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Lower Back Dimples & How to Get them with Workouts & Exercises

How can you get dimples on your lower back? Learn in this article dimples on lower back meaning and how to get lower back dimples with workouts at home. Additionally, discover how to get dimples on lower back with rigorous exercises at the gym.

If you touch your lower back section on each side of your spine, slightly above your bum, you will feel some indentations there. Not everybody may experience these. Therefore, if you do not feel them, there is no cause to worry. You are perfectly normal. Those indentations are commonly known as lower back dimples or dimples of venus if you like. The term Venus was borrowed by medical professionals, from the outstanding art of the beauty goddess of the Roman history known as Venus.

lower back dimples how to get them
exercises to get lower back dimples

Although, they are known to be genetic, not everyone has them. Sometimes people have them when they lose a little bit of weight or add some of it. How this happens it is a mystery for many including me. It could be that the muscles around there cannot stand too little or too much fat.

Therefore, they will appear only when the right level of fat is in the lower back section. This is just my thinking judging from what I have learned about lower back dimples. Besides the fat theory, you can get dimples on the lower back with workouts or exercises. To a certain extent, you can make them pronounced with exercises at home or in the gym. Read on and discover how to enhance your lower back dimples.

What Are Back Dimples for?

If you are wondering what back dimples are for, they are meant to be there. This is because at that lower back section is where the spine bone meets with hipbone. Furthermore, there are muscles in the lower back. At all joints there are muscles and where back dimples appear, there is the sacroiliac joint.

When a muscle attaches itself to the bone, in this case the two bones, hip and spine, dimples occur. So what are back dimples for? They are muscles supposed to make the lower back section aid us in walking or any upright movement and sitting posture. Without the back muscles, it would be impossible to walk, stand or even bend. What are back dimples for? On providing posture, you can find out more about dimples on lower back here.

Dimples on Lower Back Meaning Sexy or Fit?

how you can look fit and sexy
How you can look fit and sexy and have lower back dimples.

Most people, both male and female agree that they find opposite sex with dimples on lower back sexually attractive as opposed to those who do not have them. According to various forums online, most girls love it when their guys have the lower back dimples. On the other hand, guys love it when their girls have the dimples, which they also refer to as ‘thumb handles’ and you can guess why or should I wink?

Additionally, dimples on lower back meaning for some people equals to physical fitness, just because they are pronounced. The people who equal back dimples to fitness argue that so many athletes have them due to the nature of their lifestyle, which is marked by exercise day in and day out. Therefore, according to them, any one having natural lower back dimples is fit.

I personally believe dimples on lower back meaning is both sexy and fit. This is because you will find them in all body types chubby or skinny. To some extent in overweight people, they could be not having fat in the lower back region, which is why they have pronounced dimples there. Similarly, they could have enough strength in their lower back section. Check them out in some of these athletes and stars with dimples and judge for yourself.

  • David Beckham
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Camille Leblanc
  • Jenifer Lopez

How to Get Dimples on Lower Back in 3 Easy Steps

how to get back dimples
Treadmill helps in getting back dimples

If you are one of those people who desperately need to get lower back dimples, you can try some of these tricks and see if you have them. If you do any of take any of these steps and nothing happens, you probably do not have them in your genes. So accept yourself and love yourself without the dimples on lower back.

These three steps should help you on how to get dimples on lower back. However, they may not work instantly. You must take the steps with commitment, patience and hard work. If you do not have any of these traits, do not even try. Here is how to get dimples on lower back in three easy steps:

STEP#1: Reduce body fat percentage

This sounds cliché, but if you do not have the recommended body fat according to American Council of Exercise, you will never get dimples on you lower back. The recommended average percentage for guys is 22% while that for girls is 32%. Do you know your body fat percentage if you are guy is it between 6% and 12%? If you are a girl is it between 13% and 20%? Then you know what to do. However, ensure that you do not lose weight until you become underweight.

STEP#2: Cardio Exercise and Core Strength Training

There is no way you can get deeper dimples on lower back without strengthening your abdominal muscles, lumbar spine, hip flexors and erector spine. Your exercise routine should make your heart beat faster and sweat because you are working hard to get dimples on lower back. Concentrate on all rounded exercises, but pay attention to lower back strengthening.

STEP#3: Get a Masculine Butt

It is impossible to get dimples on lower back if you are not concentrating on your butt. It should be firm to suck up the fat that could be making your dimples on lower back less prominent. Do exercises that will enhance that area as well.

Lower Back Dimples Exercise and Workout

Are you looking for exercises for lower back dimples to help you meet the above steps? Look no further, the following should help you at home or in the gym with proper equipment and under professional supervision:

  • Back Extension
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Pull ups

This is not a comprehensive list of lower back dimples exercise and lower back dimples workout. However, this is the full list of workouts for girls to get lower back dimples.

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