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Boys and Guys with Dimples – Are they Cute?

Are boys and guys with dimples cute? Most girls and women tend to think dimples on the opposite sex are cute. Find out the truth about guys with dimples being cute in this article.

Girls go crazy when they encounter guys with dimples, I included. I would say not many guys have dimples and the few who have really tend to stand out. No wonder girls obsess over such guys. Dimples although occur due to a deformity in the cheek muscles (similar to that of chin dimples), are adorable. Any person with dimples when they smile the whole face just goes lights ups because of the dimples. I love the way they appear and disappear as if it is some sort of magic.

guys and men looks cute with dimples
Guys with dimples looks cute

Although we girls love boys with dimples on the cheeks, we must accept that being cute is just something superficial. Beauty should be within the person. A beautiful guy is one who treats his girlfriend as he would want to be treated regardless of the dimples being there or not. However, I have come across boys who are just obsessed with their looks. They care more about their outward appearance than being kind to other people. Such people nevertheless, are just a few. So are celebrity men with dimples cute?

Cute Guys with Dimples – Are Guys With Dimples Cute?

If we are to judge by the dimples, yes the dimples are cute and just like body types they come in all sizes and shapes. When a guy has dimples, he looks cute because of the dimples because they are not something you see on everyone. Cute guys with dimples also tend to smile more to show off the dimple, which other people who do not have love to see.

Boys with dimples at the face value they are definitely cute. The attention they also get from people without dimples also make them really confident. Any confident person is welcomed warmly by the world. No wonder you see guys with dimples smiling more often than anyone else without dimples.

They have received compliments to make them feel good about themselves over the years if they have inborn natural dimples. When a boy or man is getting all the positive energy and compliments, he tends to outshine everywhere he goes. This is the same case with guys with dimples.

Although cheek dimples are a deformity, girls have concentrated on the positive side of it, leaving the ‘deformed ‘ boys with dimples no choice but to love themselves seriously. The same would happen for any other kind of deformity. If people were to dwell on the positive elements and not the negative, then yeah everything else would be beautiful, not just boys with dimples.

The next time you see a deformity in your body or something you do not like say a large nose, big bum or anything else, remember that cheek dimples are caused by a deformity. With that in mind, ask yourself are guys with dimples cute? If they are, then choose to love yourself as you are because you are unique just like boys with dimples.

Guys with Dimples Quotes that are Funny

There will be quotes of love and anything about life and dimples quotes are also common. Here are some funny guys with dimples quotes to just encourage guys not to obsess over them if they do not have them already:

  • “Haha attractive? Dunno. If attractive is looks, you can’t just throw dimples on a slob and expect that person to look attractive.”
  • “I don’t like the typical good-looking guy. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I like guys with love handles. When he doesn’t care 100 percent about his body, I don’t have to obsess about mine. I hate a washboard stomach-does not turn me on.”

Cute Guys with Dimples and Snapbacks Swag

cute men dimples
cute men dimples

If you are a boy with dimples my best advice is do not get it in your head that you are cute. Work on making yourself brighter and a better citizen for your country. While looks can pay your bills if you are a model, it only takes a strong character to lead the nation. A leader has millions of followers unlike a model. Furthermore, a leader is leads for a lifetime. A model’s career on the other hand, goes down the drain start to get all wrinkly.

Now all you boys with dimples can enhance them with swag. I don’t know what it is about cute guys with dimples and snapbacks they just seem to make them look prominent, adorable and sweet. Investing in the latest brands of snapbacks will make you even more prominent. However, do not forget to work in your inner beauty as you work on your outer kind.

  • Avoid old baseball snapbacks
  • A reputable brand of snapbacks always works the magic to give swag

Black Men with Dimples -the Cutest

Guy celebrity with dimples
Black Guys with Dimples

All men look cute with dimples, however, I like the way African American men stand out. For example, you will find black men with dimples accompanied by the all-natural hair. It is something authentic. Black men with dimples and long hair whether beard or head hair is the cutest to me. The dimples are natural and not from dimple surgery, the hair is natural as well.

Boys with Back Dimples Sexy

Boys who exercise seriously and religiously have back dimples. The dimples of venus can only be achieved with hard work and sweat, the athletes way. Boys with back dimples who workout will tend to have toned muscles and better posture. Now, girls love all toned muscles. Guys with back dimples are not only cute, but hot.

It shows they take good care of their bodies by watching the right body fat and exercise. A potbelly on guy, or love handles on men is a turnoff to most girls, that one am certain. You can only find back dimples in guys without too much fat in their abdominal section.

Mexican Boys with Dimples

Dimples occur in most people of any race, ethnic background or tribe. It is therefore, possible to find them cute across cultures. Mexican boys with dimples seem to have babyish skin that does not age. And so you know, just my own findings, most Mexican boys with dimples have them on their cheeks and lower back, think:

  • Mario Lopez
  • Cristiano Ronaldo

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