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Dimple Piercing Scars – Cheek & Back Dimple Piercing Scars (with Pictures)

Do dimple piercings scar? How do dimple piercing scars occur? For answers to these questions and more on cheek and back dimple, piercing scars with pictures read this entire article.

When there seems to be no way to have natural dimples on cheeks or lower back, one cannot help but look for ways to create artificial ones. The tricks about makeup do not work and even if they do, they leave you looking like a painting because you are using color to fake dimples on cheeks. Unfortunately, on the lower back there are not tricks to create dimples because if you do not have them in your genes they will never show no matter the diet and exercise to get lower back dimples you implement.

can scars form after dimple piercing?
Dimple piercing scars

The only solution to creating a notion of having permanent dimples on cheeks for most people is the use of piercings. Although those who do not have lower back dimples, also called dimples of venus, use the same impression to highlight that back section, piercings have adverse effects. One of the side effects is scarring and infection. For how exactly scars occur from piercings on cheek and back dimples, and how to get rid of them, find out in a bit.

Dimple Piercing Scars

Dimple piercing subjects the skin and tissue to damage when a needle or dermal punch goes through it. Additionally, the skin is left to heal with a metal bar inside it. Both the skin and tissue have nerves and tendons that are affected in the whole process.

Piercing acquired from piercing studios, takes awhile for the skin tissue from such damage to heal. Worse still, if piercing aftercare is not maintained it could get infected. Treating an infected piercing is another whole process that would require oral antibiotics and regular cleaning.

Dimple piercing takes about 1-3 years to heal completely. However, this is dependent on the person who has undergone it and their immunity levels. The first thing that occurs is bruising, swelling and bleeding and if not contained properly it could lead to adverse effects of scars.

In order to prevent dimple piercing scars, you will have to do the following:

  • Choose a professional piercer who is knowledgeable on the skin of the cheek and back anatomy
  • Once pierced clean the piercing with sea salt mixed in water using a Q-tip to avoid invading on the wound
  • Do not fiddle with the dimple jewelry or be involved in sporting activities that would get it knocked
  • Prevent swelling of the dimple using ice packs, it is dimple on cheek piercing eat softened ice or ice lollies use ice packs on back dimple piercing without invading on the wound.
  • Downsize the bar regularly on to avoid irritating the piercing however, for starters use a bar that allows for the swelling on cheeks.

Dimple Piercing Scars Pictures

piercing scars photos
piercing scars photos

If you have seen pictures or someone with the scars, you will note that they are ugly especially if they are on face. Those on the lower back dimples can be hidden by clothing. However, there is no way you can cover your face unless you want to be Michael Jackson 2. Covering your face for a girl is a sign of a weakness and you may draw more attention than your dimple scars are already causing.

Looking at the dimple piercing scars pictures, you can see how the retired dimple piercings look like. They were created to create beauty in the first place but they end up making young girls look like beasts when the jewelry is withdrawn.

Furthermore, the dimples although they have be created somehow, they look so unnatural. They look like big holes probably from the size of the jewelry that was worn there. These scar pictures should give you an idea of what to expect when you get piercing on your cheeks. They will look nice after you clean the wound properly and heal. However, when you start to get all old and wrinkly, the holes will be there screaming to the world.

Removing scars on the skin especially if it has damaged tissue is another daunting task altogether. Therefore, it is better to appreciate one self without the dimples instead of being pierced. The pain and permanent scars are not worth your hard-earned cash.

Images Girls with retired dimple piercings:

Back Dimple Piercing Scars

I call back dimple piercing a luxury you should not have because they do not remain there permanently anyway. The longest period you can have your back dimple piercing is approximately one year. This is because their location is subjected to many movements from walking, running, standing, and sitting, bending and even wearing clothes especially that snag on the jewelry at the back there.

As it turns out, after a year you will need either to reverse the piercing or do away with it altogether. Either way, you will have been left with two scars on your back dimples. The costs itself for a non-permanent beauty solution is crazy about $130 at most for just a pair of scars. I say not worth it at all.

back dimples piercing scars
back dimples piercing scars

Instead of spending money on scars on your back from piercings, because that is what they are when you decide to get piercing on lower back dimples, you would rather enroll in a gym. This would help you in getting you deeper lower back dimples and improve your overall health. You can also invest in DVDs for workouts at home instead of getting a piercing that will not last, and will leave you with permanent scars.

Cheek Dimple Piercing Scars and How to Get Rid of Dimple Scars

Unfortunately after getting all the expensive scars on your skin, there is no way to get rid of dimple scars on cheeks. People argue that you can have the surgery to correct the piercing, but you know what the plastic surgeon will have to create another scar to correct your current cheek dimple piercing scars.

Is it worth it having two scars from surgery? You can avoid having cheek scars in the first place by having cheek dimple surgery. This creates scars inside the mouth where no one can see them. However, piercings leave you scars on the outside. You can avoid the formation of big scars by taking out jewelry as soon as you realize you do not need the piercings.

This could prevent the appearance or cheek dimple piercing scars than when you wait for the piercings to heal completely. Some people also use Vitamin E oil, Emu and Bio oil to massage the retired piercings to heal scars.

These oils nevertheless, have not been proven to clear cheek dimple piercing scars for sure. Once you have the scars, they are for the rest of your life.

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