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Dimple Piercing Jewelry – Clear, Back & Cheek Dimple Rings

What is the best dimple piercing jewelry? Find the best cheek dimple and back dimples jewelry. All types of jewelry: clear, diamond, and rings among others. Here’s also a guide on dimple piercing without jewelry.

Men and women without natural dimples go to all lengths to create artificial ones through piercings. Dimple piercing is a trend among the young people who want to look like their favorite TV or Music stars. Although most celebrities with dimples maintain them naturally, young ones like Amanda Bynes adorn dimple piercing jewelry to emphasize them artificially. It is not wrong, rather a choice that later has consequences.

the best jewelry for your dimple piercing
Dimples piercing jewelry

For example, women who have conceived should have back dimples piercings as the last thing on their minds. This is because the bulging will eventually make them fall off. Similarly, those who seek to move into the corporate world cannot secure jobs easily with dimple piercing jewelry unless they get to hide it. Anyone looking to change his or her look by being pierced should think this shift carefully before hand.

After all, when you decide you no longer want to wear jewelry, you remain with permanent piercing scars. If dimple piercings are for you, then you have to wear the best jewelry that will help you heal and accompany your daily wardrobe. Find out the best dimple piercing jewelry for cheeks and back dimples for your taste in a moment.

Back Dimple Piercing Jewelry – Best Jewelry

Your back piercings are not easy to reach because of their position on the lower back. This poses a challenge when you want to clean them. However, it is no reason not to have clean back dimple piercings. On top of that, they should be adorned with back dimple piercing jewelry of choice.

The best jewelry for that section should be the kind that cannot snug on your tops or pants if they ever get close to your lower back dimples. The best kind should lie as flat as possible on the skin to avoid any disturbances that could make the anchors reject.

Threads on anchors should also be functioning well to avoid losing your jewelry. You can choose an array of jewelry from the material of the tops to the colour. When you first get the piercings done, chose jewelry that can function with most of your clothing items to avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

While it is impossible to keep changing the skin divers and dermal anchors, it is possible to change the tops occasionally when the piercings have healed completely. You can buy different color tops for your anchors for each occasion to ensure that you are in vogue always.

Cheek Dimple Piercing Jewelry and Buying Tips

jewelry decorates your cheek dimple
cheek dimple jewelry

When buying dimple piercing jewelry for your cheeks, you should consider very important factors that will help in the healing process. The healing for cheek dimple piercing takes longer than other kinds of piercings due to the thickness of the skin on cheeks. However, when shopping for cheek dimple piercing jewelry the following should guide you:

  • Your reactions to certain metals, if you have allergies you may want to make use of surgical titanium, grade stainless steel and bioplast among others that do not cause reactions.
  • Whether you are in a working environment with strict policy on cheek dimple piercings
  • The size of your cheek dimple piercings, which is dependent on the needle used
  • You should also consider whether your piercings are fresh or healed.

Clear Dimple Piercing Jewelry

Sometimes you may have a fresh piercing and you get invited for a job interview. What would you do? Would you rather not go? I guess not, because the hard economic times cannot allow you not to. You cannot maintain a fetish for dimple piercing jewelries without a source of income.

Therefore, in order to attend that job interview and convince the board of directors or managers that you are what they are looking for you have to disguise your piercings. You do not know their policies on piercings, but you need be on the safe side with clear dimple piercing jewelry.

In most shops, you will find this kind of jewelry is also known as clear retainers. They are labrets made of glass and acrylic. They do a great job in concealing your rebellious piercings. However, if I were you I would avoid the acrylic kinds if the piercings are not yet healed or are fresh, they can cause infections. If you have fresh piercings, you may require going back to your piercer to change the jewelry for you. The piercer may not charge to change the jewelry if you have purchased it already, but if you have not, you will have to pay for it there at the shop.

Voila! As easy as that, you do not have to risk closing your piercings because of that job interview. The clear pieces will conceal them instantly. Furthermore, if you get hired you will not have to worry about your little secret being discovered.

Dimple Piercing Rings

The kinds of jewelry common for dimple piercings are studs. They come in two types, the labrets and barbells. Rings are unusual type or jewelry for dimple piercings. However, in cases where one does not want the piercing to go all the way into the mouth, then a sub dermal layer piercing could be possible.

However, you have to ask your piercer about this, I am not so sure if you can get piercing for dimples where you get to adorn dimple piercing rings. The common jewelry is labrets, which come with a flat inner base and barbells. Barbells have balls on the inside and for top.

Rings are rare or non-existent at all for dimple piercings. Even if they do exist, they cannot create an impression of dimples on the cheeks. They could just be used for fun by people who love to subject themselves to all kind of pain with piercings on the cheeks.

Diamond Dimple Piercing Jewelry

diamond is the best jewelry
diamond jewelry the best?

If you love the glitter of diamonds, then there is no way you can miss it in your collection of adornments. The shine is conspicuous if you want to flaunt your dimples on cheeks. Furthermore, you can accentuate the already natural dimples with diamond dimple piercing jewelry. There are various colors to choose from it does not have to be the usual white, blacks, greens, and reds among others are the other colors available in jewelry shops to match your eyes or makeup.

Dimple Piercing Without Jewelry

We all know that not everyone can afford the cost of cheek dimple surgery, as it is quite expensive. The only way to unnatural dimples is through piercing. However, instead of wearing jewelry you should remove it before healing takes place.

This piercing method to get dimples has worked for some people to give permanent looking dimples. However, nothing appears like the natural kind. Therefore, if you want dimple piercing without jewelry, rest assured you would have artificial dimples showing for the rest of your life.

However, the scars from the piercing will still be evident, as they can never go away, unless you use Emu oil and Bio oil to massage your cheeks once they are healed. These oils do not necessarily get rid of the scars.

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