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Lower Back Dimples Meaning and How to Get Them

What is the meaning of lower back dimples? How can I get lower back dimples quickly? Discover lower back dimples meaning how to get them naturally and artificially in this article.

If you are not blessed with dimples on cheeks, then surely you must have some on your lower back. They are normally above your butt on each side of your spine. Have you found them now? If not, you probably have seen young girls walking around in low cut skirts, jeans, shorts and bikinis and behind they will have piercings or jewelry on their lower back. Those are back dimples piercings found where the indentations appear, above the bum. The piercings emphasize the dimples and for those who do not have dimples can imagine they do by having jewelry on he exact location of the natural indentations.

dimples at the lower of the back
lower back dimples meaning

Every woman envies to have lower back dimples because they are known to have a special meaning. No wonder some do not mind having to fake them with piercings. The men who see them on women also love to drool. On the other hand, women love it when men have back dimples.

Although they are genetic in nature, you can find if you have back dimples by working out as hard as athletes do. A lot of sweat and eating right can define your back dimples if at all you have them in your genes. What are dimples on lower back meaning? Find out shortly and how to get dimples on lower back through exercise, piercing and microdermal surgery.

Dimples on Lower Back Meaning – Fit Vs. Sexy

For some people, having lower back dimples is a true sign of being lean and fit. Alternatively, others believe that dimples on back are sexy. What are the true dimples on lower back meaning from both of these?

Those who argue that dimples on lower back mean lean borrow this assumption from the fact that most are slim and skinny. However, the truth of the matter is that even those who are plump do have them on the lumbar part of the body. They are not exclusive in slim and skinny bodies. Therefore, the meaning of lean is not valid. In fact, most trainers insist that showing lower back dimples does not mean one is fit. It should be no excuse not to hit the gym because the dimples are visible.

However, personally I have noted that women with dimples on the lower back tend to have a bigger and round bum than those who do not. Most women who are just straight and not curvy do not having back dimples according to my observation, but then again I could be wrong.

When it comes to dimples on lower back meaning sexy, both male and female seems to agree. Guys will love it when their girlfriends have back dimples. Girls on the other hand, find guys with lower back dimples crushingly sexually attractive. However, some guys do not like when girls have piercings on their dimples of venus. To some of them the piercings look gross. Probably it has to do with the poor back dimple piercing aftercare. I guess men love it when their women are all natural.

How to Get Dimples on Lower Back

dimple piercing
you can pierce to get dimples at your lower back

Getting dimples on lower back is a thing that puzzles many who do not have them. However, the only way on how to get dimples on lower back is to be born with them. Furthermore, the person born with them must maintain a certain level of body fat. For men it is a minimum of 6% and they should not exceed 12% while women should be at a minimum of 13% and not exceed 20%.

In order to be at that low body fat level, you have to eat a balanced diet each day of your life. Do away with junk food and processed or canned foods. Your meals should look like this in a single meal if you want to maintain low body fat:

  • Lean Proteins
  • Carbohydrates from whole flours, cereals and nuts
  •  Plenty of fruits and vegetables

You must also drink lots of water on daily basis. The required healthy amount is 2 liters per day. Besides this, how to get dimples on lower back naturally require that:

  • You eat one hour before going to sleep
  • Do not diet by avoiding any meal as it could make you underweight and vulnerable to all manner of infections

If a healthy diet does not have those back dimples showing, then you need to hit the gym as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can create a workout space in your house.

Best Lower Back Dimples Exercise

exercises can give you this!
you can exercise to get lower back dimples

Going to the gym for lower back dimples workout can be an expensive affair. When there is so much to do with the little hard-earned money, then enrolling in a gym is not an option. You can still manage to achieve them with exercises that are safe at home. These will not require equipment from the gym as you can do them on floor with a mat spread on it for comfort.

The best exercises includes:

Superman: You will need to be a super man or woman for this lower back dimple exercise to work. You will be assuming you are flying with your tummy as support on the floor. The tummy will be your support as you stretch your arms and legs upwards.

Opposite Superman: on the same position on your tummy raise your left hand and right leg towards the ceiling and hold for 10 seconds. Interchange the arm and leg again and continue with this exercise until you feel numb.

Opposite leg and arm raises: On your fours, that is your knees and hands on the floor, raise your left arm and right leg. This will leave one arm and leg on the floor for support. Hold for 10 seconds and interchange the arm and leg. Do these lower exercises until you become numb or until your workout time expires.

Further workouts for lower back dimples include those that involve yoga only if you are trained in moves that work at strengthening the abdominal and hip muscles among others.

Lower Back Dimple Piercing

Normally piercings on back dimples accentuates them. However, girls who do not have back dimples do lower back dimple piercing to create the impression of dimples being there. It is easier to fake cheek dimples than it is to fake those on the lower back.

The lower back dimple piercing makes those who want to flaunt their lower back without the dimples possible. After all, the lower back section has all the tickly nerves that all girls would love the opposite sex to see. Therefore, it does not matter whether the dimples are there naturally or not, as dimple piercing can give a notion of them.

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