorable or can be manipulative with their charm.

Celebrities with Powerline Dimples

Powerline dimples are more like creases that form around the mouth when one smiles. They are curvy and vertical in nature. Celebrities with these kinds of dimples are kind, humble and gracious.

Now that you know, what the dimples say about a person, judge for yourself from these female celebrities with dimples. I hope none of them has fake ones though because it will not give you the true character. However, I believe I picked on stars with natural dimples from Hollywood and Bollywood.

Jennifer Garner: Don’t you love her adorable smile with dimples and skin too? What was her character like in “Alias”

Gabrielle Union: This one is a charmer all right, her skin is radiant and the smile with dimples just matches it. How cute!

Camille Guaty: Who said you cannot be chubby and cute with dimples?

Kirsten Dunst: How did she treat “Spiderman,” did she manipulate him with her dimples?

Deepika Padukone: This Bollywood star has a beautiful body, legs and now the dimples. Deepika’s dimples are just icing on cake.

Bipasha Basu: Another Bollywood celebrity with dimples

Preity Zinta: Preity is pretty with her dimples and she is one of the most famous Bollywood celebrities with dimples.

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