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How to Get Dimples on Cheeks & Face with Pen, Makeup

 Is there a way to get dimples? Learn how to get dimples on cheeks and face for an adorable look. Discover all the tricks how to get cheek dimples. Your face with dimples will look more pleasant, how to get permanent and deep dimples.

How to get dimples is a thing that baffles many who do not understand how they come about. In order to understand the dimples on cheeks and on any part of the body, you have to attend to the causes. There are various causes of dimples depending on their location on the body. Cheeks dimples though charming are a deformity, a cute deformity most people would love to have I must say.

you can use a pen and makeup to get dimples on the cheeks and face
how to get dimples with pen and makeup

Unfortunately, if you do not have it in your genes, you can forget about the sweetness of cheeks dimples showing on your face. Your parents must have had dimples or your grandparents. However, if you are not among the lucky inheritors of dimples on face, you can create your own. How to get dimples ranges from all natural methods to the complicated surgical procedures.

All these methods to get dimples on cheeks and face do work and some, well, just fake the indentations. This article will give you all the tricks and tips on how to get dimples on cheeks and face, sit back, relax and follow keenly.

Is It Possible to Get Dimples?

It is not one person or a few people who wonder if they can get dimples, there are many. Dimples are cute and the person having them is just unique in their own way. Some say dimples are sweet, cute, while others insist they are sexy. Whatever dimples do for you, you must have wondered is it possible to get dimples? My answer is yes and maybe.

  • Yes if you were born with them
  • Maybe if you use some of the permanent procedures to get dimples.

How to Get Cheek Dimples – a Heredity Benefit

Cheek dimples are a charmer and getting them for those who do not have takes many trial and error methods to get this perfect sweetness on face. How to get dimples on cheeks for some people is effortless as they were born with them. Cheek dimples are inherited and a benefit benefit to those who received the genes from their parents.

how can a pen get you dimples
how to make dimples naturally on the cheeks

They do not have to subject themselves to the exercises and faking of cheek dimples because theirs are there by design. However, to those who do not have dimples on face and would want to be as attractive as their counterparts, do anything to get them. They subject themselves to all manner of exercises and treatments on how to get cheek dimples. Some albeit are just temporary methods to get cheek dimples and fade after sometime.

Not even the excruciating pain of piercings on cheeks can stop some beauty conscious people from getting cheek and cleft chin. If you are one of those considering, piercing as a method how to get cheek dimples, you had better do your research first. Focus on what could go wrong more than what could go right, that is, you getting the dimples. You will be amazed by your findings.

Anyway, cheek dimples are purely heredity, a cute benefit I would say, to those whose both parents had dimples. Sometimes it takes the genes of just one parent to get you cheek dimples. Studies indicate that if both parents have dimples, there is a 50%-100% chance that they will conceive a baby with cheek dimples.

On the other hand, one parent with dimples gives a probability of 25%-50% of their child having cute cheek dimples. Now you know. In case, you love what you see, you know what to find in your life partner to get that perfect bundle of joy in terms of looks.

For those who do not have it in their genes can still learn how to get cheek dimples naturally or artificially.

Cheek Exercises to Get Dimples -why Exercise?

One of the best ways to achieve cheek dimples is through exercises. Some would wonder why exercise? The cheeks are not just any kind of skin tissue they are made of muscle. In fact, in order for dimples to appear in some people born with them, the muscles on the cheeks are short and do not grow to full length, hence the indentation.

Therefore, for anyone in dire need of this cute deformity, cheek exercises to get dimples are the best. You will get to flex and contract the muscles on the cheeks to give you the indentations without loosing anything but your facial appearance. Sucking in your cheeks does not sound like a beautiful look on anyone, does it? Here is a systematic cheek exercises to get dimples.

How to Get Face Dimples Dimple Creation Surgery

surgery the way to get face dimples artificially
face dimples by surgery

A face with dimples is quite pleasant you must agree with me. Those who are lucky to have face dimples have a whole lot to thank their parents. How to get face dimples is nothing one can do be accept and move on. Unless you are willing to create face dimples with surgery.

Dimpleplasty is how to get face dimples created through surgery. The procedure is out patient procedure, which takes approximately 30 minutes at most. You are put under local anesthesia so that you do not feel any pain as the cosmetic surgeon makes an incision and places a suture in your cheek to hold the muscle so that it becomes short to provide the dimple. You can also choose to be under general anesthesia if you are if you fear facing the knife.

Dimple creation surgery is on of the best ways to get face dimples if you want a permanent solution. You get to decide also, where you want the dimples placed. However, take this caution when you think of how to get face dimples with surgery:

  • You will need time to heal from the swelling and bruising during this time the dimple will be visible even when you are not smiling. Hence it looks unnatural
  • Dimpleplasty could get complicated if not done by a professional
  • You may not get what you desired in dimples because your skin and muscle play a major role in determining size and depth of your face dimples.

How to Get Permanent Dimples with Piercing

There only permanent way to get dimples is of course being born with them. This is however not an option for anyone reading this, because you probably do not have them already. You can opt for surgery to get your dimples. Nevertheless, be prepared to pay heavily for the service.

How to get permanent dimples unfortunately takes invasive procedures such as dimpleplasty and now, piercings. These are the only ways to get permanent dimples. If you intend to go for piercing to create permanent dimples on your cheeks:

  • Choose a certified professional to do piercing for you
  • If the person giving you the piercing is not clean you could get a bad infection
  • Avoid toying with the jewelry before the piercing heals and if you must touch that area when cleaning, do it with sanitized hands.
  • Remove the jewelry only when the piercing heals completely, it takes 3-4 months to heal that is when you can get permanent dimples

How to Get Deep Dimples for People with Dimples

Those who have dimples do unfortunately do not stop there. They either do not want them or want them deeper. How to get bigger dimples if you have tiny ones is a big challenge. However, you can try this exercise. It should help you on how to get deep dimples:

  • Using your index fingers press against the muscle at the point where you have the dimples of your cheek when you are smiling
  • Do this for 30 minutes each day
  • Check the results of your work

Alternatively, instead of using your finger you can use a pen on either side. However, ensure that the pen is sanitized to prevent breakouts on your skin. You could get an infected pore from this exercise with a dirty pen or fingers.

How to Get Dimples with Makeup

how to get cheek dimples with pen
How to get cheek dimples with pen

Faking dimples should be sort as a last resort because it can make you look weird. If you cannot get the application of make up right, then do not attempt to use makeup to get dimples. This is how to get dimples with makeup:

  • Apply your foundation even on face
  • Get a dark brown eye pencil and make a dot where you have creases on you cheeks when you smile. Outside the crease is where you should have the dimples. The brown color should blend well with your skin.
  • Grab your blending brush and make a crescent with a light shade eye shadow where you have the dots. The crescent should be 1 cm big
  • Blend the crescent shape with finishing powder without distorting the shape. Of course, dimples gotten this way will appear unnatural to people looking at you, but not in a photo.
  • Check results to see any peculiarity on face and make necessary corrections.

How to Get Dimples with a Pen

As I mentioned earlier, using a pen to can give an impression of deeper dimples. This is how to get dimples with a pen:

  • Smile and check where there is a creases on the cheeks
  • Grab your pen or pens if you want dimples on both sides
  • Press your pen against your cheeks muscles to get dimples

A repeat of this exercise each day should give you a semi-permanent result of cheek dimples. This is one of the easiest ways on how to get dimples as you go about your work in the office.

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