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How Much are Back Dimple Piercings? Cost, Aftercare & Pictures

What is the cost of back dimple piercing? Here’s how much they cost, after care instructions and before and after pictures, including photos of anchors and people with lower back dimples pierced.

Back dimples also known as dimples of Venus are beautiful on anyone who has them. However, women like to accentuate them more with piercings. Your lower back dimples need not be deep in order to get the beautiful piercings and jewelry on them. These tips should help you deepen lower back dimples if you would rather not have jewelry on them they still look sexy. You can have no dimples in your lower back and still get piercings done to give an impression of the lower back dimples.  The kind of piercing that goes to your lower back dimples is not the same as the kind that goes to your ears.

the price of back dimples piercing
how much are back dimples piercing?

This is because a metal rests within the dermal skin layer while an anchor protrudes from the flesh. As a result, even the jewelry for this kind of piercings is different from that on the lip, eyebrow, ears and nose. In order to get a good piercing done, you should seek a professional piercer. He or she should have proper licensing to conduct the business of piercing in his shop in sanitary conditions.

As much as you worry about the health conditions of the shop you want to get piercing, it is also important to look at the cost.

Back Dimple Piercing Cost

When shopping for a back dimple piercing shop, it is important to consider the location. Having your piercings done in your state may be preferable than in another state depending on whether you want needle piercings or dermal punch. The difference between the two is that needle piercings for back dimples are illegal in some states. Dermal punch on the other hand to get back piercings is allowed all over.

If you have to travel to a different state, you will have several additional costs from transportation to the actual piercing and aftercare products. Therefore, it would help if you had piercing done in a state where the kind you prefer is allowed. This way, you get to pay a fair cost.

Another major factor that affects the piercing cost of back dimples is the jewellery. The priciest jewellery may be of quality than cheaper kinds. Cheap jewellery may react with the skin, since it rests inside the skin layer. When faced with a choice for various metals, it is better to stick to surgical titanium, grade stainless steel and bioplast no matter the cost. These will never react with your skin.

A piercer who has the all the licenses to run his shop may appear to be expensive than one without proper licensing. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all the licenses required by the state are in place as this is the only way to ensure you get procedure done in hygienic conditions.

With above determining factors, how much are back dimple piercings? The minimum price you can expect to pay is $50. You may get a slightly cheaper shop, but do your research on how many people have actually had piercings there. Alternatively, if all you get is quality service, jewellery, and aftercare products you can expect to pay a maximum of $130.

Whether you pay minimum or maximum back dimple piercing cost is also dependent on where you are getting the piercings. For example in a high-end shop in New York City, you may pay a minimum of $60 and a maximum of $130. It would be much cheaper in another smaller city in a different state it would be cheaper.

Microdermal Back Dimple Piercing Process

back dimples surgery
back dimples surgery

When you want to get surface back dimple piercing, the incision is done within the sub-dermal skin layer. It is neither too deep nor too shallow on skin. The incision is just right to handle the base plate, and anchor and make it rest there. This is different from cheek dimples piercing, where the needle goes through the skin and tissue of the cheeks.

When you go into the shop, you are made to sit on a stool so that the piercer can work on your back dimples easily. It is important to know the kind of piercing the piercer will give you whether by needle or dermal punch.  The two methods make a pouch on skin, however the difference is in the way they do that.

While the dermal punch separates tissue, the needle makes a pouch by removing skin in the shape of letter ‘L’ instead of a hole. Both the punch and needle may be of different sizes to accommodate the size of bar you want on your back dimples. Prior to making the incision, the piercer cleans the skin on your back dimples and wears gloves.

After making the incision, the piercer places the base plate and anchor in the pouch. Furthermore, he or she screws your chosen jewelry. Sterilized gauze then goes over the jewelry to prevent any bleeding.

Normally you will be advised to let the gauze stay there for 48 hours. Furthermore, a bandage or band-aid will go over the snug or anchor to help the dimple piercings heal well.

Back Dimple Piercing Pain – Is it Painful?

Piercings on the lower back are not the same as cheek dimple piercing because it goes to the sub dermal layer of skin. Although the pouch made on skin is not too deep, back dimple piercing pain is dependent on your tolerance of pain. However, most people who have had it insist that you get a stinging or burning sensation once the punch or needle cuts the skin.

If all the equipments are sterilized and clean you should not expect to feel any more pain after that from infection. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your piercer is using clean tools and sterilizes them before placing them on your skin. The sterilization process should take a couple of minutes for it to be effective.  Furthermore, you should treat follow a regular piercing aftercare to avoid rejection. It can be painful to have piercing repeated all over again.

Is back dimple piercing painful? It all depends with your level of pain tolerance, but you will experience stinging and soreness.

Back Dimple Piercing Aftercare

back dimples photo
back dimples photo

For proper healing of the incision, it is important to follow a strict cleaning routine. This will prevent the risks of infection and rejection. Rejection occurs when the metal in the skin comes off and usually you have to re-do the piercing. To avoid this follow this aftercare guide:

  • Sleep with a band aid over the dimple piercings to avoid the jewelry from moving
  • Do not disturb the injury by trying to move the piercing
  • Do not use any lotions or sprays to moisturize the piercings when the skin tends to dry because of using saline solution to clean
  • Unscrew the top after healing, which is normally after 2-3 weeks. This will prevent your fluids from fusing the threading.

Back Dimple Piercing Pictures

Piercings look sexy on dimples of venus and if you see them on other women, you will definitely want to get them. The following back dimple piercing pictures shows the kind of jewelry that goes in to the piercings.

The base with holes is what goes into the flesh while the jewelry protrudes outwards. You can choose a color that matches your wardrobe. The other picture shows a woman flaunting her piercings with jewelry. These pictures should give you an impression of what to expect when going for piercing.

dermal piercing for back dimples
how to back dimples piercing is done

How to Remove Back Dimple Piercing

Once the skin heals, it grows over the base of the metal that goes into the flesh. Therefore, in order to remove it, you will have to undergo a fresh incision. The professional who did the piercing in the first place is best suited on how to remove back dimple piercing to avoid scarring and infection.

Do you want to try removing piercings from your lower dimples of venus? The procedure should not be carried out at home because you cannot reach your back dimples effectively to remove a metal that has been pushed into your skin.

Back Dimple Piercing Scars

Most women who have had removal of dimple piercings complain of scarring. The same case applies when there is piercing rejection. Scars on the back can be covered with clothing unlike dimple piercing scars on cheeks.

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