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Dimple Surgery Cost and Before and After Photos

How much does dimple surgery cost? Find the cost of dimple creation surgery and see before and after photos including dimple surgery gone wrong signs. Is it possible to get dimples on cheeks, lower back and even shoulders with a surgical procedure? What is the procedure? Let’s find out below.

Cute dimples have a way of brightening the face when you smile, that is if you are blessed to have one or two on both of your cheeks. Then there are the lower back dimples that make you just want to spend the whole day on the beach or on the streets wearing low waist Jeans flaunting.

dimple surgery photo
Dimple surgery before and after

Dimples are a big deal and they are cute and sexy too. If you do not have them, you probably wonder if there is a way to get them artificially since they are inborn.

Thank heavens for cosmetic surgery because it has and continues to change people’s lives. It is now easier to change some aspects in your body. You can have a nose job, boob job, and now dimples? The procedure should not scare you because it is a quick, painless and effective procedure. It can get you those beauties just where you want them.

However, it comes at a cost. The cost of dimple surgery creation is the essence of this article, I will also provide you with before and after photos just to give you a hint of what to expect when you finally get it done.

Can You Surgically Get Dimples?

Dimple surgery or dimpleplasty is a reality like rhinoplasty you know the nose job. You must have heard how most of your favorite stars had those. Can you surgically get dimples? Yes, you can.

If you have tried all the tricks to get dimples naturally without success, then surgery is the only permanent option.

So can you surgically get dimples? Yes, it is very possible because the cosmetic surgeon shortens your cheek muscle by making an incision from the inside of your cheek. Therefore, no scar is visible on your outer cheek. The shortening of muscle is what causes natural dimples in the first place.

Dimple Surgery Cost

Pricing of dimpling surgery is dependent on many factors, which you should research on before booking an appointment. You can look for a cosmetic surgeon online or just inquire from friends and relatives who had artificial dimples done before in a cosmetic surgeon’s office. Some of the factors that affect the dimple surgery cost include:

  • Surgeon’s skills
  •  Reputation
  • Experience

A surgeon with above average skills, higher reputation and many years of experience will tend to be expensive. If you can trust a surgeon with a few years of experience who meets your budget surgery cost the better. However, you must be prepared to get what you might not like, yikes!

Apart from the professionalism of the surgeon, another determining factor when it comes to surgery cost is whether you want the procedure done on one or both cheeks. The price of one cheek will definitely be lower than that of both cheeks.

Location is also vital when it comes to pricing of dimple creation surgery. It is obvious that a cosmetic surgeon in New York City will not charge the same one in Indiana or Michigan does. Therefore, do your research in different cities and find the best deal of course without compromising on the expertise. Sometimes it may be much cheaper getting your dimples surgically in another country. It is possible while on a holiday so you can save a few bucks.

How Much Does Dimple Surgery Cost?

how much is cheek dimples surgery
Before and after  surgery

Dimple surgery cost may vary from one city to the next in the same country or across countries. If for example you would want to have it done in New York City, you can expect to pay between $1,200 and $2,700. It is also possible for example to spend $1,200 for a procedure on one cheek in Beverly Hills and $2,500 on both.

In California the cost on one cheek is $1200 and on both cheeks $2,200. However, if you would rather have the procedure in a different country, in London for example, you can expect to pay about £1000- 1500. The £1000 is the cost of surgery on one cheek while the higher amount is on both cheeks.

Dimple Creation Surgery Process

This is what happens, when you want plastic surgery to get dimples of venus, you have to book an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon in his office by phone or email. You will be required to indicate when you want to go for dimple creation surgery. This is to allow the surgeon to plan. Furthermore, you may be required to make a deposit so that it not just a word of mouth business.

On the d-day for plastic surgery to get dimples, the initial stage will entail marking where you want the beauties to appear. This is made possible with computer imaging. You can tell the surgeon where you want the dimples, but not the size or depth of the beauty marks. The surgeon assesses your skin tissue, muscle and fat to determine the depth and size of your dimples. Therefore, it is entire on how much or how less you have in terms of skin and muscle.

After marking on the outside, an incision inside your cheek is made. The incision scars the muscle and inner skin of your cheek. The surgeon further passes an absorbable suture in the cut, which pulls on your inner cheek where there is already a mark on the outside. Consequently, after about 20- 30 minutes you have your dimples. The incision takes place when you are under local anesthesia so the whole process is painless.

After dimple creation surgery, the dimples are usually visible even in the absence of a smile or facial movements. However, on healing of the scar, the dimples will be visible like natural dimples whenever you smile or make other facial movements. Furthermore, the scar will be on the inside and not on your cheek. The healing process may take days or weeks.

Cheek Dimple Surgery Side Effects

Guys dimples before and after
Guys dimples before and after

Although there are no major side effects after the procedure, you may experience some of these minor signs, which disappear after sometime. However, should they persist, seek help from your cosmetic surgeon. Some of these are common and others are rare after cheek dimple surgery:

  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Infection if you do not take the antibiotics prescribed
  • Scarring on the inner side of the chick

Back Dimple Surgery

Unfortunately, cosmetic surgeons have not yet discovered how to create dimples on the lower back surgically. I am using the word ‘yet’ because we do not know about tomorrow. However, you can get back dimples with workout. Similarly, you can try checking your body fat to ensure you are on the right level of low body fat. These exercise and diet is the only way to dimples of venus.

Dimple Surgery Gone Wrong

Nose jobs go wrong, read the late Micheal Jackson, who came from a Nubian nose to an upturned nose and sometimes had to cover his nose in public. The same case applies to surgical creation of dimples. You will notice dimple surgery gone wrong with the following signs:

  • One dimple is larger than the other
  • The dimples do not appear on the same spot of the cheeks
  • Uneven size and depth of dimples on both cheeks
  • Dimples become shallow while they were initially deep or they disappear completely

In case of a something goes wrong, you can always opt for a reverse surgical procedure.

Dimple Surgery Before and After Photos

The first thing you should do when looking for a dimple surgeon is to ask for photos of past clients. These will give you a good idea of what to expect, and how effective his or her skills are on the procedure. Ensure that you can see dimple surgery before and after photos, as it is the only way to prove that he put them there surgically. Look at some of these before and after photos.

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