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Back Dimples Meaning, Causes & How to Deepen Them

What is the meaning of back dimples and what causes them? How can I deepen dimples on my back? Are they good and attractive?

Have you watched women in low cut Jeans with some indentations on their lower back, which sometimes have jewelry? These same indentations are also visible on men, especially those who are athletic. The men however, never wear jewelry. Those indentations are not a defect or an indication of malnutrition. They are back dimples and they are meant to be there due to their location where the spine meets the hipbone. There are two clefts on each side of the spine, which allow the muscles to indent in that region. The two joints of the hip and spine causes dimples on your back.

back dimple meaning
what does it mean to have dimples at your back?

Another common name for these indentations is dimples of venus, apparently they have a beautiful history. No wonder woman wants to have them. If you have these set of dimples, then you are truly blessed, if you do not, there is only way to find out for sure, through exercise. Although the cause is known to be inherited, they are worth establishing that one has them for sure. This is because back dimples have a special meaning. To find out what that exceptional meaning is, and tips on how to deepen them read the whole piece of writing.

Back Dimples Meaning

If you want to spice up your bedroom moments and I mean those special intimate moments with your partner, the dimples on the lower back will do the trick. Most men have confessed to love holding on to the dimples during intimacy. Some love to call them ‘thumb handles’ just to describe where they love to position their thumbs in those heighted moments of pleasure.

Most girls have discovered the weapon in their meaning and will always be caught flaunting them at the beach with the low cut bikini or in appropriate Jeans that show them off. In fact, those who know that they have deep lower back dimples, get them pierced to add more beauty to them. Women with deep dimples on the back also use jewelry on them just to accentuate them further.

It is not only girls who have these super sexy dimples, but guys as well. Most of the guys will be caught sweating in the gym just to tone the muscles in the rear. As this is the only way to highlight the the beauty marks. Girls say guys with back dimples are super sexy and would love them walking about without shirts on any day. Celebs with these on their backs are:

  • David Beckham
  • Ryan Shekler
  • Micheal Phelps
  • Moreover, another celebrity with dimples that scooped yet another FIFA award this year.

The meaning of dimples on the lower back may however depend on the community from which you come.

Are Back Dimples Attractive? Are They Good or Bad?

back dimples are attractive and good
back dimples are attractive

You want the truth about back dimples. You will have it in just a bit. What happens when you see a well-toned woman or man who works out in the gym or keeps fit by jogging or even walking? Do you imagine it is a good-looking body worth achieving, or do you just shrug it off?  Such a person most likely will have back dimples if you observe closely. Although they are said to be genetic, you can get them through exercise.

Therefore, you can readily answer this, are they attractive? Are they good or bad? When you see that person, exercising it means they are taking good care of their body. People with these features may not necessarily be fit, but they have the right level of body fat.

In some overweight people, back dimples are visible like in lean people. However, this has to do with the fact that their abdominal and back area is toned. They are attractive and good for maintaining the right level of body fat.

What Causes Back Dimples? Weight Loss Theory

Unlike cheek dimples, which are said to be purely genetic, dimples on the back are caused by genetics and weight loss. You could have it in your genes and still do not show them because of excess weight.

Studies by the American Exercise Council indicate that the body needs an average of 22% of body fat for male and 32% for females. This is the right low body fat you need if you want the sexy back dimples to show. What is worrying is how those who have added weight have been able to achieve these features of beauty.

An interesting fact is that, some people have gotten them on the lower back by adding a little bit of weight. These are the people who probably were underweight. Therefore,  weight is a big deal when it comes to these, it determines if they will appear or not if you have the right levels. Having the low body fat does not mean being anorexic or malnourished.

When it comes to the causes, genes and weight play a major role in ensuring that they do appear. If you somebody in your family has them and you are not seeing yours, have your body fat checked by the doctor and begin a serious routine to lose weight and strengthen your muscles. Weight can never be lost without making the body sweat.

For dimples on back to show, a lot of sweating through some good workouts and exercises must be involved in the weight loss goal.

Are Back Dimples Genetic?

Are back dimples genetic? I hate to break it to you, in spite of all the sweating and working hard in watching what you eat, if you do not have it in your genes, chances are that you might not get them since they are of genetic makeup. Yes, they are genetic and no matter how much your try to lose excess fat if you do not have them in your bloodline they might not show. It is disappointing, but it is a fact.

How to Get Back Dimples for Girls

obtain your dimples through piercing
dimples are attractive

Are you thinking hard on how to have back dimples for girls? It takes a lot of hard work of getting rid of abdominal body fat, and tightening the bum. Yes, you have to tighten your rear if you want your them to appear deepened. This should be fun, because the exercises benefit you in various ways:

  • You keep fit
  • You get dimples on your back pronounced
  • And you get a defined bum

The process of getting these for girls should involve exercises for the abdominal area and the hips.

How to Deepen Back Dimples

Can you deepen back dimples? Here is a  workout to deepen them and appear more defined. The workout addresses your abdominal muscles as well as your bum. They also give strength to your spine and hips so that they appear more defined and strong. You should learn how to deepen back dimples at home or in a professional gym for best results.

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