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Shoulder Dimples – Causes, Bilateral Dimples & How to Get Them

What causes shoulder dimples? Are the bilateral dimples common and how can one get the shoulder dimples? For answers to questions on shoulder dimples, the causes, how common they are the different names of shoulder dimples and how to get them keep on reading.

When the word dimple comes to mind you probably think of the indentation on cheeks or lower back. However, there are other types of dimples. Shoulder dimples are also indentations found on the shoulder blades and although are uncommon they do occur. Most new mothers from the constant analysis of their newborns discover the shoulder dimples and think that are they are cause to worry.

dimples on the shoulder
shoulder dimples meaning

As a result, they consult paediatric neurosurgeons to have the “deformity” removed. Although dimpling on the shoulders is harmless, if there is pain along the shoulders or movement is restricted then there is cause to worry.  However, in most situations shoulder blade dimples are painless and harmless unlike cleft chin which may be a bad deformity in a very small percentage of newborns.

For adults who have discovered the dimples on friends wearing vests and tank tops, or swimwear at the beach, think the dimples on shoulders are cute and would want to have them as well.  However, it is impossible to acquire them if you were not born with them. So what causes the shoulder dimples?

Shoulder Dimples Cause

For those who have noticed these rare beauties wonder what causes shoulder dimples? The shoulder dimple cause is attributed to “This most likely represents benign autosomal acromial dimples, a rarely reported autosomal dominant condition. Other causes of dimples include a variety of congenital malformation syndromes, and infectious, metabolic, and traumatic etiologies” (

Therefore, the shoulder dimples cause is either genetic, an infection or a traumatic disorder. Adults or infants with shoulder dimples are referred to have

  • Shoulder acromial dimpling because of their position at the acromion or the blades
  • Bi-acromial dimples because of their occurrence on both shoulders.

“These dimples are found infrequently (are rare), and are a solitary finding in most cases. However, bi-acromial dimples have been reported as part of malformation syndromes such as 18q deletion syndrome, and skeletal dysplasias.” (

How Common Are Shoulder Dimples

Well, the shoulder dimples are not common either because people have not noticed them like the cheek dimples. In fact, new parents who notice them on their bundles of joy always freak out thinking it is something that needs attention very fast.

There is little information about shoulder dimples as well online. Therefore, this shows how uncommon the shoulder dimples are. However, those who have seen them on any of their family member and mostly parents attest that their siblings have them.

A doctor also once said there was little literature and therefore he had made conclusions that shoulder dimples were rare unlike back dimples and cheek dimples. However, he found them in 15 of his patients ( As such, the shoulder dimples do exist, they you may not have seen them in yourself or other people, but they are a reality. However, they are not a common reality for a doctor to notice them on 15 of his patients.  We all know that doctors deal with many more patients in a given year.

So how common are shoulder dimples? They are rare unlike lower back dimples, cheek dimples and dimples on buttocks.

Bilateral Shoulder Dimples – Worrying Symptoms

back shoulder dimple
back shoulder dimple

Another name for these dimples is bilateral shoulder dimples. This is because they appear on both shoulder blades. However, the common kind appears on a single shoulder. When they appear on both shoulder blades, they are also known as:

  • Bi- acromial dimples
  • Cutaneous depressions on shoulders

It is common to find people obsessed with the following types of dimples on celebrities and boys:

Usually they are symmetrical depressions on the acromion when they appear on both shoulders. These dimples are usually harmless, but in rare cases when one can get a tumor on the bilateral shoulder dimples. Pain and some swelling usually accompany this. If you have shoulder dimples and you notice anything unusual, you should report it immediately to your doctor.

Some patients have reported tumors of the cervical on the shoulder dimples. How this exactly happens, only a professional doctor can explain. The shoulder dimples should also not impede movement or cause you any pain as you move your shoulders.

Dimples on Shoulder Blades

Shoulder dimples occur on the shoulder blades, where you have the joint of your shoulder to your arm. Sometimes it may be on the upper side or behind the shoulder blade as seen from the pictures of babies born with shoulder dimples.

The tiny depressions are clear of any fluids or dirt and they are just like the dimples on face except of being circular they may appear like a curved line due to the movement of the arms. Most people consider the dimples on shoulder blades cute. So if you have them do not be afraid to show them off as often as you can, when in summer of course.

you can get shoulder dimple through piercing
shoulder dimple piercing

  • Work out to tone your shoulder muscles so that they will not appear odd on your shoulder muscles. You do not have to workout for hours but simple aerobic exercises can get your arms and shoulders in shape.
  • Wear tank tops and sleeveless dresses whenever possible
  • Wear swim suits that are bear at the back

How to Get Shoulder Dimples

Unfortunately, there is no Shoulder dimples surgery like there is cheek dimples surgery and dimple creation piercings. However, for anyone who wants to get rid of the shoulder dimples, am sure the plastic surgeons can correct it somehow. I would not want to speculate on this, if you have them and you do not love them, ask a cosmetic surgeon near you for assistance. On the other hand, if you are dying to get bi-acromial dimples. This is how to get shoulder dimples:

  • Be born again and I do not mean spiritually, if that can ever happen 🙂

In essence, there are not even exercises to get you temporary shoulder depressions like you can do with tricks to get cheek dimples. You either have them or do not.


  1. I was born with bi-acromial shoulder dimples and I love them! They make me unique…When I was younger, my siblings use to yell “Do you know why God gave you shoulder dimples? So that we could do this…!!!” And they’d poke me in the shoulder (dimple)! It was annoying but fun! I’m 37 and they’re still there. My chiropractor said doing upper body workouts would give me great tone in my arms esp my shoulders because of my dimples!

    I wouldn’t be me without them!

    • Hi I’m 33 with the same my mum told me it’s where I was pegged out to dry as a baby lol! X hours of fun with people putting their finger in to feel the bones moving, I’ve never had a problem with them. I’ve also got one at the bottom of my back bone.

  2. I was born with em, so was my daughter last year. Heard that its where our wings where before we fell from heaven, but I dont believe in fairy tales.

  3. I have these and was born with them I have only met one other person with them! I was always told that they were from my angel wings falling off!!lol I like that thought lol!

    • I have them on each shoulder and they look really cute, ecxept sometimes i get my friends’ parents all concerned thinking i have bones sticking out of my shoulders lol. This is probably because my dimples are very deep, but i still love them :). I have never met someone that has them before, and now it feels good to read these comments knowing I’m not the only one!

  4. I have them on each shoulder and they look really cute, ecxept sometimes i get my friends’ parents all concerned thinking i have bones sticking out of my shoulders lol. This is probably because my dimples are very deep, but i still love them :). I have never met someone that has them before, and now it feels good to read these comments knowing I’m not the only one!

  5. I’ve had them my whole life. As a child I got picked on one day, for having them. My grandfather explained to me why I have them: “you were an angel in heaven but God decided he needed you here on earth to make the world a better place, before he could send you he had to take your wings; however, he left your shoulders with the dimples so that when your job on earth was complete he could just pop them right back into place”
    I didn’t really believe him at the time, but recently I had my daughter who also has them. (We’re the only two in the family with them) Now I wholeheartedly believe him, my daughter is definitely an angel, my grandfather probably helped God pick out the perfect angel for me….

  6. I have dimples in my shoulders! So does my mom,sister,daughter and niece. The story about them being where my wings were when God sent me from heaven feels right! 🙂

  7. I though everyone had them until I was 15! I didn’t pay much attention to them until my sister was like “Holy crap, you have holes in you shoulders!”

  8. I have them on both shoulders as well, I never knew they were rare until my aunt saw them and started freaking out because my cousin does too and I guess it’s not common, everyone always thinks I have bruises on my shoulders but never believe me when I tell them they’re just dimples lol

  9. I have these too, And we are an exclusive, rockin group!! I got teased and chased when i was younger for them, kids called me a freak. Now people think they’re awesome-& they’re right! I’m planning to getthem pierced, but we have to be careful…dermal will fill them in and hide them, so I’m going to find someone who’ll pierce them like a belly button, So they stand out. And yes, i do believe they’re from our Angel wings being ripped out.?

  10. Ayu Karunia Putri

    I have them since I was a born, and it was normal no body asking about it, and my ehole life I didn’t care and I even forgot. cause I rarely show my shoulder. Untill recently when I used shoulder off clothes and people ask about it ???? I just remember I have it

  11. I am 54 and just found out they are rare. I was teased for mine and I hid them until just recently! I have come to love them with the help of my husband who thinks they are sexy! Now I can rock those babies and be proud to be part of an exclusive crowd!

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